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(Billy Daniels & THE BENT EIGHTS)

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Just a guy running out of time and not much time left to do it in.

I play some music but not very well. Not looking for fame or fortune. Enjoy what people do here and hope I can contribute something half way decent now and then. I like to stick to old style rock music of the 60's garage rock style. I try to keep arrangements simple and no more than three and a half minutes in length. I do not do many middle eights or bridges but sometimes I fit one in.

I have never really been in a band or played with other people tp speak of. Either I am too bad or they are. A couple times the spandrels even stole my equipment and pawned it off. So I just do everything on my own now . And never loan out equipment.

Billy Daniels - Guitars, Bass, Drum Software, Keys, Midi Tinkering, Vocals, Mixing.
All original songs by Billy Daniels
billdancourtney's Songs (1)
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08.30.18 She Reads Camus (In Progress)  (---) 218 (8) Rock 10.12.18 Active
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Music Background Self taught from Mel Bey books, Guitar World magazine and Youtube.
Music Skills Not great but can whip up something listenable if I labor over it for hours and hours. Was asked to join both Yes and King Crimson but the hours conflicted with my job at Big Dick's Burger Joint.
Music Hardware Squier Classic Vibe Strat Squier John 5 Tele Squire Precision Bass A Ukulele I never play because I hate ukuleles. A broken mandolin I can't get repaired. M-Audio MIDI Keystation Mini-32controller Novation MIDI Impulse 25 controller Washburn acoustic guitar and another model I bought here in China but actually forget the name of now but is not bad. I think it is part of the Epiphone company. Talent Guitar? A Yellow KORG Kaosilator Some moldy harmonicas in various keys
Music Software Abelton Live 10 Mostly use plugins from: Native Instruments IK Multimedia iZotope
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