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Former aircraft engineer turned furniture maker living in the South West of France. I've always wanted to play guitar and compose my own music but could never find the time. However, coming to the quiet of the countryside and having more time to do the things that I've always wanted to has finally got me started. I have taken over a room in the house as my studio and I am learning to use the technology (software/mixer etc). I listen to a lot of music - especially here at MacJams and am trying to learn the basics of composition and structure. All constructive criticism is welcome, it will help no end I think.
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Music Background Self-taught guitarist, starting with blues and rock but maturing into an acceptance of just about anything that sounds nice!
Music Skills Mediocre guitarist, good at improvising in most genres and enjoy playing Bass too. Struggling with a keyboard for orchestral sounds and using midi for everything else!
Music Hardware In order of favouritism: Ibanez PF300 (1977), Gibson LP Studio, Shadow Superstrat, Ovation Celebrity acoustic, Line6 Variax, Dean Bass, PODXTLive, Roland GR-20. Amps: Line6 and Hartke Bass. Yamaha 01X mixer via mLan firewire Mics: Se2200a and SM58 Prodipe monitors and home made room treatment coupled with the ARC system for mixing.
Music Software Sonar 6, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Superior Drummer 2