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(Guido Roth)

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Working on a new website: http://www.wix.com/b0rn2w0rsh1p/b0rn2w0rsh1p

Part of the house band for a Christian Nightclub. Someone made a video with an iPhone and posted it on YouTube... Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnokriyzHz4

I started playing for my Lord in 1992, ran the church's sound board from '96-'99, taught myself some scales about '98 and have added "Melody Guitar" to my style. Sat in for the usual bass player a few times between '05 and '07 and moved to Wyoming Thanksgiving of '07. Started playing guitar here, but when we got a new Worship leader, his brother played a lot better than me, so I picked up the bass. Started on a Mexican Fender Precision, but wanted that low D, and could only get a borrowed 6-string Yamaha (hence my signature, 6 string guitar to 6 string bass). Looking for a Guild 5 string bass, let me know if you want to donate yours.

I originally picked up a guitar in the 70's, garage band played Alice Cooper, Kiss, Mott the Hoople, wore platform shoes, played one gig for the drummer's parents party. Never had a chance to take lessons, but knew almost all the chords - so I considered myself a rhythm guitarist. Got my first "professional" guitar in '73, a Guild S-90 that I souped up to S-100 electronics. Managed to collect an S-200, S-300, S-274 and F-4CE. I have 2 Madiera guitars (70's budget Guild) an A-10 Acoustic and short scale bass that looks like my S-90/100. I now have 3 DeArmonds (00's budget Guild) a rubber-band bass, M-63 (les-paul-ish) and tele looking project with a broken headstock (this will become steinberger-ish project). I also have 3 other no-name projects, two for Baritone 6 strings and a true stereo electric with piezo transducer (a-la parker fly). I've also collected a real Fender/Rhodes suitcase piano, and my only amp is a little Vox 15 watt. I have a Behringer V-amp, Boss Overdrive, Compressor, and Volume Pedal.

I work for the school district here, so I have a MacBook Pro for my digital studio. I haven't started recording anything new yet, but that's what I'll use. I also have no interface, so I'll be connecting directly into the stereo line-in for now. More recording info as I actually do it. I've recorded hours and hours of Praise and Worship since about 2002 or '03, first using a portable Sony digital mini-disk recorder, then two versions of Creative MP3 players that have Line-in ports. My "Live" mics were built by me from Radio Shack parts and internet plans - but you'd be amazed at how they sound. I don't know the ramification of posting any of this music, since it's copyrighted music and at least two of the Worship leaders are copyrighted musicians - but if you've read this far, you can email me if you'd like to hear some of it.

Happily married to my soul mate, I just wish we would have met 35 years ago. We both have 16 year old sons - right now neither one lives with us, and her 27 year old lives in New Mexico - he's made us grand-parents 3 times over. Kim writes poetry and lyrics as well as the melody lines and sings in church - I pray that I'll be able to post one or two of our songs in the future as well.

No longer in Casper, Wyoming - or Ft Myers, Florida where most of these original posts were recorded.
b0rn2w0rsh1p's Songs (7)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.11.17 Comfort and Funky Joy 0.00 (0) 888 (5) Holiday 12.21.17 Active
06.07.13 KIRA I 0.00 (0) 1443 (5) Acoustic 07.16.17 Active
10.08.12 Holy, Holy, Holy 0.00 (0) 1108 (0) Gospel N/A Active
11.12.09 Call to Worship in A minor 10.00 (1) 2408 (3) Inspirational (contemporary) 11.12.11 Active
09.23.09 Qodesh, Qodesh - Part 1 10.00 (1) 2914 (5) Inspirational (contemporary) 10.24.09 Active
09.09.09 Prayer Prelude 10.00 (1) 3514 (9) Inspirational (contemporary) 11.12.10 Active
08.26.09 In This Moment 10.00 (1) 4271 (17) Inspirational (contemporary) 12.14.09 Active
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Saxy Blues Funk Loob 12.17.17 Funk
Let Us Worship And Bow down Soulman4270 12.15.17 Gospel
Sin No More Soulman4270 12.10.17 Gospel
Carol of the Basses jgurner 12.08.17 Holiday
Don't Lose Me Lord MartinD28 03.29.14 Folk (traditional)
The Recital…(live) PatriciaGirl 05.26.11 Classical
The Aura of that windy night PatriciaGirl 05.17.11 New Age
so much more 2011 Scott Carmichael 01.12.11 Acoustic Rock
Hero strangedream 08.11.10 Electropop
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
Talking to God Vaisvil 03.05.10 Piano
Purple Storm Scott_Bruce 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
Outside the Corral guitapick 10.30.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
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Kokopelli Was an Alien (Space Challenge 2009) Ren-Tin-10 10.10.09 Rock (instrumental)
Fairy magic Narad 09.23.09 Classical
As I Sleep Doadars Uncle 09.19.09 Rock
Here Comes the Rain Martin_Leroy 09.14.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Acoustic Starlight (guitar instrumental) Dadai.2 09.12.09 Acoustic
Let the waters bring forth Narad 09.06.09 New Age
Ya Know I ain't seen him (wawigze & yamenyamani)(Woodstock MJ II) Feter 07.24.09 Blues (contemporary)
The Beast by Bud / Side B - The Redemption awigze 07.15.09 Psychedelic
Wild Horses tmcfate 07.15.09 Acoustic
'More than Enough' Heidi_E 07.15.09 Easy Listening
Tremo Lando SmokeyVW 06.28.09 Shoegazer
Ember-A Heart of Stone Turns to Flesh (The Drakonis Collab) awigze 06.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
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God's Miracles GermanGhost 06.15.09 Piano
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Pink Dulcimer Version) Ren-Tin-10 06.11.09 Gospel
A Little Alleluia kassia 06.06.09 Classical
Amazing Grace (Multi-Collab) magnatone 05.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
This Is My Father's World John Stebbe 04.28.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Excelsior! - The Power and Glory of Christ (Reposted for Easter 2009) Alimar 04.07.09 Classical
Ravaged Heart (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 03.20.09 Acoustic
Yember (Yeman Ember Mix) drakonis 03.15.09 Downtempo
Primordial Reckoning awigze 03.03.09 Experimental
Follow the Star (So we may live) feat. Lori Cunningham WharmtonRise 02.11.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Sirens - ReMaster (Repost) Alimar 02.04.09 Progressive Rock
Find Him (MJRF) Scott Carmichael 01.31.09 Rock
Three Kings-Emmanuel Variations (playing this at church tomorrow =Sunday)) thetiler 12.28.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Silent Night (Jazz Trio Version) Less Bass John Stebbe 12.21.08 Holiday
Silent Night notsosweet 12.07.08 Holiday
Speculation michael2 12.03.08 Ambient
Two Riders Approaching thetiler 12.02.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Oh Come Emanuel Scott Carmichael 11.29.08 Holiday
Gabriel's Message kristyjo 11.28.08 Holiday
The Giant & The Sugar Plum Fairy Vr. 2 thetiler 11.21.08 Solo Instrument
Glimmer SmokeyVW 09.13.08 Psychedelic
TUMBLEWEED EMBER SUNDOWN (DRAKONIS & RHJ) richardhowardjones 06.05.08 Ambient
Ember (kassiafied) kassia 05.03.08 New Age
Walkin Away From the Blues Roxylee 04.29.08 Blues (contemporary)
Angel Convention magnatone 04.04.08 Pop Classical
You Are the Lord RickB1 12.17.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
As i Walk Godchaser 11.26.07 Pop (Alternative)
Smokey's Embers (col w Drakonis) SmokeyVW 10.20.07 Classical
we need jesus kentmoore 07.30.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
8th Movement: Hungry for Heaven magullo 04.26.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
Moonman Denny Borsboom 12.05.06 Progressive Rock
The Sword Of The Lord, And Of Gideon saved777 11.04.06 Inspirational (contemporary)
All Praise to You jaredweb 10.23.06 Acoustic Rock
You Are My Strength (Psalm 18) bowens 09.13.06 Inspirational (contemporary)
Candices' Denial Godchaser 06.10.06 Alternative Rock
willing child Scott Carmichael 04.17.06 Inspirational (contemporary)
What Child Is This? John Stebbe 11.27.05 Holiday
Ember-Zitified drakonis 09.16.05 Ambient
Ember-Rekindled drakonis 09.05.05 Open Collaborations
After All ledebutant 06.09.05 Acoustic Rock
All Consuming Fire (vocal mix) nuvolino 06.04.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
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Music Background I hate to say how long I've plunked on a guitar. Never had a lesson, all I've learned was from elementary school and those little boxes with dots in music books. Remember seeing a scale shape in an instruction book and I've been using that to play melody guitar for the last 10 years. I play Contemporary Christian Music in church and have played Spiritual Songs that I call Soaking music. This starts as a song that we may have practiced and then morphs into several minutes of free-form music. (hard to explain if you haven't experienced it!)
Music Skills Started out as Rhythm Guitarist, picked up some simple scales and enjoy playing Melody Guitar. Necessity has me playing Bass, 4, 5 and now 6 string. Baritone guitar projects are in the works - but that'll be like a regular guitar only tuned a 3rd or a 5th lower.
Music Hardware Mostly Guild guitars or the derivatives (Madeira, Burnside and DeArmond), Vox VR15 15 watt tube amp, Behringer V-amp, Boss MetalZone MT-2, Boss Overdrive/Distortion OS-2, Nady Excite Bass Exciter & Limiter, Alesis Compressor, DOD Flanger 640, Volume Pedal
Music Software Nothing I payed for - GarageBand and Audacity. ~*~ Banner Photo: Casper Mountain - looking South East over Casper WY
Keywords Christian, CCM, Praise, Worship, Praise and Worship, Prayer, Prayer Music, Soak, Soaking Music