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Member Since: Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 12:42 AM CDT
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I've had a dream of having a Moog synthesizer ever since hearing ELP's Lucky Man on the radio about 30 years ago. Now, fiinally, I have GB *and* a software Moog (Arturia) *and* several other software synths. I know almost nothing about music theory, but I love to just play with the sounds in GB and tweak the instruments and create new ones. My musical area of interest is the "Ambient" genre. Brian Eno is my favorite in that area now. I also like a lot of New Age, typified by Windham Hill, especially the piano artists, such as Liz Story. What I'd give to be able to play piano like that. Oh well, we can always dream, right?
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Music Background I had some piano lessons when I was a kid. Never really got anywhere significant. I'm trying to learn about the basics of music theory now.
Music Skills none, as evidenced by my first submission to MacJams, "DreamFlyer".
Music Hardware M-Audio 49e Midi controller keyboard
Music Software GB2, ARP 2600, Logic Pro, Moog Standalone minimoog V (Arturia), Reason, Korg Legacy collection, Live, and a few others. So far I've really only worked with GB and the Moog, and a little bit on the ARP.