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(~Its all about my new babyboi~)

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Lets start out by saying my name is Deanna. I love to kickin it with my friends and be out and about. Friends come and go and so do guys. But my babyboy will always be my babyboy in my heart no matter what anyone says. I truly love him deeply. Even though i can not go back to him like i would want to i have to hold my ground back. And finally realize what he has put me through. I might not cry about him no more but i do really miss him. If only he really loved me and felt the same about me. But no one can make someone love them and thats wat hurts the most. I thought he was my first love but who will ever know. I have a very weak heart and it breaks easily. I hate when ppl talk shi* about ppl behind there back becuz that just proves they anit women or man enough to handle what they started. I am easy to get along with but when you cross my line you better get the he11 out of my way.
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