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(The MacJams Vocal Track Songwriting Challenge)

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Announcing the MacJams Voice 4 Choice Challenge

In the tradition of Loop It or Lose It the Voice 4 Choice (V4C) Challenge invites MacJams members to participate in a community event designed to stretch musical boundaries and expand personal creativity. This challenge is meant as a companion to LIOLI and will be staggered to allow members ample time to participate in both events.

What is it?
Each round two solo vocal tracks will be provided for download. These tracks will be sung by your very own fellow MacJams members. Most often one track will be sung by a male and the other by a female, often at a different tempo or in a different key, but always with the same melody and lyrics.

Along with each vocal track will be provided the song key, tempo, lyrics, and musical notation for the melody.

Your challenge is to choose a vocal track to download and use as the foundation for an original song. You can incorporate any instruments or loops you like and create any style of music you can think of. You can alter the vocal track with effects, cut and splice it, transpose it, or even sing along - but you MUST include one of the provided vocal tracks in your composition.

So how do I play along?
Each new round of Voice 4 Choice will be announced in the forums. Watch for V4C in the title. Within each thread you'll be given links to find the solo vocal tracks sung by your fellow MacJams members (also found below) as well as notation for the melody. Simply pick the vocal track that best suits your artistic vision, download, and get to work creating something epic, unexpected, profound, or just plain strange.

Once you've created your entry upload it to your member profile. Be sure to include the five letter stamp for the challenge round (ie, "V4C01") in your song title so that it can be found when searching the music database. If you leave a note in the appropriate forum thread that your song has been uploaded we'll be sure to add it to the list of entries as well.

In Closing...
LIOLI showed us just how creative and diverse MacJams members could be in using a single loop as the basis for musical inspiration. Voice 4 Choice explores new musical boundaries by providing a melodic and lyrical foundation for members to experiment with and expand upon. The entries from each round will result in a collection of original songs that demonstrate the remarkable diversity of vision that each artist brings to his or her own music. By sharing these works we can learn from one another and explore new directions as musicians.

Instructions/Notation: V4C01

Entries for Round #1

01] The Minstrel Boy
. . . by Illuminati
02] The Minstrel Boy (V4C01) w/Rebsie
. . . by apb
03] R2D2,C3PO+V4C01 w/ rschletty + rebsie
. . . by Diviner
04] The Minstrel Boy w/ Rebsie and R.Schletty . . . by Bud
05] The Minstrel Boy (Rebsie Vocal Mix)
. . . by VicDiesel
06] Minstrel Boy V4C01
. . . by lengold
07] Minstral's Kiss/V4C01
. . . by the r.a.d. project
08] The Minstrel Boy w/Rebsie vocals
. . . by Rik Berryere
09] Minstrel Medley
. . . by peacepiano
10] Minstrel Boy
. . . by JohnnyCalling
11] The Minstrel Boy
. . . by Jim Bouchard
12] The Minstrel Boy
. . . by Sudra
13] The Minstrel Boy w Rebsie vocal
. . . by Henri Roger
14] Minstrel Boy
. . . by rob
15] The Minstrel Boy
. . . by five_extra_arms
16] Minstrel Boy A Go-Go w/ R.Schletty
. . . by alfalpha
17] Minstrel Boy V4C01 (w/ rschletty)
. . . by Faelin
18] Minstrel Boy (with Rebsie)
. . . by Dick Langford
19] Minstrel Boy w/R.Schletty, Rebsie & Jamorama V4C01
. . . by Jamorama
20] Vocal Salad
. . . by DJ French Toast
21] Mister Minstrel
. . . by The Infinites
22] Minstrel Boy w/R.Schletty, Rebsie (V4C01)
. . . by cchaplin
23] The Minstrel Boy
. . . by dajama
24] All The World Betrays Me
. . . by biba_nova
25] The Minstrel Boy w. Rebsie
. . . by jgurner
26] The minstrel Boy (Richard stand still) w/V4C01 Male
. . . by Skean
27] Minstrel Boy (Girl Version)
. . . by five_extra_arms
28] The Minstrel Boy (soundtrack mix)
. . . by Mystified
29] Soul Of Love w/Rebsie
. . . by alfalpha
Instructions/Notation: TBA

Entries for Round #2

. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .

Call for Entries: Voice 4 Choice needs YOU MacJams!

Original Works
If you have an original song you would like to offer as the basis for a Voice 4 Choice challenge please leave a note by clicking on the "send a note" link above. You can include your own vocal track if you would like or leave it up to other MacJams members to sing your original work. You will need to provide:
- Original Lyrics
- A backing track with basic chords and melody
- Notation for your melody (can be written or in midi, Garageband, or Logic format)

Singers wanted!
Voice 4 Choice depends on the kind assistance of MacJams members who will volunteer to provide the vocal tracks for each challenge round. In return, volunteers will hear their performances interpreted and adapted in countless creative ways by fellow MacJams artists. Vocalists will be paired with songs that suit their style and range so they can perform with confidence.

If you think you might like to provide a vocal performance for a future round of Voice 4 Choice please leave a note (above). You will be contacted as submissions become available for your consideration.
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