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(Joe Moran)

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I'm a computer programmer who also has a love of all kinds of music. Now that Apple has released Garage Band, I'm trying to get back to my college efforts at creating music on the computer.

I started off college as a double-major in music, but had to give it up due to the class load, since I knew it wouldn't be my career. Before that, I had studied / performed classical and jazz throughout high school and earlier.

One of the college music classes I took was a class on computer-generated music. Needless to say, back then (early '90s) computer music creation at a consumer level was still pretty much in its infancy, but my college was lucky enough to have some good equipment for composing on a computer, including a Yamaha DX-7 keyboard. Unfortunately, not knowing how to play a keyboard (all I ever studied was clarinet and sax) when everything was MIDI based and software loops didn't exist made it very difficult to create anything good. I figured that was pretty much the end of being able to try and make my own music, ever, since taking keyboard lessons wasn't likely at that point.

Fast forward some 13 years. Garage Band has made it possible for me to explore that road again, and I've also come to really appreciate good trance / techno music and have a small but growing collection. Now I can try and make my own, and see if I still have any of my old musical knowledge left to put together something good. I still don't know how to play a keyboard, so I'm limited there, but if my first few attempts work out decently, maybe I'll finally see about those lessons...
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Music Background Currently learning to play keyboards / piano. Ten years+ playing clarinet, 3 years on tenor sax. Some voice instruction back in college, but nothing major.
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Music Hardware M-Audio KeyStation 61es
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