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some original noises..

_nderscore's Songs (7)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
10.05.18 kolors wash  (---) 761 (8) Experimental 10.26.18 Active
08.19.05 soviette 8.28 (38) 7064 (106) Experimental 09.26.12 Active
01.13.05 spiritMasheen 7.90 (39) 7411 (74) Experimental 11.23.09 Active
09.30.04 asparagii 7.88 (26) 5927 (40) Experimental 11.23.09 Active
09.04.04 SE7EN x2 7.73 (26) 6115 (43) Electropop 08.15.07 Active
08.08.04 anti 4 7.33 (21) 4890 (22) Experimental 11.23.09 Active
07.27.04 paranoi 7.07 (14) 4937 (17) Experimental 11.23.09 Active
Favorite Songs (405)
Title Artist Date Genre
Sleep Through MissChaos 05.11.19 Electronic
Elsewhere MissChaos 03.23.19 Electronic
Antimatter MissChaos 01.05.19 Film Scoring
Autopilot chikoppi 11.18.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Elevated MissChaos 10.08.18 Electronic
Expanse Parichayaka 08.31.18 Ambient
Shadow Puppets MissChaos 08.26.18 Downtempo
In my head (neurotic mix) MissChaos 06.22.18 Film Scoring
Lullaby (The Cure) - Chaos Mix MissChaos 05.04.18 Electronic
Blount at 5 VicDiesel 04.30.18 Acoustic
Recoil MissChaos 04.29.18 Electronic
Dystopian Summer (A Future For The Masses Mix) Reinholt56 04.27.18 Ambient
Clickbait Warren Smith 04.27.18 Informational
shake hands Parichayaka 02.12.18 Downtempo
Attack Ships On Fire obbster 01.03.18 Film Scoring
new leaf 123117 bud 12.31.17 Electronic
Draw five_extra_arms 12.09.17 Electropop
Disquiet (demo 2) chikoppi 09.16.17 Electronic
Transmission MissChaos 09.14.15 Electronic
Bad Fish Warren Smith 09.05.15 Blues (contemporary)
Ps 34-The Cry of the Poor RichardSchletty 08.13.15 Gospel
iPadius DeputyDoofy 04.26.15 Electronic
got your idol slippin egobandit 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
Kepler - NASA Challenge five_extra_arms 02.24.15 Experimental
Step SmokeyVW 02.23.15 Experimental
Countdown: NASA Challenge Alimar 02.18.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
stagnation Stun Nutz 02.17.15 Jazz (instrumental)
rumination Stun Nutz 02.15.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Cherish Parichayaka 12.09.14 Other
End Credits (extended version) Parichayaka 10.14.14 Film Scoring
A Digital Something DeputyDoofy 10.07.14 Electronic
Useful Idiots MotherofMeursault 09.11.14 Electronic
Breathe It Out Paul_T 08.05.14 Alternative Rock
Hexagon Ultrabeast 07.08.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
CWS Parichayaka 05.15.14 Electronic
Harassing You For 10 Years So Far DeputyDoofy 01.25.14 Electronic
Become Celestial Bodies (ft Ed Mecija) Go_Turtle_Go 08.20.13 Industrial
Evol Go_Turtle_Go 08.19.13 Drum n Bass
slinky mewster Stun Nutz 05.24.13 Electronic
Firestorm Parichayaka 03.07.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Time to Die Normal 06.30.12 Industrial
To Nothing Peter Greenstone 05.13.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Learning from the Best ronnielong 02.03.12 Hard Rock
Licht (dust and tears mix) Normal 01.30.12 Industrial
percolatik Stun Nutz 03.01.11 Experimental
Sound Bed Audiologic 02.05.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tainted (everything mix) Normal 01.20.11 Industrial
Cleanse the Sun (dance mix) Normal 01.20.11 Industrial
Crickets PD 'Air' Mix (King Kenny Cover) MJCC11 prototype 01.13.11 Electronic
Little Perfect* MissChaos 01.11.11 Electronic
Turkish March 867-5309 01.08.11 Classical
Kaleb's Theme Einarus 12.19.10 Film Scoring
Keep 'Em Coming DeputyDoofy 12.05.10 Electropop
Sequence Two Parichayaka 11.06.10 Film Scoring
Duality of Man ronnielong 09.28.10 Hard Rock
Killing in your Own Backyard ronnielong 09.14.10 Punk-Grunge
Nanostudio Number 1 Bubowski 08.28.10 Downtempo
Moving 'Forward'... (MissChaos cover) BirdmanWayne94 05.09.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Art of Death /feat Ronnielong Sil-VER 04.22.10 Alternative Rock
Flapdustrial FlapJack 04.13.10 Industrial
Filet-o-fish Go_Turtle_Go 04.13.10 Experimental
Railway to Hell Narad 04.06.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Whispers in the Sand Einarus 02.18.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
2M3NT4L (danceinthedarkmix) K.I.S.KISMET 02.03.10 Experimental
Memory ( MJRF2010) Feat Alimar+Peter Greenstone SlimGirlFat 02.02.10 Ambient
Gaze v.F+F (MJRF2010) packosmokes 02.01.10 Electropop
End Of Tyranny borisluxx 01.12.10 Ambient
Addiction borisluxx 01.06.10 Electropop
End of the Day packosmokes 01.04.10 Electropop
Tribal Love [featuring Jon Anderson] Alimar 12.23.09 Other
Dog eat Dog (Remix of Tidy Kid's Stems and Seeds) Go_Turtle_Go 12.16.09 Experimental
un attimo di... Parichayaka 12.13.09 Piano
Yuletide Joy 2009 (Ensemble) Alimar 12.07.09 Holiday
DW — Don't F with Time DeputyDoofy 11.25.09 Other
The Fruit Of Thy Womb - A Horror Tale maxruehl 10.26.09 Spoken Word-Poetry
March of the Knids (space race) Pernicious_Knids 10.07.09 Experimental
GanymedeVI Gato 09.07.09 Ambient
With You packosmokes 08.31.09 Electropop
Carpe Diem packosmokes 08.24.09 Electropop
Cleanse the sun Normal 07.28.09 Electropop
Believe packosmokes 07.27.09 Electropop
Booga Sugar (ft. Beans) final mix Go_Turtle_Go 07.15.09 Industrial
From Nothing Peter Greenstone 07.01.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Box Full Of Autumns HeadCrushingMachine 05.28.09 Experimental
Sweet Smell Of Success DeputyDoofy 05.04.09 Electropop
FAREWELL TO ARMS ronnielong 04.09.09 Hard Rock
lit with a wet match. atonalis 03.29.09 Experimental
Moving Forward (MJRF) Alimar 02.08.09 Progressive Rock
Ascend (MJRF) packosmokes 02.04.09 Industrial
Mama Cries - Album Version (MJRF) MissChaos 02.01.09 Downtempo
What a boy told a pretty girl one evening at a bar when she asked him if he wanted to leave mikkinylund 01.25.09 Alternative Rock
GTA Go_Turtle_Go 01.17.09 Industrial
Falling (W/I. Spike) Sil-VER 01.10.09 Alternative Rock
Indifference borisluxx 12.19.08 Dance-Club
Megatron cjhoose 12.15.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Galaxy Band 8 Bubowski 11.26.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Particle Accelerator borisluxx 11.14.08 Dance-Club
...and voices singing out of empty cisterns and exhausted wells AcetyleneJukebox 10.31.08 Industrial
black ops ultraleft 09.21.08 Industrial
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stolen (and if I ever find you I'll break a Dell over your skull) MissChaos 09.06.08 Downtempo
Aliens AcetyleneJukebox 08.16.08 Experimental
Gossamer dissected Stun Nutz 08.07.08 Experimental
The EVIL Robotic Unicorn TheWhizzies 08.05.08 Children's Music
When aliens come down from Mars TheWhizzies 08.02.08 Electropop
see purple herb (re: Purpleurp) Go_Turtle_Go 07.06.08 Industrial
One Time For the Mind Jim Bouchard 06.23.08 Experimental
Lonely (BlueBoy Club Mix) SlimGirlFat 06.17.08 Dance-Club
Kids like making noise TheWhizzies 06.17.08 Children's Music
Wake Up (Pooey Remix) pooey 06.10.08 Trip Hop
Wonderland The Orbiting 05.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Apogee MissChaos 05.25.08 Dance-Club
TGV-fishboi:sfo fishboisfo 05.17.08 Electropop
GRILL K Möller J 05.05.08 Other
Exit To Exist av01der 04.28.08 Downtempo
Creator Of Dark borisluxx 04.03.08 Sampler
In the Forest (Micromoog Multitrack 1978) Bubowski 03.06.08 Ambient
Toxicity borisluxx 02.06.08 Gothic Rock
Tranceiver borisluxx 02.06.08 Trance
a passing cloud Mystified 02.03.08 Classical
Out of a clear Blue Sky (the Empyrean) ronnielong 01.29.08 Rock (instrumental)
Poison borisluxx 01.12.08 Gothic Rock
Halftone Evelyn Machine 01.05.08 Experimental
Paper Anniversaries av01der 01.05.08 Downtempo
Fragments Bubowski 12.20.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
fragments of the wreckage analog atrocity 12.16.07 Industrial
Liquid Elsewhere av01der 10.17.07 Ambient
Last Moments AEROjet 10.16.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
knotted windpipe Stun Nutz 10.06.07 Experimental
The Green Theme pooey 09.18.07 Electropop
LIOLI6 DeputyDoofy 09.11.07 Ambient
Level of Actual (w/Bud) michael2 09.05.07 Experimental
Cumulus michael2 09.03.07 Ambient
Sanctuary Parichayaka 08.29.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
THE ROAD ronnielong 08.25.07 Rock (instrumental)
Fragile (Echoroom/Mystified/Rebsie/MissChaos) MissChaos 08.25.07 Downtempo
processing atonalis 08.19.07 Other
Yes,dear Diviner 08.19.07 Experimental
melted ribcage Stun Nutz 08.17.07 Experimental
woodtone..30 tracks on GB4...lol woodguy32 08.16.07 Other
SLOW DIRT ***itiswotitis*** 08.14.07 Trip Hop
4 Ms. Chaos Mcboy 08.14.07 Acoustic
Get the comfy chair Diviner 08.12.07 Experimental
Future Perfect K.I.S.KISMET 08.12.07 Experimental
Dontcha Think? five_extra_arms 08.08.07 Alternative Rock
PLAY! Parichayaka 08.04.07 Electropop
Stagnant Decadence analog atrocity 08.03.07 Industrial
Camerahead (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 08.02.07 Alternative Rock
Tokyo One (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 07.31.07 Electropop
George is having a Procedure Reinholt56 07.21.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lost Boys Vic Holman 07.20.07 Alternative Rock
Truth slips away w/end credits legato 07.07.07 New Age
16-bit plastic messiah analog atrocity 06.20.07 Experimental
Mama Cries (Horizon Mix) MissChaos 06.07.07 Downtempo
WAR (F*CK THE SYSTEM) ronnielong 06.05.07 Heavy Metal
In the end there is Love legato 06.01.07 Other
Black House Dakota TheSkankBrothers 05.21.07 Other
Beat Them Up... Yum! FlapJack 05.09.07 Electropop
Just Like A Circle (w/I. Spike) Sil-VER 05.06.07 Downtempo
survivalisM (NINrmX) atonalis 05.01.07 Industrial
Rain Rain (go away) MissChaos 04.29.07 Electropop
Subdivide Peter Greenstone 04.24.07 Rock
Up and Away AEROjet 04.23.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Way Out Somewhere Parichayaka 04.20.07 Downtempo
Hold On Tight (The "Don't Get Flapjack'd" Mix) DeputyDoofy 04.12.07 Electropop
Flesh borisluxx 04.09.07 Dance-Club
KNUCKLE BRICK BOXING The Far Away Boys 03.20.07 Hard Rock
Antibody borisluxx 03.06.07 Industrial
Poison (Miss Chaos + Regina Zernay) Random 02.18.07 Electropop
Mechanova (LightTronics+Moorlandt) Random 02.16.07 Techno
deconstructingbritanY atonalis 02.16.07 Other
Slow Descent Live (Knossos) legato 02.14.07 Middle Eastern
Somehow (ouse+ohm:chikoppi) chikoppi 02.09.07 Techno
Lost at Sea legato 02.06.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Gears rovert10 02.05.07 Spoken Word-Poetry
TO TAKE A LIFE ronnielong 02.02.07 Heavy Metal
Yog-Sothoth perceptualvortex 01.31.07 Art Rock
Electric Stars SecaMode 01.21.07 Electropop
Lost Inside of Me K.I.S.KISMET 01.20.07 Experimental
pump up the damned Stun Nutz 01.13.07 Experimental
plunger Stun Nutz 01.13.07 Experimental
Solar Winds kristyjo 01.12.07 Ambient
Voices of Arctic Insomnia (ft. I. Spike) MissChaos 01.11.07 Other
Heptagonos SecaMode 01.10.07 Experimental
rainy monday Stun Nutz 01.08.07 Experimental
Driven by desperation (w/I.Spike) Sil-VER 01.08.07 Alternative Rock
Hyaluron Eftos 01.07.07 Industrial
The Bells (Original RMX) [Non-Commercial Mix] SEAC99 01.05.07 Trance
What Happened to Outpost Five? perceptualvortex 12.23.06 Psychedelic
Tight Like a Fist illuminati 12.19.06 Twentieth Century
Underwater Machine Obstructions 12.17.06 Experimental
thgin tnelis (Bibanova collab) Mystified 12.14.06 Ambient
Black Tracky rovert10 12.13.06 Other
O Holy Night MissChaos 12.10.06 Holiday
Inshalla (hopefully) chikoppi 12.09.06 Middle Eastern
Frosty Morn jgurner 12.09.06 New Age
Dear Pudding bud 12.08.06 Psychedelic
quiet on (with EE) Stun Nutz 12.03.06 Ambient
Viscosity Obstructions 12.04.06 Experimental
AmBk001 Obstructions 12.04.06 Experimental
Expansion Obstructions 12.04.06 Experimental
Voices of Arctic Insomnia MissChaos 12.01.06 Ambient
Alone Again K.I.S.KISMET 11.27.06 Trip Hop
DubComplexion 1 a.m. 11.25.06 House
Self Control DJ_Veit 11.24.06 Dance-Club
Nunca Jamas SecaMode 11.24.06 Ambient
Emergent Bubowski 11.22.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Worship of Gaps SecaMode 11.18.06 Electropop
Peligro! rovert10 11.13.06 Other
A Slow, Pulsing Evil DeputyDoofy 11.07.06 Ambient
Finding Satori MissChaos 11.01.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Neverland borisluxx 11.01.06 Techno
Stars Look Down echoroom 10.29.06 Alternative Rock
Spine chikoppi 10.27.06 Ambient
My Father In Heaven borisluxx 10.26.06 Ambient
d r i f t - LIOLI 1 bud 10.26.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
1001 Lacrime Parichayaka 10.21.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Kommunikation borisluxx 10.08.06 Ambient
For The Sky (Avdr Edit feat. PelicanSky) av01der 10.06.06 Experimental
Decoherence chikoppi 09.25.06 Experimental
Idiot Saviour echoroom 09.24.06 Electropop
Caterpillar fosod 09.23.06 Lo-fi
Walk On The Moon Electric Lobster 09.04.06 Ambient
Bridge of Sighs MissChaos 09.04.06 Downtempo
Caustic (Volital Mix) borisluxx 08.29.06 Techno
Principalmente Sil-VER 08.29.06 Industrial
Soul Stealer borisluxx 08.28.06 Dance-Club
rainbowS atonalis 07.25.06 Downtempo
Free Audiologic 07.23.06 Dance-Club
Color Permutation Of Composition Two allsaints 07.21.06 Other
Full Metal Mobile The Composer 07.21.06 Ringtones
World of Wonder Parichayaka 07.12.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Color Permutation Of Composition One allsaints 06.27.06 Other
Movement 1 Bubowski 06.26.06 Film Scoring
under the carpet Stun Nutz 06.20.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
zizzer squeek Stun Nutz 06.01.06 Breakbeat
Neverland (w/illuminati) ledebutant 05.25.06 Pop (mainstream)
trendsetter (suave uber chic 'THE COMPOSER' remix) loyd vader 05.18.06 Punk-Grunge
Syntax Error DeputyDoofy 05.10.06 Other
Running Scared Einarus 05.05.06 Industrial
eyeS (Distorted Reality Vox RemiX) atonalis 05.03.06 Gothic Rock
Communicate (quick and dirty) cjhoose 04.26.06 Acoustic
time stress fracture Stun Nutz 04.26.06 Experimental
Inside the Circle datafunk 04.23.06 Downtempo
In Strength (Lyrics: Cjhoose) Audiologic 04.18.06 New Age
No Escaping Your Destiny DeputyDoofy 04.18.06 Ambient
shinen jap joint jerk 04.11.06 Progressive Rock
Sound From The Future (mixed by Eccentrikamerika) jesushairdo 04.10.06 Electropop
Journey Within Parichayaka 04.07.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Brand New Day Mokus 04.07.06 Alternative Rock
Structure of Stones MissChaos 04.06.06 Classical
daydreams dissolved Stun Nutz 03.27.06 Other
Forsaken (W/Ronnielong) Sil-VER 03.24.06 Industrial
Invisible Member comdotdom 03.19.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Fireflies MissChaos 03.16.06 Other
Bloody Knuckles K.I.S.KISMET 03.09.06 Experimental
Essence obbster 03.08.06 Ambient
Intense Mental Pain DeputyDoofy 03.05.06 Industrial
Clairvoyant MissChaos 02.28.06 Film Scoring
Hadron Collider Theisovian 02.23.06 Downtempo
typexterrA atonalis 02.14.06 Drum n Bass
RawhideDanger(w/rschletty) Sil-VER 02.03.06 Rock
The View from Up Here MissChaos 01.27.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Clockworks AEROjet 01.26.06 Experimental
The Beautiful Crisis underdog. 01.21.06 Dance-Club
oceans and oceans 13 01.08.06 Ambient
Mommy and Daddy Don't Get It (w/ thepeep & Sunbeam) Mackie 01.06.06 Rock & Roll
vette of gold woodguy32 01.01.06 Rock (instrumental)
Voices in the Ether kristyjo 12.30.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Galaxy Band Episode 4 perceptualvortex 12.14.05 Experimental
Warped Dimensions DeputyDoofy 12.13.05 Other
Galaxy band Episode 3 Mystified 12.12.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
icefantasyfanalE atonalis 11.28.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sound Experiment 5 [End] allsaints 11.16.05 Other
Still packosmokes 11.14.05 Industrial
7Pillars (Dream Mix)-Collab with Pie SlimGirlFat 11.13.05 Rock (instrumental)
Forward MissChaos 11.10.05 Classical
Blood and Oil ronnielong 11.01.05 Political
Coalesce (vent sombre mix) pulse 10.31.05 Dance-Club
toysdescendintomyshadow atonalis 10.28.05 Experimental
purgatoryinglass atonalis 10.27.05 Drum n Bass
downloadthedown atonalis 10.27.05 Downtempo
A Doofy Halloween DeputyDoofy 10.24.05 Ambient
Experimenting with Terror (w/ Magullo) Einarus 10.24.05 Progressive Rock
Annabel Lee (Edgar Allen Poe) Peter Greenstone 10.22.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Twisting Through The Atmosphere DeputyDoofy 10.20.05 Ambient
emission (w/the tiler) Stun Nutz 10.19.05 Other
Switch lomarc 10.13.05 Ambient
*Morphine* Sil-VER 10.06.05 Dance-Club
Doof & The Magic Hip Hop Grinding Machine DeputyDoofy 09.27.05 Other
366˚ The Composer 09.25.05 Dance-Club
Coalesce MissChaos 09.23.05 Ambient
Only (in it) - remix packosmokes 09.21.05 Industrial
Rehlehna Mystified 09.17.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Grabblesnaps Einarus 09.09.05 Progressive Rock
spine Stun Nutz 09.08.05 Experimental
Sound Experiment 2 allsaints 09.03.05 Other
Stay up late DD SOT 08.29.05 Downtempo
Sound Experiment 1 allsaints 08.25.05 Other
Lady of the Lake (w/ Mystified) TobinMueller 08.24.05 Classical
You Will Do fosod 08.23.05 Alternative Rock
Whisper Evermore Peter Greenstone 08.21.05 Ethnic-International
Song for Sale MissChaos 08.19.05 Alternative Rock
b l u e f u n k royal72 08.19.05 Dance-Club
Ghosts Of The Fallen obbster 08.15.05 Progressive Rock
resuscitated joy Stun Nutz 08.12.05 Experimental
The Pain Game Peter Greenstone 08.09.05 Alternative Rock
popcorn chemical suit JOAN 07.31.05 Alternative Rock
Jellyfish In A Stolen Hovercraft Peter Greenstone 07.27.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Pay Off DeputyDoofy 07.22.05 Ambient
Alone Again Silence04 07.21.05 Ambient
Beat 'Em Down DeputyDoofy 07.20.05 Industrial
Make Your Bet compyellow 07.20.05 Rock & Roll
Coriander Rag Cori Ander 07.19.05 Folk (contemporary)
Come with me hesashitea 07.17.05 Ambient
My Vinyl Sofa Sandwich FlapJack 07.08.05 Ambient
The Androgyne SpasmodicMan 07.08.05 Experimental
*King of the Hill* Collab W/Pgreenstone Sil-VER 07.07.05 Dance-Club
o n l y (sundown mix) royal72 07.03.05 Blues (traditional)
What's Wrong with This World Tom Atwood 07.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
zazz (horny mix) v2 Stun Nutz 06.28.05 NUjazz
MacJammer's Tribute Mr. S 06.28.05 Hip Hop-Rap
oK2b3 btransue 06.23.05 Funk
zazz Stun Nutz 06.21.05 Other
And from that silence.... Mystified 06.21.05 Classical
Subfrequency muffclone 06.18.05 Industrial
die uben hesashitea 06.05.05 Dance-Club
*Safety Word* (Collab.W/Pgreenstone) Sil-VER 06.05.05 Dance-Club
Desolation DeputyDoofy 05.21.05 Ambient
Backwards breezer 05.20.05 Experimental
Trepidation in Jewelry ziti 05.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Sonnet 138: Rock / When My Love Swears (Dadai, rschletty, mungo) Postludes Trio 05.17.05 Alternative Rock
Person Or Persons Unknown Peter Greenstone 05.03.05 Alternative Rock
Derailed MacJammersUnited 04.28.05 Progressive Rock
Charon's Requiem (w/ TobinMueller and Alessandra Zwegler) SpasmodicMan 04.27.05 Experimental
Been Undone Darklighter 04.26.05 Ambient
•In the shade algabatz 04.23.05 Alternative Rock
•In the shade algabatz 04.23.05 Alternative Rock
Tristezza (Miss Chaos Remix) MissChaos 04.19.05 Downtempo
Enough (vox/collab) chikoppi_journal 04.19.05 Informational
Solitary Confinement iG.STUDiO 04.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Premature Recapitulation pooey 04.13.05 Dance-Club
2000 mikkinylund 04.11.05 Pop (mainstream)
Surrendered MissChaos 04.04.05 Other
Stones in a Pocket ragurner 04.02.05 Progressive Rock
Spirit And Opportunity Search For Life DeputyDoofy 04.02.05 Ambient
wave chamber Stun Nutz 03.31.05 Experimental
Tristezza Mystified 03.31.05 Classical
As Alturas Darklighter 03.28.05 Ambient
Cogs in the Great Machine breezer 03.28.05 Ambient
Three Loops Tom Atwood 03.23.05 New Age
Riding Toward Sunset (Chopstick Western) woodguy32 03.21.05 MuzaK
Extreme Gangsta Lenny D 03.20.05 Dance-Club
(Further) Demented--a remix Mystified 03.13.05 Experimental
Closure packosmokes 03.12.05 Industrial
drop shimmer Stun Nutz 03.10.05 Experimental
Death Is Upon Thee (v1.1) DeputyDoofy 03.06.05 Ambient
Impossible Dream halo370 03.01.05 Dance-Club
BioHeaven legato 02.22.05 New Age
hayride on titan stevegrip 02.18.05 Experimental
I don't know core 02.17.05 Pop (mainstream)
scrap skippin' Stun Nutz 02.15.05 Other
Maximo (Collab With SKIPPER) Sil-VER 02.13.05 Dance-Club
Aneil's Logic oldlibmike 02.03.05 Dance-Club
Deep In The Snow gudkarma 02.01.05 New Age
It Went Like This... syntopicon 01.23.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors Ivahn 01.20.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
No Meaning No (Stun Nutz dub) Stun Nutz 01.19.05 Experimental
Forever in Time Normal 01.17.05 Ambient
Chamber fosod 01.14.05 Open Collaborations
Clockwork [TENSE] packosmokes 01.04.05 Industrial
Phunck U DeputyDoofy 12.31.04 Funk
Electric Trainset Love Song HunxtenProudfoot 12.19.04 Ambient
oxygen (for Rumi) ilkers 12.18.04 Ambient
Rubber Rooms and Flowers halo370 12.17.04 Experimental
Lite Night halo370 12.17.04 Ambient
Lullaby for the Baby andROID HunxtenProudfoot 12.14.04 Ambient
Attack of GOdzilla and ROdan hesashitea 12.13.04 Cinematic Soundtrack
Prophecies TennesseeVic 12.11.04 Ambient
Communication (Original Mix) adicarter 12.11.04 Experimental
pleasant? halo370 12.11.04 Experimental
Abattoir Saws adicarter 12.10.04 Dance-Club
early shards filarion 12.10.04 Ambient
yellow river slam Stun Nutz 12.02.04 Other
How To Make Christmas Candy Creations pooey 11.28.04 Informational
Escaping The Fray Zone TobinMueller 11.24.04 Experimental
Bushed 2.0 CeXa 11.24.04 Dance-Club
**Ice Jungle** Sil-VER 11.09.04 Dance-Club
Sinning the Body Eclectic oldlibmike 11.09.04 Dance-Club
ho HUM (dark) legato 11.11.04 Other
Puppy Hell...is Still Hell pooey 10.28.04 Experimental
Guilty [TENSE] packosmokes 10.28.04 Industrial
organ noodle soup 2 Stun Nutz 10.08.04 Progressive Rock
Mix Master Doofy And The Doofy Synth Brigade DeputyDoofy 10.06.04 Ambient
Kids Are Kryptonite Paul_T 09.22.04 Alternative Rock
Ticking in my head Mr Winther 09.03.04 Pop (mainstream)
Anxious Overtime handovergold 08.02.04 Progressive Rock
Safe Tonight MissChaos 07.06.04 Ambient
System Failure v2 [TENSE] packosmokes 06.23.04 Industrial
Milk Song (Punk) pooey 06.23.04 Punk-Grunge
Giving Up MissChaos 06.15.04 Ambient
Ominium packosmokes 05.19.04 Industrial
Beat By Beat DeputyDoofy 05.06.04 Dance-Club
Crackman (version 2.0) DeputyDoofy 02.17.04 Dance-Club
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Music Skills more like a semi-arrangement of noises & other sounds..
Music Hardware mac computer, mac keyboard
Music Software GB, some plug-ins & occasional blind luck (still testing my patience with Logic Studio)
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