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(Barði Freyr Þorsteinsson)

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01.21.09 It Goes Around 0.00 (0) 2228 (1) Techno 02.12.09 Active
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Music Background Mofohead goes a long while back. Barði began taking guitar lessons in early 2004. he soon took interest in making his own music. With his mono dictaphone, he recorded lots of terrible sessions, and mastered them with a horrific outcome, after a while he started to record in stero quality, atleast the quality wasn't shitty now. After a while he discovered the wonders of over-dubbing music. he recorded a few sessions, overdubbed them with various instruments and got a "positive" review from friends and family members how said he was a "promising" musician. Something didn't add up when he noticed that they where covering there ears while listening, But that did not stop Barði from continuing to make music. A friend from over-seas told Barði of a awsome program called "Reason 3.0" where all the problems where solved by a simple sequencer. Barði, blinded by excitement; thought that from now on it would only be smooth sailing, however that was not the case at all. After trying to master the program for half a year, people still told him that he was "promising" and he that he should "keep it up", until one fateful day he made a song known as Grim Reaper(on Mofohead's Tech Town Release), which was the cutting point, the fork in the road if you will. - Then he made a timeless peace known as Shame Of Victory. As the artist grew, so did his style. He went from making plain computer music, to more electro/techno style. Barði listened to alot of techno and computer game music; and that defiantly effected his work. another year passed, and he is still making music, sold a few records and waiting for the big moment, the big opportunity, chance to succeed in the harsh and difficult industry of electrical music. The mofohead thanks all the support.
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