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(Tobin Mueller)

Member Since: Wednesday, January 28 2004 @ 03:00 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.tobinmueller.com/
Location: Rowayton, CT USA
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I am a professional musician, composer, playwright and director. I've led a charmed life. I'm married to fellow MJer Suzanne and MJer Twonicus is my son, who currently sings and writes for rock bands in the NYC, D.C. and Cleveland areas. My second son, Will, received his doctorate in RNA research at UC-Irvine and currently resides in Heidelberg, Germany with his new wife (also a cutting edge biologist); he also plays drums, hand percussion and mandolin. My third son, Woody, graduated from law school at USC and practices law in L.A.; he also sings, plays tenor sax and lacrosse. My daughter, Sarah (who now goes by "Dale"), graduated as an English major from Macalester College and lives in Minneapolis where she fights for LGTB rights and health as a sex therapist; she also plays clarinet & sings. See my Spotlight Interview - Tobin Mueller: Talking With Myself for a description of my career and my involvement with the building and nurturing of the MacJams' website. Also, here is a more recent interview for Fanfare Magazine.

My latest album, Afterwords, was featured in Jazziz Magazine. Its second track, "The Space Between Chaos and Shape", was included on it's year-ending (2017) Critic's Choice CD. Afterwords is a solo piano/spoken word 2-CD album in which I recite passages from my favorite books and underscore them with original jazz piano pieces.

My 5-CD/3-album "Masterworks Trilogy" - in which I interpret iconic classical music by Bach, Chopin, Debussy and others through a jazz piano lens, made it into Fanfare Magazine's "Not-to-be-missed Want List" chosen by it's in-house music critics. I'm honored and excited about that!

You can link to most of my online activities and projects via Tobin Mueller's Official Website. Also see my available recordings on CDBaby and iTunes. Also, my wife has put up a musician's page for me on Facebook, if you do social media: Tobin Mueller on Facebook; Tobin Mueller on Instagram; Tobin Mueller on Twitter; Tobin Mueller on Spotify.

I released a Funk-Jazz collaboration featuring Ron Carter in 2014, Come In Funky, with tracks I'd been waiting to share for a very long time. I'm excited the music is finally out there. Ron is a legend. I love collaborations and participated in dozens of them here at MacJams.

I also love to rearrange music, as well as compose. My holiday solo piano album is a re-imaging of classic Christmas carols, Midwinter Born, which received airplay across the nation last holiday season. As an outgrowth of that project, I ended up doing a re-imaging of Impressionist piano pieces in Impressions of Water & Light. And then carried this idea of rearranging classical masterpieces into my next project, FLOW: The Music of J.S. Bach & Tobin Mueller. Two other releases featured me singing and playing piano, taking on the American Songbook, Hard Place To Find and Song of Myself.

I also have a very joyous jazz collaboration CD with my favorite saxophonist, Woody Mankowski: The Muller's Wheel. I posted drafts of early mixes from many of my CDs here and thank everyone at Macjams for their important input. Even further back, my jazz ensemble recorded Rain Bather which won Best Album of 2009 on JazzChicago.net. It is available from CDBaby and iTunes. My progressive rock band Audiocracy's CD is on CDBaby too, Revolution's Son, and has received wonderful reviews, especially from Progression Magazine and overseas publications. I also have a multi-genre solo album (on which I sing) that includes many guest artists from MacJams, A Bit Of Light. My first two solo piano CDs (on which I don't sing) can be purchased at Simig Media with all proceeds going to MacJams (a charity endeavor to help pay for administrative costs on this site). These two albums are also available on CDBaby: Morning Whispers and 13 Masks. Draft tracks from all these projects are posted on Macjams, in various stages of development/mix/mastering.

In addition to music, I also design websites. Examples of my web work include Privateer Lithograph Prints, Bayberry Building, Paper Discover Center, and TobinMueller.com. More recently, I've begun selling my photography to hotels in Europe and have begun doing portraits (employing extreme close ups and inventive collages).

I'm the founder of the artists' collaborative site, ArtsForge.com, a Dramatist Guild member (NYC), member of ASCAP, composer, dramatist, stage director, author and poet. I've been writing music since I was 15 years old and have been using Macs since they were invented. In addition to Garageband, I regularly use Logic Pro , Digital Performer, Ableton's Live, and Bias' Peak to master (along with Waves plugins); a Roland A-90 controller, a MOTU 2408 and PreSonus Firebox for audio input, a MOTU 128 for MIDI input, and I have a stack of sound modules and other dinosaur gear... and GB has given me the incentive to dust them all off, including: Proteus I & II, Wavestation, U220, JV 1080, Vintage keys, Morpheus, Fender Rhodes and B3 organ...

Click here to view my Collected Works. There's also an extensive online interview (Interview w/ Tobin - Jan. 2006) that Giovanni did for an internet radio show he contributes to. (It takes a while to get going, but does have good stuff later on.) I've written 5 books, 2 symphonies, 12 plays (10 musicals), and over 300 songs. I love photography and have some personal photos displayed on my Photo Gallery (Suzanne's flowers are my favorite, and the sunsets taken in Cape Cod). I have 4 children who are, without question, my best collaborations. I am also the recipient of the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honor award, given in 1994, for my work with the environmental movement worldwide. I have a series of educational and issue-oriented musicals for youth available from a company I founded in 1987, CenterStage Productions. Links to my latest collections of poetry can be found here: Writings. Several of my poems have been set to mp3 by Del.

I thank my mother for singing swing jazz-blues to me every night, my sister for insisting I learn to play piano before she died, and Suzanne who inspires me daily.

Tobin Mueller's CDs for sale...

Standard Deviations - Volumes 1 & 2
Fresh and contemporary jazz/fusion/blues arrangements of the greatest Jazz Standards. Featuring: Grammy-winning guitarist Paul Nelson;4-time collaborator Woody Mankowski (sax); Lamar Moore & Mike Nappi (drums).

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

Afterwords - Solo Piano/Spoken Voice
Double album featuring solo piano meditations on my favorite works of literature. Writes to which I pay homage include: Kurt Vonnegut, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Dave Eggers, Walt Whitman and many more.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

OF TWO MINDS: The Music of Chopin and Mueller - Solo Piano
Double album featuring piano reinterpretations of Chopin's greatest hits (Disc 1) plus three original jazz piano sonatas (Disc 2). Romantic, heroic, seductive, contemporary solo piano . See FLOW project page for liner notes and track links.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

FLOW: The Music of J.S. Bach & Tobin Mueller - Solo Piano
Double album featuring piano reinterpretations of J.S. Bach's greatest hits (Disc 1) plus two original jazz piano suites (Disc 2). Inventive, playful, joyous, beautiful, full of emotion and intelligence. See FLOW project page for liner notes and track links.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

Interpretive arrangements of Impressionist masterpieces with original material folded in. See Impressions of Water & Light project page for liner notes and a some great Impressionist artwork.

CDBaby.com - iTunes

Featuring legendary bassist Ron Carter and superlative saxophonist Woody Mankowski. See Come In Funky Project insider info and other links. Big Band Funk numbers; quirky, hip duets; small Jazz combo. It has it all.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

MIDWINTER BORN - solo piano
Your new favorite Christmas album! Reinterpretations of traditional carols by Tobin. See Midwinter Born liner notes for comments on each arrangement and in-depth historical info on each carol.

CDBaby.com - iTunes

HARD PLACE TO FIND - voice/piano
Personal interpretations of some of my favorite songs, plus one of my own. Just me at my piano, again. See Hard Place To Find liner notes and lyrics, many of which I've changed for these arrangements.

CDBaby.com - iTunes

SONG OF MYSELF - voice/piano
My intimate and deeply personal interpretations of some of my favorite songs. Recorded while experiencing severe lung issues. Just me at my piano. See Song Of Myself liner notes.

CDBaby.com - iTunes

Funky, hip, upbeat, pure joy. 14 original track journey through jazz from blues to bop to fusion to funk. Featuring Tobin on piano & organ, Woody Mankowski playing all saxes, eletcric guitar by Fran Dagostino. See The Muller's Wheel liner notes.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

Songs written following 9/11/2001, capturing my personal experiences in Manhattan, reactions, musings, emotions. Revisited in anticipation of my involvement with the Ten Years Later project. See liner notes.

CDBaby.com - iTunes

80-minute long play jazz collection by my all-star ensemble, featuring me on B3 organ, Chris Mueller at the piano, percussion by Dane Richeson, plus a totally hip ensemble of saxes, horns, flute, clarinet & acoustic bass. Won Best Album of the Year for 2009 at JazzChigago.net. See RAIN BATHER liner notes on my website.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Spotify

AUDIOCRACY: Revolution's Son - progressive rock
Hard-driving neo-progressive concept album featuring heavy organ, multiple guitars, layered vocals, fellow MJers Twonicus, Darren Chapman, Tadashi Togawa, Alimar, plus Bob Piper & Rob Thomas.

CDBaby.com - iTunes - Reviews

A Bit Of Light - rock/jazz/folk fusion
14 track compilation, from tango to jazz fusion, gravitating to folk-rock. Inventive arrangements that paint a portrait of the artist. Features: Entcho Todorov-violin; Donny McCaslin-saxes; BBarner-clarinet; Thoddi-bass; Komrade K-violin; TEXASFEEL-fusion guitar.
CDBaby.com - iTunes - Reviews

13 Masks - solo piano
Interweaving of jazz, avant-garde classical, and "Progressive Ragtime." Blending each style through the chaos of my subconscious, influences include Monk, Tatum, Brubeck, Joplin, Bartok, Ligeti.

Simig Media Records - CDBaby.com - iTunes - Reviews

Morning Whispers - solo piano
Heartfelt solo piano full of lyrical impressionism and epic emotion, combining healing New Age, romanticism, and contemporary jazz influences; original compositions.

Simig Media Records - CDBaby.com - iTunes - Reviews

MacJams Collaborations (not listed in regular "Jams" submissions below):

Steve Stone (tonestones) under the project name Merlyn:
Crystalline Cave

Michael Fioretti under the project name WIProg:
Pandora's Box

Jon Anderson and Alimar:
Happy 5th Birthday MacJams - 2009

Del: (based on my poems)
The Cigarette and The Actress
Wall of Heaven
Simple as Soap
The Fall (from the Serpent's point of view)

Queen Crimson
Rock The Baby With Vodoo
Looping Through Hell
Dressing For Death (outtake from the musical "Creature")

Thoddi's Christmas Collab:
Tuck Me In Tonight

McBoy: (MJ Woodstock fest)
SitCom (with McBoy's add-ons)

Charon's Requiem (shared experimentations on many levels)

Emily Rohm:
Do I Know Him
Here, For A Moment
(from the musical, "Robin Hood")

Darren Chapman:
How Many Times (electric piano and B3 organ)

Please Eat (BorateZoned Collab)

Mudbug Boogie (B3 organ solo)

Girl From Padre Island (Charlie organ accompaniment)

St. Standard (jazz piano)

MacJammers United:
Happy Birthday MacJams (part 1)
Happy Birthday MacJams (part 2)

Many thanks to Alimar, Twonicus, Suzanne, Darren Chapman, Ziti, John Selvia (ivanjs), BBarner, Mystified, Troy, Thoddi, Packosmokes, McBoy, iGStudio, Del, Woody Mankowski, TEXASFEEL, K Komrade, Mungo, Donny McCaslin, Encho Tudorov and Chris Mueller for their hand in collaborations listed in my regular submissions section below.

Songs by Tobin you shouldn't miss: (click on image to go to song page)
I Wanna FlyRevolutions SonWindowshadeA PromiseIcarusTwo PeasThe WaitressBy My LoveFinal WordsUnder A Western Sky

Tobin's music on iTunes (digital downloads)
Tobin's music on CDBaby (uncompressed music & liner notes from actual CDs. Keep the CD alive!)
TobinMueller's Songs (158)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
10.22.15 Momentary Undertow 0.00 (0) 3020 (5) Piano 12.02.15 Active
10.09.15 Salmon Ladder Variations 0.00 (0) 1796 (8) Piano 10.13.15 Active
09.30.15 Lighthouse 0.00 (0) 1908 (10) Piano 10.06.15 Active
09.22.15 River Ice 0.00 (0) 2161 (17) Piano 09.28.15 Active
09.12.15 Air (Bach's Suite No. 3 in D, 2nd movement) 0.00 (0) 1694 (12) Piano 09.22.15 Active
09.04.15 Bourée/Beret (Bach's Bourée in E Minor) 0.00 (0) 2160 (10) Piano 09.12.15 Active
09.03.15 Reinvention #13 (Bach's 2-Part Invention #13 in Am) 0.00 (0) 1982 (8) Piano 09.12.15 Active
04.28.15 Le Petit Négre variations 0.00 (0) 2389 (17) Jazz (instrumental) 08.14.15 Active
01.02.15 Golliwogg is Steppin' Out 0.00 (0) 2295 (22) Piano 04.25.15 Active
11.20.14 Grandfather Clock 0.00 (0) 1772 (12) Jazz (instrumental) 12.19.14 Active
11.07.14 Beam Up The Funk 0.00 (0) 1650 (9) Funk 12.07.14 Active
10.30.14 Deconstruction of a Glance 0.00 (0) 1822 (13) Funk 11.09.14 Active
06.11.14 Hitchhiker Tales 0.00 (0) 2726 (25) Funk 08.09.14 Active
05.29.14 Risen Cathedral 0.00 (0) 2517 (24) Piano 06.09.14 Active
05.14.14 Frankenfanny  (---) 2730 (35) Jazz (instrumental) 05.24.14 Active
04.18.14 Gethsemane Again 0.00 (0) 2677 (29) Progressive Rock 04.29.14 Active
12.19.13 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (take 5)  (---) 2672 (20) Holiday 12.29.13 Active
12.10.13 Hark, the Herald Angels Sing 0.00 (0) 2229 (14) Holiday 12.15.13 Active
08.19.13 Don Quixote  (---) 2620 (9) Blues (contemporary) 12.08.13 Active
08.08.13 American Tune (by Paul Simon)  (---) 3707 (10) Acoustic 08.14.13 Active
07.08.13 I Have Been Deceived  (---) 3244 (46) Jazz (vocal) 11.13.13 Active
06.26.13 Blue Tattoos  (---) 2780 (23) Jazz (vocal) 07.12.13 Active
06.09.13 Dignity  (---) 3149 (48) Blues (contemporary) 06.26.13 Active
04.23.13 Frozen Man (by James Taylor)  (---) 5386 (44) Ballad 06.11.13 Active
04.23.13 Paradise (in memory of Richie Havens)  (---) 3941 (28) Acoustic 06.11.13 Active
08.10.12 Blackbird (Woodstock 2012)  (---) 4405 (42) Acoustic 06.11.13 Active
03.16.12 1. I Want To Know (opening) [IWTK]  (---) 3625 (32) Showtunes 06.11.13 Active
03.16.12 2. History of Science [IWTK]  (---) 2292 (6) Showtunes 04.05.12 Active
03.16.12 3. History of Medicine [IWTK]  (---) 2234 (2) Showtunes 03.19.12 Active
03.16.12 4. History Of Transportation [IWTK]  (---) 2044 (2) Showtunes 03.19.12 Active
03.16.12 5. The Industrial Revolution [IWTK]  (---) 2210 (3) Showtunes 03.19.12 Active
03.16.12 6. I Want To Know (closing) [IWTK]  (---) 2062 (3) Showtunes 03.19.12 Active
02.01.12 No Place Like Home  (---) 4160 (76) Smooth Jazz 06.11.13 Active
10.28.11 Oh Danny Boy  (---) 5211 (61) Ballad 06.11.13 Active
09.07.11 New Holy Land  (---) 3291 (42) Gospel 06.11.13 Active
07.07.11 Forrest's Fire  (---) 4054 (51) Funk 10.04.11 Active
06.28.11 River Runs Through Me 9.20 (5) 3420 (36) Smooth Jazz 10.04.11 Active
06.13.11 5X4 by ShadowofNine - extended 9.30 (5) 3142 (22) Progressive Rock 01.24.12 Active
06.09.11 5X4 by ShadowofNine (w/organ+synth) 10.00 (1) 3783 (63) Progressive Rock 06.13.11 Active
06.09.11 5X4 by ShadowofNine (w/ organ) 0.00 (0) 1731 (3) Progressive Rock 06.09.11 Active
05.23.11 One Body - a duet 9.30 (5) 3816 (53) Piano 06.09.11 Active
05.14.11 Falling (2trx2011) 9.17 (6) 3512 (44) Ballad 06.09.11 Active
05.06.11 Struttin' Up Bourbon (w/ Ziti) 9.44 (8) 4547 (59) Jazz Fusion 06.28.11 Active
05.05.11 Fusion of Minds 9.50 (6) 3736 (46) Jazz Fusion 06.09.11 Active
12.17.10 Toyland 2010 (with Ren-Tin-10) 9.08 (3) 3997 (35) Holiday 12.19.11 Active
10.05.10 Mindreader (edited version) 9.17 (6) 5314 (66) Jazz Fusion 01.24.11 Active
09.23.10 Windowshade II 10.00 (6) 4416 (62) Jazz (instrumental) 10.04.11 Active
09.14.10 Müller's Wheel 10.00 (5) 12516 (69) Funk 06.27.11 Active
08.31.10 Lost In The West Village 9.57 (7) 4107 (40) Jazz (instrumental) 12.07.10 Active
08.25.10 Saddle Shoe Sally 10.00 (2) 5269 (49) Jazz (instrumental) 09.03.10 Active
08.17.10 Seafood Gumbo Bop (final mix) 9.81 (4) 3933 (29) Jazz (instrumental) 09.30.10 Active
08.17.10 Oasis On The Rocks (final mix) 10.00 (1) 3185 (7) Jazz (instrumental) 08.20.10 Active
08.16.10 Seafood Gumbo Bop (mix1) 9.25 (4) 3981 (34) Jazz (instrumental) 10.17.10 Active
08.13.10 Oasis In Your Palm (mix2) 8.92 (3) 3138 (15) Jazz (instrumental) 08.26.10 Active
08.01.10 Oasis In Your Palm (v1) 9.67 (3) 3538 (24) Jazz (instrumental) 08.13.10 Active
07.27.10 Once & Future Concerto, 1st movement 8.83 (10) 4231 (73) Classical 10.16.10 Active
02.25.10 Seafood Gumbo w/ AngelaHope 9.50 (11) 6305 (83) Jazz (vocal) 08.18.10 Active
01.31.10 Grave Robbing v2 (MJRF2010) w/ tonestone 9.55 (5) 7731 (120) Progressive Rock 12.27.10 Active
01.12.10 Acid Hopping (extended version) 9.75 (5) 4854 (67) Jazz (instrumental) 07.28.10 Active
02.06.09 Forge A New Life (MJRF) 9.37 (12) 9772 (90) Art Rock 06.27.11 Active
02.03.09 I Sail On (v2) (MJRF) 9.30 (5) 4719 (33) Piano 11.27.09 Active
01.31.09 Dreams (MJRF) 9.14 (7) 5143 (32) Romantic 08.03.10 Active
08.27.08 Finding No Path 9.75 (16) 6132 (70) Jazz (instrumental) 06.28.11 Active
07.30.08 Last Song On Vaudeville (early mix) w/ bbarner 8.72 (8) 5371 (28) Jazz Fusion 09.15.10 Active
07.16.08 Vortigern's Fortress (EKNM) 9.30 (11) 5045 (21) Classical 07.28.08 Active
07.07.08 Dare To Sing (AUDIOCRACY w/ Tadashi Togawa) 9.57 (7) 4932 (37) Progressive Rock 07.21.09 Active
06.18.08 In The Great Dream (Robin Hood) 9.22 (8) 4854 (20) Showtunes 07.17.09 Active
06.09.08 One Less Child (Robin Hood) 9.94 (8) 6880 (19) Showtunes 06.23.08 Active
05.31.08 Lay Your Burdens Down (Robin Hood) 9.36 (7) 6314 (12) Showtunes 06.15.08 Active
05.27.08 Hail To The Sheriff (Robin Hood) 9.81 (8) 5545 (22) Showtunes 05.31.08 Active
05.20.08 Out Of The Forest (Robin Hood) 9.92 (6) 8852 (9) Showtunes 05.28.08 Active
05.15.08 Too Many Years (Robin Hood) 9.75 (10) 5344 (25) Showtunes 06.24.13 Active
05.07.08 Happy Birthday World 9.69 (4) 6917 (16) Children's Music 04.24.09 Active
04.22.08 Seven Buttons On A Nehru Jacket (w/ Mcboy) 9.23 (15) 7648 (57) Jazz (instrumental) 02.22.10 Active
03.26.08 Sitcom Psychedelica (Woodstock after-party) 9.38 (14) 6865 (70) NUjazz 07.14.09 Active
02.26.08 Puzzle City (AUDIOCRACY) 9.62 (19) 6330 (74) Progressive Rock 07.28.10 Active
01.04.08 Emerald Path 9.69 (9) 4656 (33) Piano 05.31.08 Active
12.26.07 Chromatisome Swing (tribute to Oscar Peterson) 9.50 (12) 5010 (20) Piano 04.05.08 Active
12.18.07 Eruption of Previous Life 9.70 (10) 6542 (38) Piano 07.28.10 Active
12.11.07 Caught In The Current (v2) - feat. BBarner & Komrade K 9.67 (9) 4963 (22) Ethnic-International 07.27.09 Active
11.30.07 You Can't Touch Me (LSP) 9.54 (7) 8207 (66) Pop (mainstream) 06.10.13 Active
11.20.07 I Wanna Fly (v2) 9.75 (15) 6642 (51) Jazz (instrumental) 02.10.12 Active
11.12.07 Lightning Strikes (v2 w/ more organ) 9.67 (9) 5655 (34) Jazz (instrumental) 02.23.10 Active
11.02.07 Lightning Strikes (v1) 9.38 (21) 6496 (56) Jazz (instrumental) 11.18.07 Active
10.25.07 Bring On The Storm 9.48 (12) 6143 (35) Acoustic 02.04.10 Active
10.05.07 Hold On (w/ Komrade K) 9.32 (17) 6186 (47) Alternative Rock 04.26.10 Active
09.10.07 Door In My Heart (v2) 9.64 (11) 5545 (23) Ballad 07.22.09 Active
09.01.07 Be My Love 9.58 (19) 6531 (35) Acoustic Rock 02.04.10 Active
08.06.07 Walls (Analogapalooza - from Robin Hood) 9.58 (6) 4705 (15) Showtunes 09.06.07 Active
08.06.07 Sweet Liberty (Analogapalooza - Statue of Liberty dedication) 9.20 (11) 7116 (13) Showtunes 09.07.07 Active
08.06.07 Pose For You (Analogapalooza - w/ Jessica Flood) 9.67 (3) 8023 (9) Showtunes 05.20.09 Active
05.14.07 You Make My Heart Skip A Beat 9.49 (21) 16666 (75) Piano 08.08.08 Active
04.24.07 We Are The Ones 9.38 (12) 9952 (16) Children's Music 12.29.09 Active
04.09.07 Can't Complain (w/ Komrade K) 9.27 (12) 6255 (28) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.23.09 Active
02.13.07 Speak Truth To Power (w/ twon, Darren Chapmen, Audiocracy) 9.34 (28) 9641 (73) Progressive Rock 02.18.10 Active
02.01.07 When The Future Comes (w/ Twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) 9.58 (24) 7397 (55) Progressive Rock 03.06.08 Active
01.16.07 To McBoy: 2 Peas in a Chili Pod 9.40 (25) 7931 (49) Piano 07.30.09 Active
12.29.06 A Monk Caught in the Thelonious Sphere 9.43 (28) 8329 (53) Blues (traditional) 01.25.09 Active
12.14.06 Before There Were Gods 9.30 (25) 5641 (28) Acoustic 05.03.07 Active
10.24.06 Chaos of the Subconscious 9.21 (27) 7911 (60) Twentieth Century 02.29.08 Active
07.14.06 The Gumshoe Wears A Rag 9.46 (30) 7522 (46) Piano 09.25.08 Active
06.24.06 Crazy Story (vers. 2 w/ Thoddi) 9.18 (31) 6797 (50) Jazz Fusion 07.30.09 Active
06.14.06 What I Was Thinking While You Were Talking (w/ Ziti, Mungo) 8.95 (21) 7938 (41) Ambient 07.23.09 Active
03.18.06 I Have Dreamed In Another 9.20 (34) 8256 (50) Art Rock 02.03.10 Active
01.19.06 I Am Yours (Last Embrace Behind The Wall) w/ Mystified 8.67 (33) 9569 (48) Classical 11.04.06 Active
01.11.06 Caught In The Current (w/ BBarner and Komrade K) 9.04 (31) 6998 (38) Celtic 06.20.08 Active
11.28.05 My Heart Still Beats (w/ Thoddi, etc.) 9.42 (18) 7559 (29) Ethnic-International 01.23.09 Active
11.16.05 Icarus II (w/ Texasfeel) 9.26 (18) 7275 (34) Jazz Fusion 04.26.10 Active
11.04.05 House of Cards (...When I Sing) 9.08 (30) 7100 (49) Folk-Rock 01.04.08 Active
09.26.05 Dreams III (featuring Woody Mankowski) 9.08 (38) 9054 (66) Jazz (vocal) 07.29.06 Active
08.24.05 Lady of the Lake (w/ Mystified) 8.94 (51) 18741 (78) Classical 01.27.10 Active
08.22.05 Tobin's Sampler 9.20 (14) 4955 (17) Sampler 02.02.09 Active
08.15.05 Revolution's Son (v2, w/ dchapman, twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) 9.23 (36) 8810 (57) Progressive Rock 02.01.10 Active
07.24.05 When You Left 8.77 (28) 7237 (38) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.23.09 Active
07.01.05 Revolution's Son (w/ twonicus) 8.77 (35) 7081 (58) Progressive Rock 07.27.10 Active
06.22.05 Under A Western Sky 9.01 (38) 7339 (56) New Age 09.27.07 Active
05.23.05 I Sail On (arr: Troy) 8.65 (47) 8799 (54) Progressive Rock 02.02.10 Active
05.08.05 A Promise (w/ Woody Mankowski) 8.76 (32) 7952 (35) Rhythm and Blues 08.30.07 Active
04.21.05 Let Me Play (w/ McBoy and BBarner) 8.41 (37) 7877 (42) Jazz (vocal) 09.02.07 Active
04.05.05 I Sail On 8.65 (36) 6911 (47) Piano 05.01.07 Active
03.24.05 Turn The Key 8.32 (31) 6436 (32) Showtunes 01.27.10 Active
02.21.05 The Waitress (version 2) 8.85 (25) 9256 (38) Acoustic 10.25.09 Active
02.11.05 What Thou Lovest Well (w/ Packo) 8.67 (33) 6123 (38) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 11.20.05 Active
02.03.05 The Waitress 8.31 (30) 6621 (45) Showtunes 02.08.06 Active
01.27.05 Morning Whispers 8.27 (33) 6772 (35) Piano 10.04.11 Active
12.13.04 River Runs Through Me (w/ Woody Mankowsk) 8.74 (31) 11399 (39) Smooth Jazz 06.06.09 Active
11.24.04 Escaping The Fray Zone 9.04 (58) 10501 (91) Experimental 02.24.10 Active
11.15.04 Just Above The Ground 8.70 (41) 9346 (49) New Age 07.02.07 Active
11.11.04 Final Words 8.56 (33) 7189 (30) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.23.09 Active
10.23.04 Pilgrim of the Return 8.60 (29) 7176 (24) Folk-Rock 04.04.07 Active
10.07.04 Secret of Life (w/ bbarner) 8.72 (62) 10538 (62) Jazz (instrumental) 07.02.08 Active
08.23.04 At Her Window 8.40 (24) 6150 (21) Showtunes 12.28.04 Active
08.07.04 If I Could Live Long Enough (w/ IVANJS) 8.57 (35) 8767 (42) Folk (contemporary) 02.11.10 Active
07.27.04 Windowshade 8.64 (34) 8716 (36) Funk 05.22.09 Active
07.21.04 Save the Planet 8.01 (21) 9064 (8) Children's Music 10.19.05 Active
07.14.04 Can't Complain 8.49 (27) 6740 (25) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.14.07 Active
06.25.04 Dreams II (w/ Emily Rohm) 8.78 (38) 12391 (29) Showtunes 04.28.06 Active
06.16.04 I Wanna Fly (v1) 8.77 (77) 18742 (62) Jazz (instrumental) 10.30.07 Active
06.09.04 Crazy Story 8.21 (29) 8124 (19) Alternative Rock 12.01.08 Active
06.03.04 Turn It Around 7.54 (29) 6748 (22) Electropop 12.25.13 Active
05.24.04 Merlyn's Sight 8.57 (17) 6057 (10) Classical 03.02.08 Active
05.17.04 Last Call 8.75 (22) 8012 (13) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 03.23.10 Active
05.05.04 New Holy Land 8.22 (23) 7655 (13) Gospel 03.23.10 Active
05.03.04 I Will Love 8.50 (20) 6453 (17) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 03.23.10 Active
04.22.04 Cliff's Edge 8.85 (70) 14166 (58) Jazz (instrumental) 10.04.11 Active
04.17.04 Borate Zone: Please Eat 7.74 (23) 5289 (11) Open Collaborations 02.28.05 Active
04.15.04 Was There Once A Time 8.47 (24) 8088 (18) Showtunes 03.23.10 Active
04.05.04 Icarus 8.07 (29) 9639 (30) Jazz (vocal) 03.17.08 Active
03.29.04 Grave Robbing v1 8.90 (21) 7239 (25) Progressive Rock 01.27.10 Active
03.24.04 Door In My Heart 8.42 (22) 6245 (14) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 02.28.05 Active
03.20.04 We Are One Body 8.74 (36) 15648 (39) Jazz (instrumental) 05.31.10 Active
03.19.04 Lucky Boy 8.29 (29) 8337 (28) Blues (contemporary) 11.25.09 Active
03.08.04 Tango (The Dance) 8.12 (30) 7540 (28) Tango 02.03.10 Active
03.02.04 God Bless Sarah 7.71 (26) 5673 (19) Children's Music 01.09.06 Active
02.16.04 My Heart Still Beats 8.38 (34) 8031 (21) Ethnic-International 03.01.07 Active
02.11.04 Dreams 8.45 (47) 9598 (27) Acoustic 04.16.09 Active
02.04.04 Forge A New Life - Part 2 8.89 (25) 7044 (9) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 04.16.05 Active
01.28.04 Forge A New Life - Part I 8.63 (37) 9605 (20) Art Rock 09.11.09 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Five and Dime tmcfate 10.01.16 Acoustic
Land Ho tmcfate 08.31.16 Acoustic
Mr. Hughes Come Home eleveneyes 07.25.16 Alternative Rock
What Kind Of Men Are They? jiguma 12.01.15 Acoustic Rock
It' done Narad 10.26.15 Classical
Desiree performed by Stone pablatone 10.25.15 Acoustic
Molly on the Beach Daugrin 10.24.15 Rock & Roll
I Walked In My Sleep Last Night jiguma 10.22.15 Acoustic Rock
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (live) Dadai.2 10.20.15 Acoustic
The Merry Go Round Philip18 10.20.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Broadwood from 'Ingleton Falls' Collection christopherpsly 10.20.15 Classical
Clearly ThroughRivers 10.18.15 Acoustic
The Reincarnate [Reincarnated in 2015] Alimar 10.17.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dreamer's Dance. Fire_Angel 10.17.15 Classical
bloom evolve Parichayaka 10.15.15 Electronic
Serenade CCXLVIII Narad 10.15.15 Classical
Wistful paul f. page 10.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Spring Moon PeterB7858 10.06.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
No Life on Mars Schwerindustrie 10.05.15 Pop (Alternative)
Louie Warren Smith 10.03.15 Rock
Complacent (Feat Spitlogic) spacey MIX Skean 10.02.15 Hip Hop-Rap
Rich Woman Blues thetiler 10.01.15 Blues (contemporary)
It's Getting Me High jiguma 10.01.15 Acoustic
Trump (Disaster for our Country) KyasheMusic 10.01.15 Electronic
LOOKING BACK KCsGROOVE 10.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Losing (D1&D2 Remix) davisamerica 09.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Break It To Me Gently (live) Dadai.2 09.29.15 Acoustic
Love Tonight (cover) thetiler 09.26.15 Folk (contemporary)
My Angel Falls Gaylen75 09.23.15 Alternative Rock
Avoid The Truth I.G.M. 09.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
Angel Wept On A Tinfoil Lawn Vic Holman 09.20.15 Rock
Du världens ljus Mackie 09.20.15 Folk-Rock
Dear John Baz 09.20.15 Rock & Roll
Mind the Gap Baz 09.20.15 Easy Listening
Darlin' Be Home Soon scottghorwath 09.19.15 Folk (traditional)
Can't Escape The Funk groovehounds 09.19.15 Funk
Somewhere I Lost My Mind DJShadowkat 09.19.15 Ambient
There You Are (Improved Mix) MikeHuntingford 09.18.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Muffled Skean 09.18.15 Ethnic-International
Symphony No 40 3rd Movement christopherpsly 09.17.15 Classical
THE B-SIDES (are the saddest songs) KCsGROOVE 09.17.15 Rock
One Six One paul f. page 09.15.15 Piano
Transmission MissChaos 09.14.15 Electronic
Slow Beat To China jiguma 09.14.15 Funk
Symphony No 40 2nd Movement christopherpsly 09.13.15 Classical
In Mourning ShadowofNine 09.12.15 Middle Eastern
Variations on a theme by George Winston PeterB7858 09.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Alice gadzooks 09.10.15 Alternative Rock
Rainbow Connection (live) Dadai.2 09.09.15 Acoustic
Believe In Yourself abzwork 09.06.15 NUjazz
The Trailing Car / with Roxylee davisamerica2 09.04.15 Ballad
Pavane paul f. page 09.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Long ago (when I was just a child ) Franciscus_Henri 08.20.15 Ballad
What else Schwerindustrie 07.31.15 Progressive Rock
Corn Whiskey MarkHolbrook 06.21.15 Folk (traditional)
Slow Train tmcfate 06.11.15 Acoustic Rock
Hollywood Movies nevermine 05.05.15 Acoustic
Silk and Shade (tenor sax improv) Dadai.2 05.04.15 Smooth Jazz
I Never Knew (that Roses Grew) H3nry 05.04.15 Piano
I Never Knew (that Roses Grew) H3nry 05.04.15 Piano
I Know You Rider (cover/trad.) Bob6stringer 05.04.15 Rock
Spaggers grah3am 05.03.15 Progressive Rock
Symphony No.88 IV-Haydn MidiOrleans 05.01.15 Classical
Sea Of Dreams jiguma 04.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Gravitational Pull (instr.) PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.29.15 Alternative Rock
Phantom Chimera SmokeyVW 04.28.15 Twentieth Century
Name That Tune H3nry 04.27.15 Piano
Serenade for Strings No. 2 in D Major - Kinderdijk XMaramena 04.27.15 Classical
A Little Light, feat. strangedream, rok41 & alackbass Sigmund 04.27.15 Acoustic Rock
Wild Blood groovehounds 04.26.15 Acoustic Rock
Garage Baroque mystrag 04.22.15 Rock (instrumental)
Child of Eternal Love (Gmaj) RichardSchletty 04.21.15 Gospel
I Know Vic Holman 04.21.15 Indie Rock
Between You And Me musichead 04.20.15 Pop (mainstream)
House of the Rising sun pablatone 04.17.15 Acoustic Rock
Gentleness paul f. page 04.16.15 Piano
The Butcher's Bill - collab DWL 04.05.15 Comedy-Satire-Parody
I Could (with Daugrin) Philip18 04.03.15 Rock
Shine your light down J_Gretch 03.02.15 Acoustic
So I Drink Gaylen75 01.19.15 Electropop
West Coast AM AllenDean 01.19.15 Rock (instrumental)
In The Shadows-w/Bob Rodgers Vic Holman 01.18.15 Rock
Love Letter crazykeyman 01.17.15 New Age
Unfinished Business. Dennis James 01.16.15 Rock
Unfinished Business. Dennis James 01.16.15 Rock
Unfinished Business. Dennis James 01.16.15 Rock
Are You Going Out Tonight? Dennis James 01.16.15 Rock
'Origins' formerly 'Elephant Leftovers' (WIP v3) Alimar 01.16.15 Classical
Afterglow v3 Mute Albino 01.14.15 Rock (instrumental)
A Bell Will Ring Vic Holman 01.01.15 Rock
Lily grid stalker 01.01.15 Progressive Rock
Rhapsody For The Elephant In A Room With A View Alimar 01.01.15 Classical
La Stravaganza-Vivaldi MidiOrleans 01.01.15 Baroque
Second Chances Dadai.2 01.01.15 Folk-Rock
Giraffe in Disguise KyasheMusic 12.31.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Cantabile Sacra FOUR paul f. page 12.30.14 Classical
Don't Be That Way Ibstrat 12.29.14 Jazz (instrumental)
For the lonely mark-langford 12.28.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
after ste 12.26.14 Electropop
Green Blades v3 Mute Albino 12.26.14 Alternative Rock
santa claus is bringing me a stuka #2 woofer3 12.24.14 Rock & Roll
Welcome Home Gaylen75 12.24.14 Pop (Alternative)
The winter solstice train Narad 12.21.14 Ambient
Tokyo is Awake echoroom 12.21.14 Alternative Rock
Standing Out In The Cold Staring At The Stars SmokeyVW 12.20.14 Other
Allegro In C Hydrogen3 12.20.14 Classical
Cantabile Sacra Two paul f. page 12.20.14 Classical
Horizontal Zero Vic Holman 11.19.14 Alternative Rock
Beale Street Blues H3nry 11.19.14 Blues (traditional)
Bones speedonl 11.18.14 Alternative Rock
BLUE POOL jiguma 11.18.14 Acoustic Rock
When Morning Comes paul f. page 11.17.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Only You kaidavis 11.16.14 Rhythm and Blues
A Minor Melancholy PeterB7858 11.12.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Blood Red Moon jiguma 11.03.14 Acoustic Rock
Space Mood Narad 11.01.14 Progressive Rock
Bucket of Suds w/Cedrick Barnes FEEL 10.31.14 Funk
The Atomic Bomb Blues thetiler 10.28.14 Blues (contemporary)
Don't You Know Schwerindustrie 10.23.14 Pop (mainstream)
Cry Mercy Loob 10.23.14 Rock
One Hundred Thirty-Five paul f. page 10.22.14 Piano
Till the End tmcfate 08.02.14 Acoustic Rock
Fugue xviii VicDiesel 06.17.14 Classical
Martin's Joy Llarion 06.16.14 Jazz (instrumental)
A New Day rduroche 06.16.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
June 20 tadashi 06.15.14 New Age
It Bleeds Smooth MikeHuntingford 06.14.14 Easy Listening
Under My Skin w/Ravens Garni 06.13.14 Pop (mainstream)
One Hundred Twenty-Two paul f. page 06.11.14 Piano
Armageddon's Rain by Albert Russ albertruss 06.08.14 Rock
Oh Yeah mark-langford 06.08.14 Other
Something special 'bout the girl AbstractVision 06.08.14 Jazz (vocal)
Bye God J_Gretch 06.07.14 Rock
Power train II Narad 06.07.14 Ambient
Bullseye 400 thetiler 06.02.14 Easy Listening
Come To Me Philip18 06.02.14 Acoustic
Uno, Pero De Aquellas eanbardsley 06.02.14 Acoustic
eve pablatone 06.01.14 Acoustic
Mouton boots tadashi 05.30.14 Funk
A Wall gadzooks 05.29.14 Psychedelic
Green Blades (v1) - Working title Mute Albino 05.29.14 Progressive Rock
The Coming Race Narad 05.29.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Radio Rag Blues thetiler 05.28.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Looking Out For Love Vic Holman 05.27.14 Rock
Bye God J_Gretch 05.25.14 Rock
Simply Put paul f. page 05.25.14 Piano
Spinning w/Ravens Garni 05.25.14 Gothic Rock
health and safety woofer3 05.24.14 Alternative Rock
A Walled Garden obbster 05.24.14 Rock (instrumental)
It's been a long time thoddi 05.23.14 Soul
Curry Soup (Jack sitting in with Johannes) Dadai.2 05.23.14 Acoustic
Never Been So Blue (W) Sisters gadzooks 05.23.14 Acoustic
Nostalgie d'une vie passée [WIP] first draft Alimar 05.22.14 Film Scoring
SOMETHING SHE SAID - PBGB jiguma 05.17.14 Alternative Rock
Floating on hopeless clouds Skean 05.17.14 Experimental
Rising gadzooks 05.16.14 Ambient
CWS Parichayaka 05.15.14 Electronic
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [FINAL] Alimar 05.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
No Way (remix) Bob Rodgers 05.13.14 Acoustic Rock
SPD FEEL 05.12.14 Heavy Metal
Holding Up PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.12.14 Electropop
Sweet Darkness gadzooks 05.10.14 Art Rock
New Day Philip18 05.10.14 Folk-Rock
Aufzug (elevator) Narad 05.09.14 Ambient
Politicians Say / with Loob, Sigmund, Rok41, Damiengh and Wendy Stephany davisamerica2 05.09.14 Political
Ninety-Five paul f. page 05.08.14 Piano
HOW DO THOUSANDS? by Brett Ralph jiguma 05.07.14 Acoustic Rock
Jump Off thetiler 05.07.14 Film Scoring
The Infastructer..... Sucks Outtaorbit 05.06.14 Renaissance
The Black Guitar PeterB7858 05.06.14 Acoustic
Song from Heaven jottdee 05.05.14 Smooth Jazz
The Game Loob 05.04.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Fragments of Memories Vic Holman 04.26.14 Alternative Rock
The Island PeterB7858 04.25.14 Acoustic
The Captain grah3am 04.24.14 Folk (contemporary)
HOTRS MarkHolbrook 04.23.14 Ballad
Brighter Days by pablatone pablatone 04.22.14 Acoustic
Aquarium FEEL 04.22.14 Rock
The Trick paul f. page 04.22.14 Piano
Sheep (Strangedream, Sigmund) rok41 04.18.14 Alternative Rock
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
Thinkin' 'bout 'thinkin' gadzooks 04.17.14 Blues (contemporary)
Smooth Jazz - Smooth Remenant MikeHuntingford 04.12.14 Jazz (instrumental)
micro b2 bud 04.10.14 Electronic
FUNK----ADELIC bigdaddycee 04.10.14 Funk
(I Ain't Ridin' On The) Tech Bus Brian D 04.09.14 Country-Western
Showing some new gear Cori Ander 04.08.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Get Where I Belong Bob Rodgers 04.08.14 Alternative Rock
'Mile on a Trane' JazzIsTvRicky 04.18.14 Jazz Fusion
'Mile on a Trane' JazzIsTvRicky 04.18.14 Jazz Fusion
Is Theory Ever Real-Rok41-Sig FEEL 04.07.14 Rock
DAILY GRIND J.A.Stewart 04.06.14 Pop (Alternative)
Desert of Man Vic Holman 04.05.14 Alternative Rock
Slow Dancing paul f. page 04.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Barbara-B with Sasja Antheunis and Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 04.03.14 Folk-Rock
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Doug Somers 03.30.14 Easy Listening
Angel grah3am 03.28.14 Rock
Anthem PeterB7858 03.17.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Inverloch Morning (with Rok41) Philip18 02.28.14 Smooth Jazz
3D Printing thetiler 02.25.14 Folk (contemporary)
Night grah3am 02.22.14 Progressive Rock
Forbidden Collaboration with Vic Holman & Lester Long FEEL 02.20.14 Progressive Rock
Hobo Silent Night thetiler 12.25.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
Red Is The Rose thetiler 12.19.13 Folk (traditional)
O Christmas Tree (w/lilmom) rok41 12.19.13 Holiday
Christmas march II Narad 12.19.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
Life On The Loop To Loop Gaylen75 12.17.13 Art Rock
Winter Light paul f. page 12.16.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tension (with Vic Holman) MarkHolbrook 12.15.13 Rock
Le Piccadilly-Erik Satie MidiOrleans 12.11.13 Classical
Mount Parnassus Narad 12.10.13 Ambient
Our Love - LSP2 MarkHolbrook 12.08.13 Rock
Tarnished Diamond LSP2 peacepiano 12.06.13 Rock
City of Light LSP2(Bud/Outtaorbit Mix) davisamerica 12.06.13 Rock
Christmas Bells Philip18 11.30.13 Acoustic
Rise Parichayaka 11.26.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mister Right w/ Axelbreeze LisaHawbaker 11.11.13 Dance-Club
Junction [SRC 2013] davajonah 11.08.13 Ambient
End Tunnel Light - feat. strangedream & rok41 Sigmund 09.07.13 Indie Rock
Train of Misconception tmcfate 08.13.13 Acoustic Rock
Two Little Birds Sitting in a Tree mikkinylund 08.08.13 Alternative Rock
Swimming in the Circuits /carbon Les_Kloo 08.05.13 Progressive Rock
le fleuve de la vie [The River of Life] Alimar 08.03.13 Film Scoring
What a life tmcfate 07.22.13 Acoustic Rock
Susan And The Sailor chestnut 07.09.13 Folk (traditional)
i'm a celebrity woofer3 07.08.13 Alternative Rock
Five Million Years (remix) echoroom 07.07.13 Alternative Rock
Wide Open Spaces (fusion collab) Loob 07.06.13 Open Collaborations
Eighty-Four paul f. page 07.04.13 Piano
Across Gibraltar Llarion 07.03.13 Smooth Jazz
Freedom Road Bob Rodgers 07.03.13 Ballad
We Are Three Brethren chestnut 07.03.13 Folk (traditional)
BILLY (Won't Be Waking Up At All) jiguma 07.03.13 Acoustic Rock
As The World Passes By (Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 07.01.13 Art Rock
Eighty-Three paul f. page 06.29.13 Piano
Toot Sweet grah3am 06.29.13 Pop (Alternative)
Wire Vic Holman 06.29.13 Alternative Rock
Curiosity's Plea thetiler 06.26.13 Folk (contemporary)
Two Friends Philip18 06.26.13 Smooth Jazz
I wanna be like Gary Barlow woofer3 06.24.13 Alternative Rock
Where Are We Now (Chillout) MikeHuntingford 06.23.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Vision w Egodays and Finkledink Loob 06.22.13 Rock
OUT HERE AND STRANDED - featuring Mandy Siegel jiguma 06.22.13 Rhythm and Blues
Dream Catcher oldlibmike 06.22.13 Electronic
Where Has it Gone by Jerry Quinn w/ Ryan, Jeff, ktb & Loob alackbass 06.20.13 Blues (contemporary)
If Ever There Was A Time Alimar 06.16.13 Classical
Highlands Parichayaka 06.15.13 Ethnic-International
Sailor's Warning w jiguma, Philip18 PeterB7858 06.15.13 Rock
someday that80sboy 06.14.13 Pop (Alternative)
deseree pablatone 06.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
Coulda Shoulda gadzooks 06.11.13 Pop (Alternative)
Aida (Speakeasy Sway/ Mayflower) Gaylen75 06.11.13 Art Rock
Close to the Bone by Jerry Quinn alackbass 06.10.13 Rock & Roll
electric magnetic/Sir Bass tokai 06.10.13 Hip Hop-Rap
Sufi Song (Fire of Love) echoroom 06.09.13 New Age
My Funny Valentine (with Lilmom) Moviz 06.08.13 Ballad
Theres a Prog in my Soup ShadowofNine 06.07.13 Progressive Rock
Afraid of the Rain w/ Davisamerica awigze 06.06.13 Ambient
Under The Weather Loob 06.06.13 Country-Western
You Can't Touch Me (MJCC2013) mr_mordenus 06.05.13 Showtunes
Coming Home (MJCC2013) Philip18 06.02.13 Acoustic
I Know Why thetiler 06.01.13 Easy Listening
Travellers Blues (MJCC2013) gadzooks 05.31.13 Blues (contemporary)
Freedom Rings (MJCC2013) FEEL 05.31.13 Rock
Hey, Cool Water (MJCC2013) PeterB7858 05.30.13 Acoustic
Sunset pablatone 05.29.13 Folk-Rock
Seventy-Eight paul f. page 05.29.13 Piano
The Robots of Coconino County Lennon714 05.29.13 Alternative Rock
Solomon Solomon MartinD28 05.21.13 Gospel
Dirty Looks Monkaton 05.11.13 Rock
Not For The Likes of You DWL 05.10.13 Folk-Rock
Nocturne op. 55 Andante davajonah 05.04.13 Classical
Anyway apb 05.02.13 Pop (Alternative)
Brother Can You Spare A Dime thetiler 04.24.13 Folk (contemporary)
Decisions paul f. page 04.24.13 Piano
Fan Fiction (Stan Lee Writes Reed Richards) tempie 04.22.13 Pop (Alternative)
Someone Is Jealous Of You Vic Holman 04.21.13 Alternative Rock
Wandering Blues johnwhitehead 04.21.13 Bluegrass
Scherzo - Allegro e agitato andreasvanharen 04.21.13 Classical
Big Talker crazykeyman 04.21.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Moonglow (with Lilmom) Moviz 04.18.13 Ballad
Mama'd Say the_odd 04.22.13 Alternative Rock
News Is Gonna Break jiguma 04.15.13 Reggae
Café Orléans MidiOrleans 04.14.13 NUjazz
Show of Empty Souls gadzooks 04.11.13 Art Rock
Morning Watch PeterB7858 04.08.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
Under Your Bed - feat. strangedream, rok41 & Steve Ritter Sigmund 03.15.13 Rock
Just Ain't Worth a Song (2 Track) alackbass 03.14.13 Blues (contemporary)
Iridium Flare (2013 Re-Release) Peter Greenstone 02.09.13 Rock
The Asteroid [Doom2012] Doug Somers 12.16.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
We Three Kings davajonah 12.12.12 Holiday
I Could Write a Book Ibstrat 12.02.12 Solo Instrument
By Fire Alone paul f. page 09.25.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
A More Deserving Man (Woodstock 2012) alackbass 08.10.12 Acoustic Rock
Motherless Child - (Woodstock 2012) Philip18 08.10.12 Folk (traditional)
Walking On The Moon (Woodstock 2012) SmokeyVW 08.10.12 Folk-Rock
By Now I.G.M. 06.08.12 Acoustic
THERE'S A HOLE IN THE SKY Franciscus_Henri 06.04.12 Folk-Rock
Row II apb 06.02.12 Folk-Rock
If Today Were My Last Day gadzooks 04.18.12 Alternative Rock
Junkie J_Gretch 04.15.12 Rock
Cheers My Good Friend yohmar 04.15.12 Jazz Fusion
Penguin Rag thetiler 04.10.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
dry leaves tmcfate 04.10.12 Alternative Rock
Not Now Philip18 04.10.12 Acoustic
Suffer w/KTB/Scofugate/Rok41/Sig/TylerT Gaylen75 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
Denial Einarus 04.05.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Myopia Dub ( w/ sammydix ) michael2 04.05.12 Dub
Bill Cheatham/Cherokee Shuffle johnwhitehead 04.01.12 Folk (traditional)
Giving It All Away jiguma 03.29.12 Acoustic Rock
A Study Parichayaka 03.24.12 Film Scoring
White Lightning J_Gretch 03.17.12 Rock
Where Were You Yesterday? sammydix 03.17.12 Other
Oh, Look at Me Now! michaeljayklein 03.16.12 Smooth Jazz
"DownTown" abzwork 03.16.12 Jazz (instrumental)
valkyries_Death By Anonymity snowdragon 03.15.12 Rock
Hand & Heart Philip18 03.14.12 Acoustic
Theme From an Imaginary Bad Movie Ibstrat 03.14.12 Film Scoring
the new pokey's blues ziti 03.11.12 Blues (contemporary)
Night Traveller gadzooks 03.03.12 Art Rock
Step by Step Einarus 03.02.12 Classical
The Girl with the Time on Her Hand mikkinylund 02.20.12 Pop (Alternative)
A thought gadzooks 02.18.12 Acoustic
Never Good Enough for You Monkaton 02.17.12 Rock & Roll
Green Eyes Philip18 02.09.12 Acoustic
"Sprite's Night" abzwork 02.07.12 Jazz Fusion
The Living and the Dead eleveneyes 02.06.12 Pop (Alternative)
DINAH michaeljayklein 02.05.12 Other
"An Indoor Pool Party" abzwork 02.02.12 Funk
"An Indoor Pool Party" abzwork 02.02.12 Funk
AClarke's LEAD WITH YOUR HEART ziti 02.02.12 Rock
BIG CAR - NO SHOES PBGB 02.02.12 Rock
NIGHTFALL richardhowardjones 02.02.12 Ballad
NOCTURNE (redemption postponed) Franciscus_Henri 02.01.12 Folk-Rock
The Coals of Compassion johnwhitehead 02.01.12 Acoustic
The Coals of Compassion johnwhitehead 02.01.12 Acoustic
Telephone Exchange — Please Hold DeputyDoofy 01.30.12 Electronic
Clear and Present Danger (2012 - short) Normal 01.30.12 Industrial
_'Transistion'_ A 'Looper and Musician Meet' Featuring 'Abzwork' TvRicky 01.30.12 Jazz Fusion
A spring TAYASU gate tadashi 01.29.12 Jazz Fusion
Having a Ball musichead 01.29.12 Lo-fi
The Spell with Hadass Pal Yarden ShadowofNine 01.29.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Love is Strange Moviz 01.22.12 Pop (mainstream)
Walking Down The Avenue Philip18 01.20.12 Folk-Rock
Hula Hoop thetiler 01.17.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
Mutant Man in Aspic grah3am 01.14.12 Rock
Heart Song jazzman1 01.12.12 New Age
Summertime feat. Amber Creaven XMaramena 01.11.12 Electronic
JESSICA jibes 01.11.12 Art Rock
The Faded Smile rok41 01.08.12 Art Rock
Saul's Blue Tickle Daugrin 12.30.11 Blues (contemporary)
Sweet nothings apb 12.30.11 Pop (Alternative)
Streaks of Blue alackbass 12.27.11 Blues (traditional)
Medley : A Bit Of Soul/You Talk Funky ShadowofNine 12.24.11 Downtempo
And here comes Christmas Eve thoddi 12.23.11 Holiday
Gläns över sjö och strand Cori Ander 12.23.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Jolly Old St. Nicholas John Stebbe 12.22.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Ding Dong Merrily on High- real synth version kristyjo 12.22.11 Holiday
Christmas Pastorale-Corelli MidiOrleans 12.22.11 Baroque
It's Christmas Time daphna 12.21.11 Pop (mainstream)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 2.0 H3nry 12.16.11 Pop Classical
The end of the road thoddi 12.13.11 Blues (contemporary)
Junk Shop Relic67 12.10.11 Pop (Alternative)
Jitterbug Waltz Ibstrat 12.10.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Santa Chile ziti 12.09.11 Holiday
Silent Hill Vic Holman 12.05.11 Alternative Rock
I Ain't Never Been Lucky In Love guygrooves 12.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
Who's Gonna Love Me - w/strangedream, rok41 & kevmikwa Sigmund 12.02.11 Rock
New - Ejected - Finale SpaceRace 2011 v6 Doug Somers 12.02.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Everything billykirsch 11.29.11 Shoegazer
White Boy Speaks of Rivers geschwarztes 11.29.11 Acoustic
"Northdown Waltz" - An English Country Dance LonePineMusic 11.28.11 Folk (traditional)
P.O.M./Sammy dix/Ktb/Awigze tokai 11.28.11 Art Rock
A Call For All Demons c-arr 11.28.11 Funk
Marche Joyeuse H3nry 11.26.11 Classical
You're The One To Let Me Down ybsongs 11.23.11 Alternative Rock
Derailed plexura 11.22.11 Folk-Rock
Straining Heart plexura 11.22.11 Folk-Rock
Cosmic ShadowofNine 11.22.11 Electropop
To Eternity And Beyond FrankAxtell 11.21.11 Jazz Fusion
my only birthday (2011 remix) that80sboy 11.21.11 Pop (Alternative)
Sonata-Johan Helmich Roman MidiOrleans 11.20.11 Baroque
Nature Awakes - for string quartet andreasvanharen 11.18.11 Romantic
Those Doggone Blues gadzooks 11.18.11 Blues (contemporary)
yuki (snow) PatriciaGirl 11.17.11 Piano
Snark Les_Kloo 11.17.11 Progressive Rock
Jean Charles De Menezes Loob 11.16.11 Acoustic Rock
In The Light DanBrownJr 11.15.11 Hard Rock
Theme #1 kassia 11.15.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Transient Parichayaka 11.11.11 Downtempo
La Stravaganza MidiOrleans 11.08.11 Baroque
Leaving You.... Soundhound 11.08.11 Jazz Fusion
Blues for Kokes ziti 11.07.11 Blues (contemporary)
"Ein Feste Burg" - Four Settings LonePineMusic 11.04.11 Renaissance
A red lullaby danielmoore 11.02.11 Acoustic
Cradle 867-5309 11.02.11 Piano
stereo that80sboy 10.28.11 Pop (Alternative)
Rumours (i don't care) Vic Holman 10.27.11 Alternative Rock
Besame Var. thetiler 10.25.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Of Summers Gone Moviz 10.24.11 Ballad
Where You Belong Gaylen75 10.23.11 Acoustic Rock
Prelude and Jam W/Ibstrat scofugate 10.22.11 Swing
SAFE HANDS w sisters,thoddi,ktb,kevmikwa,rok41 jiguma 10.12.11 Rhythm and Blues
Blackened Bride (analog/studio/1971+/-) wearebittersweet 10.11.11 Rock
Everyone's drunk in the 70s DWL 10.06.11 Electropop
Easy Jesus Blues mikkinylund 10.04.11 Indie Rock
O Mio Babbino Caro thetiler 10.03.11 Classical
New Orleans Prelude v1 MidiOrleans 10.02.11 Classical
Hurricane Ike kevinanthony 10.06.11 Country-Western
Gold sammydix 09.29.11 Latin Jazz
Topless Dancer feat Andy Wigzell take 2 SCJohnson59 09.28.11 Funk
String quartet: After work, Late at night andreasvanharen 09.28.11 Romantic
From His Hand - V1 (Schletty, Feehan, & Miller) Dadai.2 09.26.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Melissa's Song paul f. page 09.22.11 Classical
Can I Count On Your Love rockstar89 09.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
my girlfriend is an alien that80sboy 09.20.11 Pop (Alternative)
Raise a Glass (remix) paralax 09.13.11 Progressive Rock
In The Shadow Of Saturn w/awigze bud 09.13.11 Jazz Fusion
Box michael2 09.13.11 Alternative Rock
Raise a Glass paralax 09.12.11 Progressive Rock
If All the World Were MJ w/ Alannah, Andrew, John, Mike, Scott & Stan Philip18 09.12.11 Rock
Coalesce (Radio Edit) Pie 09.12.11 Pop (mainstream)
Into The Night eleveneyes 09.12.11 Pop (Alternative)
Satching with the Alien saundhaus 09.11.11 Hard Rock
Make Believe Rackyl 09.29.11 Acoustic
Meditation in a Storm (for Japan) UnderThePianoMan 09.10.11 Classical
Prelude and Fugue (for string quartet) georgeptingley 09.08.11 Classical
Soul of a Viking saundhaus 09.08.11 Hard Rock
Death's Desciple progressivemethod 09.08.11 Metal
To Deny Red Les_Kloo 09.07.11 Progressive Rock
Demons in my Head saundhaus 09.07.11 Hard Rock
Day in/Day out saundhaus 09.07.11 Hard Rock
Hiroshima Baby Gaylen75 09.07.11 Acoustic Rock
Realization Einarus 09.06.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Little Miss Muffet (Has the Blues) alackbass 09.02.11 Children's Music
Shine Kicbal 08.31.11 Rock
Passing paul f. page 08.30.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
THINGS YOU DO w Rob Pompei SISTERS 08.29.11 Pop (mainstream)
Better Off Broken (w/strangedream, rok41, kevmikwa) Sigmund 08.26.11 Rock
Eds Theme - With Feter,Anne,Paul MarkHolbrook 08.26.11 Other
Flying Monkeys bbarner 08.16.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Shark Salad Les_Kloo 08.06.11 Progressive Rock
lovegrowscold TheRye 07.25.11 Celtic
lovegrowscold TheRye 07.25.11 Celtic
The Trolls of Brooklyn's Grounds mikkinylund 07.11.11 Pop (Alternative)
Drop (1 Synth Challenge) Bubowski 07.07.11 Dance-Club
OneLife Waltz in G modalgrooveman 07.07.11 New Age
Gilberto Ibstrat 07.06.11 Bossa Nova
Brownstone Llarion 07.03.11 Smooth Jazz
Carolina from LlarionBlues w/dave_b sammydix 07.02.11 Blues (contemporary)
Life Sailors (Philip18, jiguma & PeterB7858 - an all-Aussie collab) PeterB7858 07.02.11 Ballad
MoJoZu jiguma 07.01.11 Rock
Don't Pretend with lholden Loob 07.01.11 Rock
Funked Up gadzooks 06.30.11 Funk
Llarions Blues dave_b 06.28.11 Blues (contemporary)
Cry me a river igorbass 06.28.11 Jazz (vocal)
Time Passes ShadowofNine 06.28.11 Acoustic
You Know I Think Of You Bass3x 06.28.11 Bossa Nova
Dewpoint Llarion 06.27.11 Jazz (instrumental)
She's Made Up Her Mind crazykeyman 06.27.11 New Age
Hop-a-long Little Red mikkinylund 06.25.11 Pop (Alternative)
Ant's Picnic Victory crazykeyman 06.22.11 Jazz (instrumental)
we hear tender voices kingbee 06.20.11 Acoustic
PAIN AND RISE by Lagusaya2 (Stan Loh) jibes 06.17.11 Inspirational (contemporary)
Hold On gadzooks 06.16.11 Smooth Jazz
In Flight Llarion 06.13.11 Jazz Fusion
Funk on a Stick (w/ scofugate) tonestones 06.11.11 Progressive Rock
Turning Me On (Remix 2011) SlimGirlFat 06.10.11 Trance
Just Be a Kid alackbass 06.09.11 Acoustic
Soul to Sell W/NewInfection strangedream 06.07.11 Alternative Rock
Otomatik WeatherReport 06.09.11 Funk
Make Amends (w/ Strangedream, Sigmund, Awigze) tonestones 06.04.11 Alternative Rock
xes (by Ginz111 w/tokai) ktb 06.01.11 Other
One Man Army rsorensen 05.30.11 Rock
Alone Llarion 05.26.11 Jazz (instrumental)
5X4 ShadowofNine 05.23.11 Progressive Rock
Never In My Wildest Dreams feat KCsGROOVE SCJohnson59 05.23.11 Jazz (instrumental)
everything (taylormorgan collab) Mystified 05.22.11 Alternative Rock
Down Time eleveneyes 05.21.11 Alternative Rock
REPEAT the SCENERY eleveneyes 05.21.11 Pop (Alternative)
Bailey's Song kassia 05.20.11 Piano
Abby Llarion 05.25.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Clusters paul f. page 05.14.11 Piano
Inside (feat. rsorensen) craft 05.14.11 Other
Tryin Hard To Wake From This American Dream (Nashville Demo) dave_b 05.09.11 Country-Western
A.I.P. Relic67 05.08.11 Rock
Where Do I Fit In? AbstractVision 05.08.11 Progressive Rock
Prize Winning Rose (With LilMom & Awigze) davisamerica2 05.07.11 Easy Listening
My-Oleo falcef 05.06.11 NUjazz
A Dangerous Life mvh9591 05.02.11 Rock
Life On The Trapeze jiguma 05.01.11 Acoustic Rock
Leaving Manhattan (final mix) iG.STUDiO 04.29.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Take It Outside w/ D. Jorden, Students, Gaylen75, Sigmund, five_extra_arms, Scofugate alackbass 04.22.11 Heavy Metal
So Much Better Than The Rest PeterB7858 04.21.11 Acoustic
Change isn't always good guygrooves 04.12.11 Rock
If I Were A Girl (w/ 5 Extra Arms) michael2 04.09.11 Electropop
The Land of My Dreams johnwhitehead 04.07.11 Folk (contemporary)
We Know w/ scofugate, fasteddie, Relic67 and RAVENS neilh79 04.01.11 Acoustic Rock
K-A-R-M-A RAVENS 03.20.11 Rock
Begin Today w/ D. Jorden, students, Ryan, RAVENS, ktb, kevmikwa alackbass 03.12.11 Funk
Fat Tuesday LIVE ziti 03.09.11 Funk
Inspiration (w/ Strangedream & Sigmund) tonestones 03.06.11 Progressive Rock
Bit Crushed Accent (w/ 5 Extra Arms) michael2 03.03.11 Electropop
Hey (w/Strangedream & Scofugate) tonestones 02.07.11 Indie Rock
Ding Dong tonestones 01.14.11 Progressive Rock
All Eyes billullo 01.12.11 Rock
Henry (w/ Strangedream) tonestones 01.02.11 Indie Rock
Rip off 2.0 / by Ibstrat and a ridiculously good bass player friend of his scofugate 12.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Forgive Me, I (w/ Symphony101, Sigmund, alackbass, kevmikwa) RAVENS 12.10.10 Rock
The hell you put me thru sharic4 10.16.10 Indie Rock
Wonderland Blvd [w/ Gaylen75 and Scofugate] tonestones 10.11.10 Progressive Rock
Let's All Stand Round The Firebarrell Loob 10.10.10 Blues (traditional)
You Are Everything DanBrownJr 10.08.10 Acoustic Rock
CAT FACED GIRL (w ktb and kevmikwa) jiguma 10.07.10 Alternative Rock
Tell Him DanBrownJr 10.06.10 Hard Rock
Lovely Grace DanBrownJr 10.06.10 Alternative Rock
Marking SpaceAlien 10.03.10 Blues (contemporary)
Viltu mín vera? Einarus 10.03.10 Dance-Club
American Way w/Jeff Cook, fatchance, scofugate & awigze crissew 10.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
We Were Rock n Roll tford 10.04.10 Rock
Clash ShadowofNine 10.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stay DanBrownJr 09.30.10 Acoustic Rock
You DanBrownJr 09.29.10 Alternative Rock
Here and Now DanBrownJr 09.29.10 Acoustic Rock
Softer Than Silk - w Ravens & Tim Wenzel ShadowofNine 09.29.10 New Age
Did Ya Know? RAVENS 09.29.10 Ballad
Big Blue Bear (w/ Particledots) michael2 09.28.10 Children's Music
Mother Earth Father God ( HB Live ) Hectorious 09.23.10 Soul
Bad Idea fambroski 09.23.10 Pop (mainstream)
It Don't Matter DannyT 09.23.10 Reggae
Pieces ( HB Live ) Hectorious 09.22.10 Soul
After The Rain DannyT 09.22.10 Pop (Alternative)
People Under Pressure Vic Holman 09.19.10 Art Rock
I Have What I Need [w/crissew] tonestones 09.19.10 Hard Rock
the madman (still in love w/you) that80sboy 09.18.10 Rock
Redemption ziti 09.17.10 Art Rock
REVERIE for solo piano georgeptingley 09.17.10 Classical
September (w Vac and ktb) perceptualvortex 09.14.10 Rock (instrumental)
Strange Girl.... LouisLacey 09.13.10 Rhythm and Blues
RENEGADE SKIN jiguma 09.12.10 Acoustic Rock
Seeds Of Expectation FrankAxtell 09.10.10 Jazz Fusion
I'm Feeling Lonely abitran128 09.09.10 Jazz (vocal)
Black Lace bigdaddycee 09.08.10 Smooth Jazz
Henry ft. Residence strangedream 09.07.10 Indie Rock
Heartbeat with James Holliday speedonl 09.07.10 Alternative Rock
Hotel Life w/awigze hackneybloke 09.05.10 Acoustic
Hope Loob 09.05.10 Pop (mainstream)
Rhythumb Ibstrat 09.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Over Time (Religious Metal) FEEL 08.31.10 Heavy Metal
Rain Forest BudBox 08.28.10 Ambient
Pennies from Heaven michaeljayklein 08.26.10 Jazz (vocal)
He's a Hard Workin Cowboy - An Old Saddle Tramp sloparts 08.26.10 Country-Western
Boston TomFairnie 08.26.10 Acoustic
Spiral Man Vic Holman 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
And Now It's Dark echoroom 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
Little Tear tmcfate 08.21.10 Alternative Rock
Phosgene w/mike_d fasteddie 08.19.10 Heavy Metal
Tell me what's on your mind w/Gaylen Sharp tonestones 08.19.10 Alternative Rock
Love Me Baby rok41 08.18.10 Rock
Here (Tribute To Minnie Riperton) Angela_Hope 08.18.10 Rhythm and Blues
Chillin w/ awigze & alexsanchez crissew 08.17.10 NUjazz
Lydia the Tattooed Lady michaeljayklein 08.16.10 Informational
YOU DON'T WANT ME ANYMORE mvh9591 08.15.10 Twentieth Century
Wanted (w Vac) perceptualvortex 08.13.10 Techno
(A Brave New World) Parts 1 & 2.. Part 3... (Soma). LouisLacey 08.12.10 Progressive Rock
God's Favourite Son Cadman 08.01.10 Acoustic
I May Cry zombiemusic 07.29.10 Acoustic
Forever, For Always RAVENS 07.25.10 Ballad
Fiesta thetiler 07.24.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
On My Way whoaeasytiger 07.25.10 Folk (contemporary)
In Your Eyes with JDHolliday speedonl 07.18.10 Acoustic Rock
who'd like teeth like harriet harman [NAD 07-01] woofer3 07.13.10 Latin
No Telling What I Might Do featuring RAVENS alackbass 07.10.10 Blues (contemporary)
Waiting zombiemusic 07.09.10 Acoustic
i'm down woofer3 07.09.10 Rock & Roll
Don't Feel Like Giving Up chuck_t 06.20.10 Acoustic
Don't Feel Like Giving Up chuck_t 06.20.10 Acoustic
Don't Feel Like Giving Up chuck_t 06.20.10 Acoustic
Don't Be So Blind alackbass 06.05.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Charlie Nolan 06.01.10 Acoustic Rock
Out In The Storm Loob 05.30.10 Folk-Rock
Inner Works 867-5309 05.28.10 Jazz (instrumental)
killer bees ste 05.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
leave me alone pablatone 05.08.10 Acoustic
Little Man Loob 05.04.10 Blues (contemporary)
Softly and Tenderly thetiler 05.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
A New Morning FrankAxtell 04.25.10 Jazz Fusion
It's a Bob in the Lamp! mikkinylund 04.24.10 Folk-Rock
MS-13 michaelkoppenheffer 04.21.10 Ballad
You're The Cream In My Coffee chestnut 04.19.10 Easy Listening
Why Are We Walking Like This? springclock 04.18.10 Rock
Good Buddies guitapick 04.15.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Bitter Fruit michaelkoppenheffer 04.13.10 Acoustic
The Shepherd's Daughter chestnut 04.11.10 Folk (traditional)
Heroes (2010) apb 04.09.10 Pop (Alternative)
Sometime I Get Drunk sloparts 04.08.10 Country-Western
Tall Shadow Loob 04.05.10 Art Rock
Hey, Sunflower daddyg 04.02.10 Pop (mainstream)
Give It (w-rhythm section) daddyg 04.01.10 Pop (mainstream)
Give It daddyg 04.01.10 Pop (mainstream)
Out of Focus thetiler 03.24.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Mack the Knife michaeljayklein 03.24.10 Swing
He Was Loved michaelkoppenheffer 03.22.10 Acoustic
You're My Woman by Jerry Quinn alackbass 03.20.10 Jazz (vocal)
The Road W/Coriander hackneybloke 03.20.10 Acoustic
Walk on out of here thoddi 03.14.10 Rock
Chelsea mikkinylund 03.13.10 Indie Rock
Till the Tap Runs Dry michaelkoppenheffer 03.11.10 Folk-Rock
Zippers and a Red Rose quarkhead 03.09.10 Acoustic
Smokin' Pickin' BirdmanWayne94 03.07.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Night Doctors michaelkoppenheffer 03.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
The Venusian Travels of Magellan FrankAxtell 03.03.10 Jazz Fusion
Life is a Terminal Disease michaelkoppenheffer 03.01.10 Acoustic
Free (by Walter Moorlandt) Jim Bouchard 02.28.10 Acoustic
Chase Boy chuck_t 02.28.10 Pop (Alternative)
I Believe in the Sunshine michael2 02.28.10 Indie Rock
cow cow blues woofer3 02.26.10 Blues (traditional)
Unreached SimonDaum 02.24.10 Piano
I CAN HARDLY WAIT richardhowardjones 02.23.10 Country-Western
Freedom SimonDaum 02.23.10 New Age
A Little Crazy with cchaplin lengold 02.22.10 Other
Porsche thetiler 02.19.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ultimatum (w Vac) perceptualvortex 02.17.10 Rock (instrumental)
Unseen SimonDaum 02.17.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Moments with You SimonDaum 02.17.10 Piano
She Don't (remix) rsorensen 02.16.10 Alternative Rock
IggyJiggyWiggy w/ jiguma , awigze I.G.M. 02.15.10 Acoustic Rock
Angel Eyes (MJRF2010) jiguma 02.15.10 Acoustic
Daddy daddyg 02.14.10 Folk (contemporary)
SOME GO • SOME STAY w/Tobin Mueller (MJRF2010) thoddi 02.14.10 Soul
Winter's Breath (MJRF 2010) Mystified 02.12.10 Ambient
Two Scoops of Sugar In michael2 02.11.10 Acoustic
crazy without you that80sboy 02.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
In Silence andreasvanharen 02.09.10 Romantic
Rock the Baby - v1 (Tobin Mueller and Steve Stone) Merlyn 02.08.10 Jazz Fusion
Rock the Baby - v0 (Tobin Mueller) Merlyn 02.08.10 Jazz Fusion
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
Tradin' New Blues for Old MJRF 2010 sloparts 02.06.10 Blues (contemporary)
Give in to Love (w/t Birdman Wayne: MJRF 2010) echoroom 02.06.10 Alternative Rock
Mists (MJRF2010) Scott Carmichael 02.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Traveling Blind MJRF2010 eleveneyes 02.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Milonga Bolacera billykirsch 02.06.10 Tango
Forever fasteddie 02.04.10 Psychedelic
Notes 'n Thoughts (MJRF2010) BirdmanWayne94 02.04.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Alignment grid stalker 02.03.10 Downtempo
Mexico Lennon714 02.03.10 Lo-fi
Cold Winter's Morning chestnut 02.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
The Snow is Melting! andreasvanharen 02.03.10 Romantic
WIAGY Hickling_Stan 02.03.10 Acoustic Rock
The Light Blue Cori Ander 02.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Falling MJRF 2010 BeccaJohnson 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
The Empiric And The Theocrat [MJRF 2010] Alimar 02.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Memory ( MJRF2010) Feat Alimar+Peter Greenstone SlimGirlFat 02.02.10 Ambient
Sailortown w/echoroom (MJRF 2010) bud 02.01.10 Alternative Rock
Gaze v.F+F (MJRF2010) packosmokes 02.01.10 Electropop
The Thin Man Dreams (MJRF2010) jiguma 01.31.10 Acoustic Rock
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Pandora's Box (version 2) WIProg 01.30.10 Progressive Rock
Never So Lonely (Rebsie vocal) Dadai.2 01.29.10 Acoustic
Riverside Romance Gaylen75 01.28.10 Alternative Rock
Table Five (Collab. w/Sisters, Ziti, Jiguma, Awigze, Kevmikwa) davisamerica2 01.28.10 Ballad
Pandora's Box (version 1) WIProg 01.29.10 Progressive Rock
Tomorrow is not promised ldmac 01.25.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Crystalline Cave Merlyn 01.22.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Winter Tale andreasvanharen 01.21.10 Romantic
Wrong Remedies daddyg 01.16.10 Folk (contemporary)
Passenger jesushairdo 01.16.10 Ballad
Blow Yer Blues Away michael2 01.15.10 Rock
Indiana TomFairnie 01.12.10 Acoustic
they're turning out the lights in england woofer3 01.10.10 Pop (mainstream)
No More Stars michaelkoppenheffer 01.06.10 Folk-Rock
Time Is A Lie chuck_t 01.02.10 Alternative Rock
Danielle Wants to Be Your Friend michaelkoppenheffer 12.27.09 Electropop
Design HypnotiQ Sorcere 12.26.09 Piano
Circle michael2 12.17.09 Shoegazer
Killing Me DJ (Feat Mike Hepton) JadeLennings 12.15.09 Pop (mainstream)
Did we do our Best? hackneybloke 12.12.09 Acoustic
Already Lost immichaelyoung 12.07.09 Pop (Alternative)
Winter Sky (A confession of a middled aged single man) jesushairdo 12.06.09 Rock
Speed of Light saundhaus 12.03.09 Hard Rock
Into the arena saundhaus 12.03.09 Hard Rock
Fury from on high saundhaus 12.03.09 Progressive Rock
Seaside Strut saundhaus 12.03.09 Hard Rock
Cloudy Sunday Sigmund 11.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
I'm gonna feel so right (remix/remastered) billykirsch 11.25.09 Alternative Rock
All Smokey ziti 11.18.09 Acoustic
Keep Your Chin Up rsorensen 11.11.09 Indie Rock
Lost In Translation (w Mike Watkins) jiguma 11.11.09 Alternative Rock
Every Now & Then (w/ bass/drums) syddavis 11.09.09 Pop (Alternative)
few view iwonder 11.09.09 Jazz (instrumental)
You Think You've Got it All? ramonaji 11.06.09 Alternative Rock
Up 211 FrankAxtell 10.28.09 Jazz Fusion
Last Day Here guygrooves 10.25.09 Hard Rock
Bon Voyage w/ Bob6stringer tonestones 10.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
Hey, Whatcha Say? FrankAxtell 10.12.09 Jazz Fusion
The Broken Doll's Waltz notsosweet 10.12.09 Piano
Make Believe Or Real (w/michael2) - MJ SpaceRace '09 rsorensen 10.07.09 Alternative Rock
The Wind And The Seasons FrankAxtell 10.04.09 Jazz Fusion
Stars and Dust (space challenge) michael2 10.03.09 Indie Rock
Suzette woofer3 09.30.09 Rock & Roll
Nostalgia UnderThePianoMan 09.30.09 Piano
The Camera Eye FrankAxtell 09.28.09 Jazz Fusion
Wouldn't Change a Thing michaelkoppenheffer 09.25.09 Folk (contemporary)
Stepping Down ziti 09.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
Tess:A Wessex Eve paddler 09.21.09 Piano
For String Orchestra: The Lost Child andreasvanharen 09.21.09 Classical
Prophecy thinkfish 09.18.09 Heavy Metal
Under My Skin jiguma 09.16.09 Rock
beat up comic books (remastered) w/michael2 blinddogsky 09.24.09 Indie Rock
How The West Was Won The Fritters 09.15.09 Country-Western
Don't tell me what I can't w/KTB and Ingve thoddi 09.13.09 Soul
dance with a stranger - Ruth's song woofer3 09.09.09 Other
Curve Up Ahead FrankAxtell 09.05.09 Progressive Rock
My Yiddishe Momma ( byJack Yellen) Moviz 09.01.09 Ballad
Cleos Asp tonestones 08.25.09 Progressive Rock
Carpe Diem packosmokes 08.24.09 Electropop
LIOLI9 - tonestones tonestones 08.23.09 Other
Mumble Grumble tonestones 08.15.09 Progressive Rock
Coming Into The Light johnwhitehead 08.12.09 Acoustic
no smoke ste 08.12.09 Pop (Alternative)
Turtle on a Fencepost tonestones 08.10.09 Alternative Rock
Close Your Eyes FrankAxtell 07.24.09 Rock
The Road Cori Ander 07.23.09 Acoustic
Better Men (Featuring Dajama, Awigze) MarkHolbrook 07.23.09 Rock
Strong and Free rsorensen 07.23.09 Indie Rock
Peter Pan somebuddy 07.22.09 Children's Music
La Maladie iG.STUDiO 07.20.09 Jazz (vocal)
DAY BY DAY SISTERS 07.20.09 Other
Autumn Leaves kickthemoon626 07.20.09 Jazz (vocal)
Okey Dokey Smokes (Undone) with 12Parsecs PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.19.09 Indie Rock
Distant Shores paddler 07.18.09 Soul
Railroad Jazz John Stebbe 07.16.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Flies On Oranges Mute Albino 07.16.09 Progressive Rock
Bloody Royal Pride daibhre 07.14.09 Folk (contemporary)
When I Fall In Love kickthemoon626 07.14.09 Jazz (vocal)
Sisyphus guitapick 07.11.09 Classical
bury me beneath the willow- trad. pablatone 07.10.09 Bluegrass
If I Had Two rsorensen 07.10.09 Indie Rock
sit down [kassia Band] davisamerica 07.09.09 Other
Suits You (Version 2) Cadman 07.05.09 Acoustic
Face The World Nick_Flash 07.04.09 Hard Rock
Take Flight Ibstrat 07.02.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
The light in your eyes mikkinylund 07.02.09 Pop (Alternative)
Blue Lennon714 06.27.09 Ballad
Blue Lennon714 06.27.09 Ballad
Unforgiven JadeLennings 06.27.09 Pop (mainstream)
Nobody Knows (acoustic) w/michael2 rsorensen 06.14.09 Indie Rock
THE NEXT TRAIN richardhowardjones 06.11.09 Acoustic
Waiting For Me haribo 06.10.09 Pop (Alternative)
Dreams Bound us haribo 06.10.09 Rhythm and Blues
Give Em Reality GodSuhn 06.05.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Don't Drink the Ocean PentaRay 06.04.09 Progressive Rock
Don't Drink the Ocean PentaRay 06.04.09 Progressive Rock
Caravaggio Lennon714 05.24.09 Indie Rock
Shark Attack jiguma 05.19.09 Rock
I`m Gone I.G.M. 05.19.09 Jazz (vocal)
Mother - by Mtransue - Collab Boundless 05.02.09 Rock (instrumental)
Sleep gail60 04.27.09 Piano
Good Morning Scott Carmichael 04.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Beautiful Girl JadeLennings 04.20.09 Pop (mainstream)
The Diametric Inclination Of Being (Final) Alimar 03.30.09 Film Scoring
Live Your Time Well chuck_t 03.28.09 Alternative Rock
Here With You - Better MIX eleveneyes 03.24.09 Folk (contemporary)
Window Of Opportunities haribo 03.24.09 Pop (Alternative)
Here Wtih You eleveneyes 03.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
Kickin' Thru' Snow (revised vocals) philonnie 03.23.09 Bossa Nova
For Gabi andreasvanharen 03.23.09 Classical
Bluebell Forrest thetiler 03.22.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ravaged Heart (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 03.20.09 Acoustic
Nothing rsorensen 03.17.09 Acoustic
Money To Burn jiguma 03.12.09 Alternative Rock
Bahama Blues thetiler 03.11.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Falling Stars Forgotten Kicbal 03.11.09 Trip Hop
Maybe This Time johnwhitehead 03.10.09 Acoustic
Paris 1932 67JM 03.09.09 Alternative Rock
Above and Beyond Davidking 03.08.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Give It Up (multi-collab) grizzle 03.06.09 Rock
Concerto for solo harpsichord no. 1 gisli 03.05.09 Baroque
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My friend - new version thoddi 02.26.09 Rock
Jimmy Jim Bouchard 02.24.09 Other
Heart In My Hand Nick_Flash 02.24.09 Alternative Rock
The Twenty-fourth Of February chestnut 02.24.09 Folk (traditional)
Frenzy (2-09) daddyg 02.24.09 Rhythm and Blues
Less Than Three daddyg 02.24.09 Bossa Nova
In Quest for the Grail joutsen 02.24.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bees (w/bud) rsorensen 02.23.09 Alternative Rock
9to5 I.G.M. 02.22.09 Folk (traditional)
Albinoni Concerto 4 mov.1 MidiOrleans 02.22.09 Baroque
Find it in Myself Remark80 02.21.09 Acoustic Rock
The Song That Never Was (Imogen Heap Remix) 12parsecs 02.20.09 Pop (Alternative)
Going Down [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 02.19.09 Folk-Rock
It's a Girl! andreasvanharen 02.18.09 Classical
Hold Me Close (alternate version) kinane 02.17.09 Alternative Rock
Dual Tapestry (w/kassia) magnatone 02.17.09 Piano
The Song That Never Was- Imogen Heap remix Jim Bouchard 02.15.09 Folk (contemporary)
Kaleidoscope (with Prologue) 2009 Beta V1 Pie 02.15.09 Rock
Doing The Eggshell Walk (MJRF) w ziti, ktb, kevmikwa jiguma 02.15.09 Alternative Rock
Sweet Thunder paddler 02.14.09 Ballad
Talk - we need to talk (MJRF) thoddi 02.13.09 Blues (contemporary)
Keep Looking for Jesus (MJRF) Tom Atwood 02.13.09 Folk (contemporary)
Renew Me cthayes 02.11.09 Rock
I Love My Mac mjrf daphna 02.10.09 Pop (Alternative)
A Family Drive thetiler 02.10.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ueber Land (MJRF) musicmarket 02.10.09 Acoustic
Bitter Season (MJRF) DWL 02.10.09 Hard Rock
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02.09.2009 (Numeral Mix) mikkinylund 02.09.09 Alternative Rock
Happy Birthday MacJams (featuring Jon Anderson of YES; and Tobin Mueller) Alimar 02.09.09 Progressive Rock
Såren läker (MJRF) Cori Ander 02.08.09 Acoustic
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LIVE Libby's theme ziti 02.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
In His Room thetiler 02.07.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Mystic Breeze (Mastered by mvh9591 Sigmund 02.06.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
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Is There Any Real Peace Anymore? - ReMaster (Repost) Alimar 02.06.09 Progressive Rock
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Say It Loud (MJRF) twonicus 02.05.09 Hard Rock
Grow Up (LIVE MJRF) Peter Greenstone 02.05.09 Acoustic Rock
Legba Ω Revisited (MJRF) Norman Goodman 02.04.09 Rock (instrumental)
Sirens - ReMaster (Repost) Alimar 02.04.09 Progressive Rock
Free Fall (MJRF) perceptualvortex 02.03.09 Rock (instrumental)
Then the Rain (MJRF) guitapick 02.03.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
lap's requiem kayakanu 02.03.09 Acoustic
Short Walk In A Desert [2004] (MJRF) iG.STUDiO 02.03.09 Jazz (instrumental)
The Last Day - ReMaster (Repost) Alimar 02.02.09 Progressive Rock
Eviction (MJRF) Joanna 02.02.09 Acoustic
Haecceity (by Alimar) (MJRF) Alimar 02.01.09 Film Scoring
Across the Wire (MJRF) dajama 02.01.09 Rock
Find Him (MJRF) Scott Carmichael 01.31.09 Rock
Song set for Reunion Festival 2007 MJRF sloparts 01.31.09 Other
Tomorrow with Emily Rohm Gilmore (MJRF) FEEL 01.31.09 Pop Orchestral
Meeting The Alien (MJRF) Vic Holman 01.31.09 Rock
Too Many Ghosts (MJRF) jiguma 01.31.09 Alternative Rock
Ever so Slightly with Lights Growing Dim cloudfactory 01.29.09 Rock
soap factory woofer3 01.27.09 Pop (Alternative)
so cold woofer3 01.26.09 Pop (mainstream)
Sincerely Molly rsorensen 01.18.09 Acoustic
Say It Loud twonicus 01.15.09 Hard Rock
Lock 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down jiguma 01.15.09 Acoustic Rock
CONFIRMATION SISTERS 01.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
Scale Soaring Sigmund 01.10.09 Rock (instrumental)
Still Life Jim Bouchard 01.10.09 Folk (contemporary)
The Fear Song twonicus 01.07.09 Hard Rock
Squasha mackellar 01.07.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Moving Puppets DeathArrow 01.05.09 Alternative Rock
All Who Are Thirsty schroter 01.05.09 Acoustic
For a Friend Joe Brady 01.04.09 Folk (contemporary)
Heros( aclarke/mcboy) Mcboy 01.02.09 Alternative Rock
Albinoni Concerto 4 mov.3 MidiOrleans 01.01.09 Baroque
Mandy's Broadway Stroll chestnut 01.01.09 Ragtime
Of Wind KyasheMusic 12.31.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Everything You Do haribo 12.31.08 Electropop
shreveport stomp [piano solo] woofer3 12.31.08 Jazz (instrumental)
AMERICA'S SUITEHEARTS regulus 12.26.08 Pop (mainstream)
Mind Control KyasheMusic 12.26.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Angel of Bedlam - with Sir Dennis Crowther & macferret DWL 12.24.08 Alternative Rock
Tuck me in tonight - multicollab thoddi 12.23.08 Open Collaborations
Blood Lights FrankAxtell 12.23.08 Blues (contemporary)
Elephant in the Sky (Orchestra version) jesushairdo 12.23.08 Pop Orchestral
She wants to be found JasonGoodman 12.22.08 Folk-Rock
Nowell! chestnut 12.20.08 Acoustic
Pastorale-Corelli MidiOrleans 12.19.08 Classical
Alone On The Open Sea chestnut 12.18.08 Acoustic
Scattered Memories Pt. II Kori Arashi 12.18.08 Progressive Rock
let Sail kayakanu 12.17.08 Acoustic
This House Is Not For Sale HypnotiQ Sorcere 12.16.08 Indie Rock
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Raise the Call mitra 12.15.08 Gospel
Galileo's Journey To Io FrankAxtell 12.10.08 Rock (instrumental)
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Make It All Go Away Studioplayer 11.26.08 Pop (Alternative)
Only You FrankAxtell 11.22.08 Hard Rock
Happy (w/michael2) rsorensen 11.18.08 Indie Rock
Tailor Made (final mix) guitapick 11.17.08 Jazz (vocal)
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Clouds (New Edition w/12parsecs) rsorensen 11.12.08 Indie Rock
Your Poison (extended) rsorensen 11.09.08 Alternative Rock
Angus on the Loch Gato 11.07.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Moving In 3 D FrankAxtell 10.22.08 NUjazz
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CRYING INSIDE (full) richardhowardjones 10.17.08 Acoustic
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Funded Nolan 10.01.08 Acoustic Rock
Why We're Alone rsorensen 09.30.08 Acoustic
Sunrise Nolan 09.30.08 Acoustic Rock
De Osynliga Sistrarna Suite cchaplin 09.30.08 Classical
Tie (For Battlestar Galactica Fans) falo 09.29.08 Heavy Metal
Away (LIOLI 8) rsorensen 09.27.08 Indie Rock
What the Devil Says tempie 09.25.08 Rock
DVT philonnie 09.23.08 Acoustic
Black Car artneuro 09.22.08 Art Rock
Second Star To The Right chuck_t 09.22.08 Alternative Rock
This Heart of Mine rsorensen 09.19.08 Indie Rock
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Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
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ringplanes of Y+Z atonalis 09.15.08 Experimental
The Edge of The World Jim Bouchard 09.14.08 Folk (contemporary)
313 eleveneyes 09.13.08 Progressive Rock
The Crowded Years jiguma 09.10.08 Acoustic Rock
Home Is Where The Heart Is thetiler 09.10.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Marriage of the Divine rsorensen 09.10.08 Indie Rock
Oh, Miss Johnson woofer3 09.09.08 Jazz (vocal)
Table for One Mark Hudson 09.01.08 Piano
Dreaming by Schumann alinegiampietro 09.01.08 Classical
Sentimental Lady by E. Putz alinegiampietro 09.01.08 Acoustic
2 Waltzes by F. Schubert alinegiampietro 09.01.08 Classical
Strange Jane (MJ Covers Challenge) racerat 09.01.08 Alternative Rock
If I Could Live Long Enough - by Tobin Mueller MJCC sloparts 09.01.08 Folk-Rock
Old Friends notsosweet 08.29.08 Piano
Friend. Dennis James 08.28.08 Folk-Rock
Just Wanna Be In Love Armatron 08.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Living With You quarkhead 08.27.08 Other
Evil Eye musak-murf 08.26.08 Alternative Rock
Sing Hallelujah Remake - ReMix tltate 08.25.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Prelude and Jam Ibstrat 08.25.08 Swing
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My Mini Cooper Kori Arashi 08.22.08 Heavy Metal
Acoustic Jungle thetiler 08.22.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Redemption freefalleffect 08.19.08 Rock
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I'll Be Always Home dodo 08.16.08 Pop Classical
Lucky Lady JadeLennings 08.15.08 Pop (mainstream)
To This Heart pablatone 08.13.08 Acoustic
Go Out and Stay Out Ash Tree 08.12.08 Indie Rock
When a Lover Leaves You [EZamor's String-Confetti Remix Demo] EZamor 08.12.08 Electropop
The Western Front ThroughRivers 08.12.08 Folk-Rock
Remember Me cthayes 08.12.08 Rock
Overthruster 72 springclock 08.11.08 Alternative Rock
Men dirigent 08.11.08 A Cappella
Broken Heart Impromptu I haribo 08.10.08 Classical
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Sugar and Coffee dirigent 08.09.08 A Cappella
Calling Captain Obvious freefalleffect 08.07.08 Other
Run Free, Radicals! 12parsecs 08.06.08 Downtempo
Makes You Wonder jiguma 08.04.08 Acoustic Rock
Being With You E-Frame Wrecker 08.02.08 Acoustic Rock
Rejection! TheMeaningOfLife 08.02.08 Indie Rock
Twist My Bionic Arm TheMeaningOfLife 08.01.08 Indie Rock
2$ Shoes Jim Bouchard 07.30.08 Alternative Rock
Figs bbarner 07.29.08 Jazz Fusion
What Should I Say(w/Dirigent-RSchletty) Feter 07.28.08 Renaissance
A Little Lapse of Memory - again sloparts 07.27.08 Country-Western
Bigger Fish to Fry Jim Bouchard 07.26.08 Alternative Rock
This is the Place Remark80 07.26.08 Acoustic Rock
In My Room (w.i.p.) 12parsecs 07.25.08 Punk-Grunge
The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse FrankAxtell 07.25.08 Progressive Rock
Nobody Knows (w/michael2) rsorensen 07.25.08 Indie Rock
To Take Effect springclock 07.24.08 Pop (Alternative)
Capricciata dirigent 07.24.08 Classical
Dream Girl relrick 07.23.08 Rock
Erika [w/Roxylee/Gail60/davisamerica] davisamerica2 07.22.08 Ballad
BLUESTORM - Urban Dilema steck 07.22.08 Alternative Rock
Shimmer dave1963 07.22.08 Acoustic
Solar Flight (w/lupiroz) Camomilla 07.21.08 Pop (mainstream)
Lovers We Ain't Anymore Mckenzie 07.21.08 Acoustic Rock
On Holiday Cadman 07.21.08 Acoustic
A Simple Life sloparts 07.19.08 Country-Western
All Together Remark80 07.19.08 Acoustic Rock
I'm a Superfriend (acoustic version) rsorensen 07.19.08 Indie Rock
I Hate Being Broke (grand ol opry challenge) michael2 07.18.08 Indie Rock
Til There Was You-Know-Who John Stebbe 07.18.08 Jazz (instrumental)
I'm a Superfriend (She's the One) rsorensen 07.17.08 Indie Rock
Sarabande(J.S.Bach) AcetyleneJukebox 07.17.08 Baroque
A Letter 2 Hiphop HipHopMoses 07.15.08 Hip Hop-Rap
What Would I Do Without You? harisahn 07.13.08 Jazz (vocal)
Tambourine Orchestra (feat: rsorensen!) 12parsecs 07.11.08 Indie Rock
I Woke Up dajama 07.11.08 Alternative Rock
Tokyo Nights FrankAxtell 07.10.08 Blues (contemporary)
Open your eyes superglu 07.09.08 Pop (Alternative)
Back From the Past - re-mastered sloparts 07.08.08 Country-Western
I Need Gasoline (folk-psych) michael2 07.08.08 Psychedelic
Swamps of New Orleans catsoundspub 07.07.08 Jazz Fusion
Calm Before the Storm (Mastered Version) Cadman 07.07.08 Folk (contemporary)
So Stupid rsorensen 07.06.08 Indie Rock
Consent (from Trafficking in Reality) Tom Atwood 07.05.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Pass the Byes edwarddavis69 07.05.08 Folk-Rock
Wishing I Was Dead peeg 07.05.08 Pop (Alternative)
Stella Too michael2 07.04.08 Acoustic
Leave 12parsecs 07.04.08 Alternative Rock
Do You Hide? NomadicMind 07.04.08 Alternative Rock
A Road Less Traveled thetiler 07.04.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Autumn Again Thank You springclock 07.03.08 Alternative Rock
Drifter AcetyleneJukebox 07.08.08 Rock (instrumental)
What's Inside Remark80 07.02.08 Acoustic Rock
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Music Background Wrote my first song when I was 14, after my dying sister convinced me to learn the piano. Arranged music for my mother's jazz/showtunes group in high school (and continued doing this for the next 15 years). Wrote my first score for a show when I was 17; first symphony performed by an area college when I was 18. Directed my first pit for an area summer stock theatre that same year. Majored in Music Composition at UW-Milwaukee. Wrote a ballet (my first commission) when a student. Bought my first digital keyboard (Emulator II) in middle 80s and started canning musicals for dinner theatres. Wrote my first musical (music/lyrics/book) in 1987. Founded a touring theatre troupe that performed my original works from 1989 to 1996, CenterStage Productions. Have had 5 shows performed off and off-off Broadway. I have also written several books and been involved in numerous other projects. Used to perform when I thrived on the stress (which now does the opposite, due to health problems). I've always loved folk, jazz, classical and experimental music. I developed a style in the late 70's that ended up being one of the New Age stylings of the day. I continue to try and find a unique voice, but mainly just want to play what my mind lets me hear. I've worked with Dave Brubeck, Maynard Ferguson, Ron Carter, Entcho Todorov, Donny McCaslin, Paul Nelson, Ken Schaphorst, Bob Levy, Dane Richeson, Woody Mankowski, Tom Washatka, Janet Planet and others. Todorov, McCaslin and Mankowski all appear on my 2007 release, "A Bit Of Light," as do MJ artists Martyn Kember-Smith, Thor Oliverson, John Luper, Bill Barner and McBoy. Ron Carter is featuring on "Come In Funky" (2014). Paul Nelson is featured with Mankowski on "Standard Deviations" (2018). Going forward, I plan on writing, arranging and recording several more solo albums, especially solo piano albums. "Impressions of Water & Light", reimagining Impressionists' masterpieces, is my latest release. "Midwinter Born" is my take on Christmas music. 18 pieces by J.S. Bach plus my original material in response to Bach's inspiration appear on my double album, "Flow". "Of Tow Minds" is a similar double album interpreting Chopin's piano music. See http://www.tobinmueller.com/ for details.
Music Skills Keyboards, musical direction, some studio engineering, musical arrangements, composition. I used to also play saxes, flute, guitar, clarinet. I used to sing until I kind of wrecked my voice in the late 90s. I used to perform but try not to put myself thru that sort of stress any more. I love being a conduit for collaboration. Musical Influences: Yes; King Crimson; ELP; Gentle Giant; Medeski, Martin & Wood; Peter Gabriel; Oregon; Helmet of Gnats; Bruce Hornsby; Ben Folds; David Bowie; Miles Davis; Chick Corea; Herbie Hancock; Thelonious Monk; Art Tatum; Liz Story; Paul Simon; Joni Mitchell; Dr. John; David Lanz; Michael Hedges; David Crosby; Claude Debussy; Frédéric Chopin; J. S. Bach; Ludwig van Beethoven; Igor Stravinsky; Fredrik Ullén; Konstantin Scherbakov; Alexander Scriabin
Music Hardware Roland A-90 controller, MOTU 2408 and PreSonus Firebox for audio input, a MOTU 128 for MIDI input, Proteus I and II, Wavestation, U220, JV 1080, Vintage keys, Morpheus, Emulator II+HD, Fender Rhodes, B3 organ... Rode NT1-a and EV 757 microphones.
Music Software Digital Performer, Ableton's Live, GB, Bias' Peak to master. Synthogy's Ivory Piano plug in for grand piano sound. Charlie B3 organ; NI's Kontakt, B4 II, Elektrik Piano and FM7/8 for keyboards. MOTU's MX4, Symphonic and Ethno Instruments for additional software synths.
Keywords piano, organ, solo piano, jazz, folk, acoustic, arranger, composer, theatre, theatrical, theater, stage, musicals, musical, CenterStage, Morning Whispers, What Survives, Pilgrim Village, Audiocracy, Holy Land, Merlyn, Lady of the Lake, A Bit of Light, Creature, Runners In A Dream, Robin Hood, 13 Masks, Rain Bather, Myth, Tobin, Mueller, TobinMueller, ASCAP, Dramatist Guild, writer, poet, poetry, playwright, NYC, New York, new age, Tobin James Mueller,