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I am potentially, any MacJammer who wants to submit to the "Workbench", "musical stuff" that's meant to be worked on and developed by someone other than myself. I submit stuff that I want to share w/ others, free of limitation(s). Should there be special conditions that would require that I set a limitation of any type, I will provide this information in the, "song description" area of each song submittal. However, I will try to submit "stuff" without any limitations because at some point, it might tend to feel more like a collaboration and/or, it would become too restrictive for the intent of this bench.

I am also any Macjammer in quest of "musical stuff" that I can take and exploit, and without limitation. As well, I will be sure to check that pesky little description area/box of the "musical stuff" that I'd like to grab - as I will always want to be respectful to the person who's pawning off, said, stuff.

Since a workbench can potentially be used by anyone, I will not fav any songs. As well, I WILL not expect that my submissions will become fav'd, or commented on by others. I will however, comment on songs until I've racked up enough points to be able to submit songs but after that, words that point to my existence will typically come by way of an announcement in the forums, but under the name of my personal membership - I think that this will help to keep things from getting messy with me.

The password for the "workbench" will be set by the last person who worked at the bench. Each time a MacJammer uses the bench, he/she will remember to reset the password. The email address or password should not be shared publicly, as it would run the risk of being abused by buttheads and spammers alike

For now, the email address for the "workbench" can be obtained by sending a note to, Macaudion.

Changes to this bio are welcomed, but anyone who would like to make changes, please try to reach some sort of consensus on the change by other macjammers, through the Macjams forum.

I hope that this format is loosey goosey enough for you creative spirits! It's meant to enrich the creative process here, and not hamper it. Certainly, if there is a better way to do this, like most things, hopefully it will prevail.

So have at it!

p.s. I should mension that this is not my idea. I just took the words of some folks in a forum who suggested it, and implemented it as I best I could. Regardless, I think that it's a great idea and hope that it turns out some cool stuff!
Workbench's Songs (15)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
05.17.12 Taking no prisners  (---) 1197 (1) Open Collaborations 05.19.12 Active
05.07.12 BooM BoOM pISH PIsH PISshhh  (---) 1275 (1) Solo Instrument 05.08.12 Active
08.24.11 jazz drumz  (---) 1897 (1) Jazz (instrumental) 08.25.11 Active
05.29.11 drumz 0.00 (0) 1262 (0) Funk N/A Active
12.31.08 It just comes and goes  (---) 1873 (1) Open Collaborations 01.01.09 Active
08.27.08 Missing Human Touch 8.19 (4) 1985 (3) Open Collaborations 08.27.08 Active
04.23.08 Feter's blues  (---) 1610 (0) Blues (contemporary) N/A Active
12.07.07 particle three 0.00 (0) 1590 (0) Open Collaborations N/A Active
12.07.07 particle two 0.00 (0) 1549 (2) Open Collaborations 12.08.07 Active
12.07.07 particle one 0.00 (0) 1605 (0) Open Collaborations N/A Active
11.03.07 More musical stuff  (---) 2064 (2) Other 11.04.07 Active
11.03.07 Musical stuff  (---) 2297 (1) Other 12.28.07 Active
10.25.07 Out of My League (hip hop offered by Michael2) 8.50 (3) 2467 (3) Open Collaborations 10.31.07 Active
10.25.07 Reverse Folk (offered by Michael2) 9.25 (2) 2687 (5) Open Collaborations 11.22.07 Active
10.24.07 Alphaknock (offered by ledebutant)  (---) 2542 (8) Open Collaborations 12.04.07 Active
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