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(Billy Kirsch)

Member Since: Wednesday, October 07 2009 @ 10:05 PM CDT
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Location: Chicago, IL United States
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Too old for rocknroll. Too young for a bio.

Recharging batteries.

Tokai: Four seconds down
billykirsch's Songs (12)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
11.29.11 Everything  (---) 5545 (82) Shoegazer 09.19.12 Active
07.27.11 Looking at the television  (---) 3602 (70) Psychedelic 09.06.11 Active
05.22.11 Throw Me  (---) 3330 (60) Punk-Grunge 08.12.11 Active
02.15.11 Vení Acá - mjStinger'11  (---) 3569 (40) Folk (contemporary) 05.27.11 Active
12.12.10 Jason's Song  (---) 4779 (85) Easy Listening 02.15.11 Active
05.24.10 Kullu Haze (w/Tokai)  (---) 5252 (112) Alternative Rock 02.07.12 Active
04.27.10 Little Storm  (---) 3442 (63) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 11.14.10 Active
02.06.10 Milonga Bolacera  (---) 5184 (110) Tango 09.16.10 Active
01.27.10 Erased  (---) 4468 (86) Alternative Rock 08.18.12 Active
11.25.09 I'm gonna feel so right (remix/remastered) 8.75 (4) 4426 (75) Alternative Rock 08.18.12 Active
11.06.09 Pensás (Silent Tango) (w/michael2) 9.33 (3) 3839 (27) Alternative Rock 08.18.12 Active
10.20.09 Just Try 8.08 (3) 3273 (30) Alternative Rock 08.18.12 Active
Favorite Songs (754)
Title Artist Date Genre
After Midnight Warren Smith 09.18.13 Rock (instrumental)
cosmic blues 9-15-13 bud 09.15.13 Psychedelic
sleeper tokai 07.01.13 Art Rock
Take Me bud 06.29.13 Shoegazer
Wire Vic Holman 06.29.13 Alternative Rock
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
yucatec tokai 04.05.13 Art Rock
Hold On Moviz 03.01.13 Pop (Alternative)
skull/Sir Bass tokai 11.17.12 Rock
Are You Human? grid stalker 11.02.12 Alternative Rock
Silver Tongues and Golden Boys Vic Holman 11.02.12 Art Rock
Again rsorensen 11.02.12 Lo-fi
It's True Moviz 11.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
Apocalypse, Now! tempie 11.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
Disconnect Les_Kloo 10.24.12 Progressive Rock
dance score - final mix bud 10.21.12 Experimental
let up egobandit 10.13.12 Psychedelic
Flat Rock Mississippi Kid Outtaorbit 09.18.12 Blues (contemporary)
BANK$TER$ bud 08.19.12 Punk-Grunge
Hand Me Down My Cane-Woodstock sammydix 08.16.12 Acoustic Rock
Insect Anxiety Les_Kloo 07.25.12 Progressive Rock
bent/K.I.S.KISMET tokai 07.19.12 Trip Hop
The World is Dew Les_Kloo 07.17.12 Art Rock
I'M A BAD ASS Skweryl 06.30.12 Hardcore
A7 by the Seashore bud 06.29.12 Ambient
yes you told me (that you're cynical) michael2 06.26.12 Indie Rock
Blackwater (by Tokai) ktb 06.25.12 Rock (instrumental)
Do Your Worst michael2 06.06.12 Electropop
more (w/tokai) carbon 06.05.12 Rock
metanoia/Bent_Axis tokai 06.02.12 Celtic
We are Bouncers Outtaorbit 05.05.12 Jazz (vocal)
wakarimasen/Abraxas/Bent_Axis tokai 05.03.12 Electronic
_'Ling Ling'_ TvRicky 05.02.12 Ethnic-International
The Triple Man Les_Kloo 05.01.12 Progressive Rock
Mel Gibson Dub michael2 04.24.12 Industrial
dont let em egobandit 03.23.12 Art Rock
Alive in Newark set 1 part 1 airportseven 03.13.12 Rock
Every People Know w/Rok41, KTB, Scofugate & Sisters hackneybloke 03.09.12 Political
SOMEBODY ELSE CIASM_ZENABI_ 02.19.12 Alternative Rock
A thought gadzooks 02.18.12 Acoustic
Open Collaboration Idea michael2 02.14.12 Hip Hop-Rap
No Place Like Home TobinMueller 02.01.12 Smooth Jazz
The Spell with Hadass Pal Yarden ShadowofNine 01.29.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Once Upon a Time in the East DWL 01.28.12 Rockabilly
expected excepted egobandit 01.26.12 Rock (instrumental)
Cry (לבכות) Featuring Hadass Pal Yarden ShadowofNine 01.25.12 Classical
Today is a Good Day to Die tempie 01.25.12 Pop (Alternative)
_'Te quiero a ti'_ TvRicky 01.25.12 Latin Jazz
When I Grow Up FEEL 01.23.12 Children's Music
_'The Red Zone'_ TvRicky 01.22.12 Jazz Fusion
Love is Strange Moviz 01.22.12 Pop (mainstream)
A Hero/MJ City w/Alannah Vic Holman 01.21.12 Hard Rock
Rewire (by PaulaMunk) Les_Kloo 01.19.12 Rock
I Saw A Sunbeam Vic Holman 01.12.12 Indie Rock
Trio in Gm (Ride the Wave) richard13 01.09.12 Classical
The Faded Smile rok41 01.08.12 Art Rock
All the Time lavalamp 01.01.12 Alternative Rock
Beetlybop gadzooks 12.31.11 NUjazz
Saul's Blue Tickle Daugrin 12.30.11 Blues (contemporary)
Nevermind anomalous 12.25.11 Rock
the day it all went black (w/tokai) carbon 12.20.11 Art Rock
fog 11.29.11 airportseven 12.09.11 Indie Rock
Blind Love (Seeing Heart) - Orchestral Version magnatone 12.06.11 Pop Classical
How you behave egobandit 12.02.11 Art Rock
Moodiness musichead 12.01.11 Rock
Summer Nocturne (feat. awigze) richard13 12.01.11 Downtempo
You're the Top! michaeljayklein 12.01.11 Showtunes
Twinkle (from Enovox) michael2 12.01.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
All As One EEFliess 11.30.11 Rock (instrumental)
TAJIKISTANI BOP Skweryl 11.30.11 Experimental
Camel Walk 867-5309 11.29.11 Holiday
White Boy Speaks of Rivers geschwarztes 11.29.11 Acoustic
P.O.M./Sammy dix/Ktb/Awigze tokai 11.28.11 Art Rock
S.O.S. ShadowofNine 11.26.11 Experimental
me and you egobandit 11.25.11 Psychedelic
Metamorphosis gadzooks 11.25.11 NUjazz
Thank You Lord for All the Fun richard13 11.24.11 Funk
Blur Vic Holman 11.17.11 Alternative Rock
Snark Les_Kloo 11.17.11 Progressive Rock
Wreck lavalamp 11.16.11 Alternative Rock
Corroded Lullaby (Spacerace Challenge) michael2 11.12.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
SR2011 (mj space race '11) bud 11.11.11 Electronic
Transient Parichayaka 11.11.11 Downtempo
the last spoke (spacerace 2011) dimm witness 11.07.11 Electronic
intellectual frenzy ( space race challenge) egobandit 11.04.11 Experimental
Roland OTC/Sam Dixon Voc/Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 10.22.11 Jazz Fusion
99% bud 10.16.11 Alternative Rock
The Cat Came Back alackbass 10.08.11 Children's Music
Call Me (Turn to Me Reprise) Bob6stringer 10.06.11 Acoustic Rock
extinction/Bent_Axis tokai 09.30.11 Open Collaborations
In The Shadow Of Saturn w/awigze bud 09.13.11 Jazz Fusion
Box michael2 09.13.11 Alternative Rock
summer daze egobandit 09.09.11 Open Collaborations
To Deny Red Les_Kloo 09.07.11 Progressive Rock
Shine Kicbal 08.31.11 Rock
eMpty crowdeD stReets Macaudion 08.24.11 Art Rock
Ascend (Part I & II) aRcTip 08.01.11 Ambient
Is Anybody There Moviz 07.31.11 Romantic
Emblym (Obbster cover) Les_Kloo 07.31.11 Rock (instrumental)
Suffer Gaylen75 07.30.11 Alternative Rock
Astral Tune gadzooks 07.30.11 Acoustic
Flame rsorensen 07.29.11 Lo-fi
Women and Horses (Children and Dogs) tempie 07.29.11 Rock
A Collision rsorensen 07.29.11 Lo-fi
City Elegy tf10music 07.29.11 Indie Rock
Zydecorocking All Over The World Jarvoid 07.29.11 Folk-Rock
Under the street light/w Simond Souza ShadowofNine 07.29.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Guru michael2 07.26.11 Alternative Rock
plain hunt on 8 bud 07.25.11 Ethnic-International
Never Leave awigze 07.24.11 Other
Sway Les_Kloo 07.24.11 Rock (instrumental)
Great Ocean Road jiguma 07.23.11 Rock & Roll
A Little Troll in the Water mikkinylund 07.22.11 Pop (Alternative)
poms/awigze tokai 07.22.11 Open Collaborations
Long Gone by jerry_quinn w/ gadzooks, ktb, kevmikwa, Ryan, & David alackbass 07.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
Sweet Home Chicago Jarvoid 07.21.11 Blues (traditional)
Germination PatriciaGirl 07.20.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dr. Cyclops Les_Kloo 07.17.11 Rock (instrumental)
BAD MAN (Sigmund, Alackbass, KTB, Dashriprock) rok41 07.15.11 Rock
Sure Thing J_Gretch 07.13.11 Rock
Pink Flamenco/ with Llarion johnwhitehead 07.10.11 Acoustic
Unrepentant Sociopaths Les_Kloo 07.10.11 Progressive Rock
then it started to rain bud 07.05.11 Rock (instrumental)
(one minute) in flight bud 06.30.11 Film Scoring
Llarions Blues dave_b 06.28.11 Blues (contemporary)
BEEP (1 minute song challenge) michael2 06.28.11 Electropop
glastonbury tokai 06.26.11 Art Rock
Crystal (Sisters) davisamerica 06.19.11 Other
ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!!!!!! Skweryl 06.14.11 Rock
xes (by Ginz111 w/tokai) ktb 06.01.11 Other
test after live dimm witness 05.25.11 Electronic
we the one percent, for the one percent by the one percent egobandit 05.24.11 Rock (instrumental)
OSX86 (Part 6) Chimera Marlon 05.24.11 Electropop
One Body - a duet TobinMueller 05.23.11 Piano
Black Forest Dance, take 3 drakonis 05.22.11 Classical
Hebel cyt 05.22.11 Experimental
Congratulations (Band Mix) cyt 05.22.11 Acoustic Rock
Down Time eleveneyes 05.21.11 Alternative Rock
Bailey's Song kassia 05.20.11 Piano
I lived In an Apartment Building gadzooks 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
History Repeats Itself to roz' Benny Collab PaulaMunk 05.20.11 Open Collaborations
Harvard or Yale? w/Loob & Feel, Hix, Romanowski hackneybloke 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
modern guitar (lioli 10) bud 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
Say My Name (LIOLI) michael2 05.20.11 Electropop
Who Needs You LIOLI 10 NanaCabanaStudios 05.20.11 Ballad
Pretty Don't tempie 05.19.11 Pop (Alternative)
live at Freddy's 5.13.11 part 1 airportseven 05.16.11 Lo-fi
Please Yourself Love.............. Jarvoid 05.14.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Cheese Head ShadowofNine 05.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
Firing Blindly (iPhone Demo) alackbass 05.13.11 Folk (contemporary)
Living With Fire In A Burning House Vic Holman 05.10.11 Rock
Soft Blues claypotts 05.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
Soldier in the middle egobandit 05.05.11 Alternative Rock
For Alan bud 05.05.11 Other
That's When I Can Say Goodbye lavalamp 05.03.11 Acoustic
dream/Char/Ktb tokai 04.30.11 Trip Hop
Last Train to New York -w/ awigze scofugate 04.25.11 Smooth Jazz
Never knew egobandit 04.21.11 Art Rock
Get It papag 04.10.11 Electronic
Smackdown 3 w/awigze & scofugate magnatone 03.27.11 Pop Orchestral
On Top Again Kicbal 03.18.11 Pop (Alternative)
A Friend to the End fasteddie 03.17.11 Folk (contemporary)
out to sea egobandit 03.16.11 Art Rock
For the People 867-5309 03.15.11 Piano
You and You Alone Moviz 03.14.11 Latin
Begin Today w/ D. Jorden, students, Ryan, RAVENS, ktb, kevmikwa alackbass 03.12.11 Funk
Gone in a Flash jodyrush 03.10.11 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
I See Stars (w/APOD) michael2 03.10.11 Downtempo
Inspiration (w/ Strangedream & Sigmund) tonestones 03.06.11 Progressive Rock
Just So You Know Vic Holman 03.05.11 Alternative Rock
Tryin Hard To Wake From This American Dream dave_b 03.05.11 Other
Cinema Paradison (2trx2011) Hickling_Stan 03.03.11 Acoustic
chime and grater (2trx2011) bud 02.28.11 Metal
Rejected (Angry Version) with loopage Char 02.25.11 Jazz (vocal)
Relentless fasteddie 02.21.11 Hard Rock
Yellow Stinger (Stinger'11) MarkHolbrook 02.16.11 Ambient
Please, Ann Compton (Stinger '11) IbotenicParadigm 02.16.11 A Cappella
obama (mjStinger'11) dimm witness 02.16.11 Electronic
Perfect Balance - MJStinger-'11 Lennon714 02.15.11 Cha-Cha
30-1 / 30-2 MJstinger'11 Vic Holman 02.15.11 Other
A Brief Moment (mjStinger'11) BirdmanWayne94 02.15.11 Acoustic
mjStinger'11 jodyrush 02.15.11 Acoustic
the ashes/stinger 11 tokai 02.15.11 Progressive Rock
(Stinger '11) sonnyjim 02.15.11 Solo Instrument
Latest News - MJStinger11 DWL 02.15.11 Film Scoring
MJStinger'11 Farm Train awigze 02.15.11 Children's Music
bud dub - mjStinger'11 bud 02.15.11 Reggae
Swim In Your Hair lholden 02.15.11 Acoustic
MJ Stinger '11- The Danse Leviathan Six-Nail-Coffin 02.15.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
MJ Stinger '11- Night five_extra_arms 02.15.11 Other
mjStinger'11 - Tarantula Hawk Ren-Tin-10 02.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
mjStinger'11 SmokeyVW 02.14.11 Other
mjStinger'11 - 3ME Melbourne PeterB7858 02.14.11 Acoustic
Stinger'11 Wave FEEL 02.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
There Isn't Anything w/ Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 02.13.11 Jazz (vocal)
Cowboy (2 Track x 2011 Challenge Entry ) Jarvoid 02.09.11 Country-Western
Blue Eyes, Black Hair mikkinylund 02.04.11 Indie Rock
blind/Sisters tokai 02.04.11 Trip Hop
Night Train richard13 02.04.11 Electronic
Girl With the Flaxen Hair H3nry 01.31.11 Classical
PC11 particledots - Home Sweet Home guygrooves 01.29.11 Pop (Alternative)
Sinkin' Low jibes 01.28.11 Art Rock
Some Daze Vic Holman 01.28.11 Indie Rock
It's Alright fambroski 01.28.11 Acoustic Rock
January Snapshot Warren Smith 01.21.11 Alternative Rock
Boy on Fire [Ravens cover; MJCC11] Bob6stringer 01.20.11 Acoustic Rock
Closely Watched Trains (w/ Particledots) michael2 01.19.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
crissew's Symphony101 01.11.11 Pop Orchestral
Swirl smokey bacon jnr 01.09.11 Art Rock
I've Never Seen A UFO (remix) michael2 01.07.11 Indie Rock
9-11 (Video) ShadowofNine 01.04.11 Art Rock
Can't See The Line (w/sonnyjim) racerat 01.02.11 Alternative Rock
You Dont Need Me Gaylen75 01.01.11 Alternative Rock
This Wasted Beauty (w/t ted23) echoroom 01.01.11 Alternative Rock
The Body Of Theory hackneybloke 01.01.11 Art Rock
hangover tokai 12.31.10 Open Collaborations
Tick tock KCsGROOVE 12.29.10 Funk
Blues for Alice composerclark 12.28.10 Jazz (instrumental)
THOSE WERE THE DAYS KCsGROOVE 12.24.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Better Than Here with Chris Boros bud 12.19.10 Psychedelic
Wishing Merry Christmas Moviz 12.18.10 Holiday
In The Bleak Midwinter magnatone 12.18.10 Piano
Takane no hana (final version) dantimmermans 12.18.10 Indie Rock
Takane no hana (final version) dantimmermans 12.18.10 Indie Rock
Controlling The Machine Chris Boros 12.17.10 Progressive Rock
minus infinity positive forever egobandit 12.17.10 Other
Another Lonely Soul w/Alackbass & Kevmikwa hackneybloke 12.17.10 Acoustic
Rip off 2.0 / by Ibstrat and a ridiculously good bass player friend of his scofugate 12.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
He Moves Through The Fair w Doug Somers & Caitlin Somers Char 12.17.10 Celtic
Oh Moody Night bud 12.15.10 Holiday
Know Me (w/strangedream, cyrus0302, birdmanwayne94, paddler, vicdiesel) crissew 12.15.10 Pop (Alternative)
Abby's Gotta Dance / With (Too many to mention) davisamerica2 12.14.10 Rock
Suburban Girl, Why are You so Jive? tempie 12.13.10 Pop (Alternative)
Partial Particles (w/ Diviner and Particle Dots) michael2 12.13.10 Alternative Rock
No Bad Luck (with Christopher Chaplin/Julian Sims/Aisuluu) lengold 12.13.10 Alternative Rock
Dancing Monks kassia 12.13.10 New Age
Butt Trumpet fasteddie 12.12.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Riding On Stone Ponies Vic Holman 12.11.10 Rock
Forgive Me, I (w/ Symphony101, Sigmund, alackbass, kevmikwa) RAVENS 12.10.10 Rock
Colfax Ave fasteddie 12.07.10 Alternative Rock
Led Astray bud 12.05.10 Open Collaborations
Double Hops and Mah Jung Outtaorbit 12.05.10 MuzaK
Better Than Here Chris Boros 12.04.10 Psychedelic
stay around egobandit 12.04.10 Alternative Rock
Domino Effect Vic Holman 12.03.10 Acoustic
A Farewell magnatone 11.30.10 Piano
Just Like That (Scofugate + Alannah) Alannah 11.26.10 Alternative Rock
Blackout w/Bud awigze 11.22.10 Experimental
The Maybe Conflict (w/ sonnyjim) racerat 11.20.10 Art Rock
Macjazz Improv v1 W/ AWIGZE scofugate 11.19.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Lost (In the Stream) anomalous 11.17.10 Alternative Rock
untitled airportseven 11.17.10 Ambient
Sensory Overload Sirens_Headband 11.13.10 Experimental
Flaunt It w/Gaylen Alackbass Awigze Paddler Kevmikwa Particledots Ryan Carrie71 11.17.10 Funk
Falling Asleep lavalamp 11.12.10 Alternative Rock
theory/Hackneybloke tokai 11.12.10 Art Rock
Go To Bed Cheeto 11.10.10 Alternative Rock
Anima (w/Bud) michael2 11.10.10 Experimental
NovaEmber or, Ember's Glow richard13 11.09.10 Downtempo
This life of mine. jibes 11.05.10 Rock & Roll
A7 vol.1 mjAlbumPods 11.05.10 Alternative Rock
Fall Rising magnatone 11.03.10 Pop Orchestral
Live With Me /W Darkplanet scofugate 11.02.10 Alternative Rock
When The Luster Is Gone (w/Ted23) michael2 10.30.10 Indie Rock
BOund (w/5extra arms & Char) egobandit 10.29.10 Alternative Rock
twitch bud 10.28.10 Film Scoring
King Of Nothing Vic Holman 10.22.10 Art Rock
Without A Trace (Echoroom) ted23 10.22.10 Alternative Rock
My Inner Beast ShadowofNine 10.21.10 Hard Rock
Heaven paddler 10.18.10 Blues (contemporary)
I Should've Known (w/ParticleDots) michael2 10.18.10 Alternative Rock
All In The Bag DEMO eleveneyes 10.17.10 Indie Rock
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Collab with Ibstrat and michaeljayklein scofugate 10.16.10 Swing
With A Few Words BirdmanWayne94 10.15.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Hell of a love anomalous 10.15.10 Alternative Rock
Jazz Inprov scofugate 10.10.10 Swing
To Tomorrow Vic Holman 10.08.10 Acoustic
Gray "An Ode To Winter" Gaylen75 10.06.10 Acoustic
Song for New Venice w/Five Extra Arms bud 10.05.10 Film Scoring
Mindreader (edited version) TobinMueller 10.05.10 Jazz Fusion
Hello- V2 scofugate 10.02.10 Rock (instrumental)
Radio Eyes (Mike Watkins/Gaylen/Tokai) ktb 10.02.10 Rock
Big Blue Bear (w/ Particledots) michael2 09.28.10 Children's Music
You Have No Peace michael2 09.26.10 Shoegazer
shoobies remix w/ibstrat & symphony 101 bud 09.24.10 Rock (instrumental)
The Open Door davezero 09.23.10 Alternative Rock
The space alien seems to have come. SpaceAlien 09.22.10 Progressive Rock
People Under Pressure Vic Holman 09.19.10 Art Rock
Fellow Man (age isbell) ageofthedeathtree 09.16.10 Alternative Rock
Fool To Let Me Go (Featuring RAVENS) fasteddie 09.14.10 Rock
That E Thing w/Anne (sisters) bud 09.13.10 Jazz (vocal)
hi fi lo fi bud 09.06.10 Rock (instrumental)
Hotel Life w/awigze hackneybloke 09.05.10 Acoustic
Tailpipe tempie 09.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
I Feel So Dirty Vic Holman 09.04.10 Alternative Rock
The Wraith fasteddie 09.03.10 Heavy Metal
Summertime michael2 08.30.10 Pop (Alternative)
Everything and Nothing.... LouisLacey 08.29.10 Alternative Rock
Easy Come, Easy Go w/Anne & paddler alackbass 08.29.10 Rhythm and Blues
4 seconds down/Billy Kirsch tokai 08.25.10 Alternative Rock
Saddle Shoe Sally TobinMueller 08.25.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Cupid Went Postal (Gaylen) ted23 08.24.10 Rock
Floating ShadowofNine 08.23.10 Easy Listening
Time Lapse Z293 08.22.10 Rock (instrumental)
Spiral Man Vic Holman 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
Hard Life (yrp and jdholiday) yrp 08.22.10 Rock
And Now It's Dark echoroom 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
sunspot/Tempie (24S} tokai 08.21.10 Reggae
In Your Eye (24S) sschedra 08.21.10 Pop (mainstream)
Summer Sizzle (T4S) w/ SISTERS awigze 08.21.10 Ballad
Shoobies (t4s) w/symphony 101 bud 08.20.10 Alternative Rock
Bayou Stomp - 2-4 Summer challenge w/sonnyjim sloparts 08.20.10 Alternative Rock
Phosgene w/mike_d fasteddie 08.19.10 Heavy Metal
Love Me Baby rok41 08.18.10 Rock
Seafood Gumbo Bop (final mix) TobinMueller 08.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
trinity/Gaylen tokai 08.15.10 Art Rock
I don't like monkeys kingbee 08.15.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Everything Floridaplayer 08.14.10 Acoustic
Still My Heart Bob6stringer 08.13.10 Rock
Unraveled w/Alackbass/KTB/kevmikwa Gaylen75 08.04.10 Acoustic Rock
Green Gloves (opiate overdose version) Six-Nail-Coffin 08.04.10 Art Rock
Sunset kassia 08.04.10 Piano
Ushirogami o hikareru omoi dantimmermans 08.03.10 Indie Rock
Weather or Not? by Jim Bouchard w/awigze awigze 07.31.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Dulce's DADication - Instrumental drakonis 07.31.10 Acoustic
Altaira's Metal Man RobLeBanc 07.31.10 Rock
Sleeptalk rok41 07.30.10 Rock
Self Similarity SmokeyVW 07.30.10 Film Scoring
Lights, Camera, Action (DJ Andy Foxx remix!) ramonaji 07.30.10 Dance-Club
Her Painted Face/She Was Framed Vic Holman 07.29.10 Indie Rock
Dark Planet jgurner 07.29.10 Alternative Rock
sabor/Gaylen/Ktb tokai 07.29.10 Alternative Rock
What u said thoddi 07.29.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Huh? lavalamp 07.29.10 Alternative Rock
Grace of You (by sbloodsworth) kevmikwa 07.29.10 Country-Western
Buried [w/ Gaylen75] tonestones 07.28.10 Progressive Rock
The Reckoning Einarus 07.27.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Once & Future Concerto, 1st movement TobinMueller 07.27.10 Classical
Forever, For Always RAVENS 07.25.10 Ballad
Could have been moorlandt 07.25.10 Pop (Alternative)
Heavy Sky (Creole Night) w/Awigze rok41 07.24.10 NUjazz
Bound, a capella Char 07.23.10 Open Collaborations
Sweet Home Chicago claypotts 07.22.10 Blues (traditional)
Make Believe for Armor kickliquid 07.20.10 Art Rock
She looked delicate as lace guygrooves 07.18.10 Rock
Early June Open COLLAB scofugate 07.17.10 Open Collaborations
Late Nite Spaghetti Sauce... Dadai.2 07.17.10 Smooth Jazz
More Than Faith w/ Alackbass & KTB Gaylen75 07.17.10 Acoustic
For My Dear Samantha SmokeyVW 07.15.10 Piano
The Changeling claypotts 07.15.10 Rock
WHISKY A GO GO claypotts 07.14.10 Rock
The one thoddi 07.12.10 Soul
Funk Giant fasteddie 07.11.10 Hard Rock
No Telling What I Might Do featuring RAVENS alackbass 07.10.10 Blues (contemporary)
What You Left Behind StrainsOfCaine 07.10.10 Metal
Epica ShadowofNine 07.10.10 Metal
Loyal Whore with (alackbass) Gaylen75 07.07.10 Alternative Rock
Hide anomalous 07.07.10 Rock
Unwinding Time II SmokeyVW 07.06.10 Other
Irrational Exuberance magnatone 07.06.10 Pop Classical
Verso airportseven 07.05.10 Ambient
Tape Loop Experiment apod 07.05.10 Experimental
Tape Loop Experiment apod 07.05.10 Experimental
Surprise, Surprise Vic Holman 07.04.10 Alternative Rock
Chemical Peel fasteddie 07.03.10 Industrial
Eyes Open bud 07.03.10 Industrial
Summer Glaze (With cchaplin) DarkPlanet 07.02.10 Alternative Rock
I've Got to Get Off of The Farm... Jarvoid 07.02.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Too Many People Gaylen75 06.29.10 Acoustic Rock
She Walks Away fasteddie 06.26.10 Hard Rock
whatever/Gaylen tokai 06.26.10 Funk
L'apres midi d'un whimsical vocal loop w/particledots bud 06.25.10 Experimental
Requiem SmokeyVW 06.24.10 Other
Castaway Gaylen75 06.24.10 Other
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
A New Thing w/awigze bud 06.20.10 Funk
A Thousand Pieces lavalamp 06.19.10 Acoustic Rock
Show Me Your Tits! (featuring Bob6stringer and ted23) fasteddie 06.19.10 Hard Rock
Moment of Silence Vic Holman 06.18.10 Alternative Rock
Both Fade Away (with alackbass) DarkPlanet 06.16.10 Alternative Rock
Free Fall fasteddie 06.13.10 Heavy Metal
Pran Nath Figment airportseven 06.13.10 Other
Chinese Laundry Blues Jarvoid 06.13.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Manuelita, Crawl Back In Your Hole claypotts 06.13.10 Indie Rock
Brooklyn Tale mikkinylund 06.12.10 Indie Rock
Brooklyn (Stories - I) mikkinylund 06.11.10 Indie Rock
Capish scofugate 06.08.10 Film Scoring
FortyTwoYearsAgo v2 SmokeyVW 06.07.10 Rock
FortyTwoYearsAgo SmokeyVW 06.06.10 Open Collaborations
On and On (Revisited) lavalamp 06.05.10 Acoustic Rock
The King of Europe moorlandt 06.03.10 Pop (Alternative)
Indigo B Vic Holman 06.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
Gently Pounded SmokeyVW 06.01.10 Other
East Virginia Blues (with Alec/Relic67) tempie 06.01.10 Bluegrass
Temporal Tantrum final mix [w/ Drakonis and Sister Savage] tonestones 05.30.10 Progressive Rock
Death of the Phoenix (orchestral interlude) drakonis 05.30.10 Classical
Slow Burn / I'm Uneasy by michael2 and guygrooves guygrooves 05.30.10 Indie Rock
5.13 j3 airportseven 05.29.10 Rock (instrumental)
Celtic Dawn ShadowofNine 05.29.10 Celtic
blingland/Gaylen/Ktb tokai 05.29.10 Alternative Rock
tanbudfx bud 05.28.10 Experimental
Through The Garden (w/ DarkPlanet) lavalamp 05.28.10 Alternative Rock
That's How It Goes * Dadai.2 05.27.10 Folk-Rock
I Won't Believe Vic Holman 05.27.10 Alternative Rock
Questioning Authority Nick_Flash 05.27.10 Alternative Rock
The Horse Outtaorbit 05.27.10 NUjazz
Away (Acoustic) rsorensen 05.27.10 Indie Rock
Stoned behind the shed egobandit 05.26.10 Alternative Rock
No Woman of Mine (with Gaylen75) alackbass 05.26.10 Rock
Anthem ShadowofNine 05.25.10 Metal
Her Song Gaylen75 05.24.10 Acoustic
Minnie the Moocher michaeljayklein 05.24.10 Swing
Stab Me with cchaplin lengold 05.24.10 Other
Out Of Control jiguma 05.24.10 Rock & Roll
Stars speedonl 05.24.10 Alternative Rock
Kullu Haze (w/Tokai) billykirsch 05.24.10 Alternative Rock
Dark Angel DWL 05.23.10 Electropop
I Don't Know SmokeyVW 05.23.10 Other
See the Day dabaxter 05.22.10 Blues (contemporary)
Boca Chica Sirens_Headband 05.22.10 Jazz Fusion
Temporal Tantrum [w/ Drakonis and Sister Savage] tonestones 05.22.10 Gothic Rock
Bud on the Playa (radio edit) airportseven 05.21.10 Rock
Wings on the Wind/ with Roxylee & Davisamerica davisamerica2 05.21.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
It All Depends On You michaeljayklein 05.21.10 Swing
Monster of Love IdleBel10 05.20.10 Rock
Evolver pt.2 scofugate 05.19.10 Open Collaborations
I Never Climbed A Mountain Moviz 05.19.10 Ballad
69some VicDiesel 05.18.10 Disco
Hard Times jibes 05.17.10 Folk (traditional)
Nigel Song (In Love Up To My *ss) alackbass collab Char 05.17.10 Rock
Poltergeist ShadowofNine 05.15.10 Metal
The Old Thumper mikkinylund 05.14.10 Indie Rock
Should I? michaeljayklein 05.14.10 Swing
No Helicopters (Particle Dots Mix) five_extra_arms 05.14.10 Other
Saturday Love Gaylen75 05.14.10 Art Rock
Muddin tempie 05.14.10 Pop (Alternative)
This 1 Goes 2 11 alackbass 05.13.10 Open Collaborations
Infinite Summer (collab with scofugate) Relic67 05.13.10 Rock & Roll
Gonna Catch a Train Jarvoid 05.12.10 Blues (traditional)
You're A Disease ramonaji 05.12.10 Pop (Alternative)
To Believe Again w/Alannah, DavisAmerica, Outtaorbit & Mike_D awigze 05.11.10 Pop (Alternative)
Caught in the rip (with Bud/Magnatone) TERRAPLANE 05.11.10 Other
I'm Gonna Be An Overcomer (Joel's Song) Dadai.2 05.10.10 Gospel
A Trilian Times Before PrototypeEightyOne 05.10.10 Alternative Rock
Untitled (feat. Proton 42) ectoplasm 05.10.10 Experimental
Phrygian Etude 867-5309 05.10.10 Piano
What You Preached sewer rod 05.10.10 Acoustic
killer bees ste 05.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
So für mich hin mikkinylund 05.09.10 Pop (Alternative)
Moving 'Forward'... (MissChaos cover) BirdmanWayne94 05.09.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Hakoiri musume dantimmermans 05.09.10 Indie Rock
Me, myself, and mirror image VicDiesel 05.09.10 Electropop
All Turns To Mist II (Featuring Reggie_Pole) Char 05.08.10 Pop (Alternative)
Last Time I Saw Your Face scaustrita 05.08.10 Latin Jazz
Just Another Day lavalamp 05.08.10 Alternative Rock
Come on egobandit 05.07.10 Alternative Rock
Imagination of a Day Dreamer Vic Holman 05.07.10 Indie Rock
I Can't Sleep w/Char richard13 05.07.10 Romantic
I remember when egobandit 05.05.10 Psychedelic
Glacier Ride (Piano Solo) magnatone 05.05.10 Piano
Derek and the Sunshine Band (w/ Ziti) Einarus 05.05.10 Soul
Sprites SmokeyVW 05.03.10 Other
12 Bar Blues John McLaughlin Style sentinal 05.03.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Bringing All The Tears stevel 05.03.10 Alternative Rock
Unseen Foundation (WIP) blindsidedpoets 05.02.10 Acoustic
Not Who I Ever Want to Be alackbass 05.02.10 Rock
Sweet Pickin' (Feter, Roxylee, Dadai.2) The_Front_Porch 04.29.10 Folk (contemporary)
Queen of the Streets Gaylen75 04.28.10 Electropop
If ELP played Toccata 3 in C# minor by Debussy Vaisvil 04.27.10 Progressive Rock
Blue Skies V1 michaeljayklein 04.27.10 Easy Listening
Groovin with Andy Sirens_Headband 04.26.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Do You Wanna Waste Some Time? w/kevlar of JOAN bud 04.25.10 Dance-Club
Soul Jazz scofugate 04.25.10 Jazz (instrumental)
1-2-3-5 Overdrive Bob6stringer 04.23.10 Rock & Roll
Hang Blues (Kassia on Hang Drum) Six-Nail-Coffin 04.23.10 Bebop
Quixotic Dreams v2 (Maureen on Guitar) drakonis 04.22.10 Folk (traditional)
A Light Went Out w/ Jerry Quinn, Paul Page & Ryan alackbass 04.22.10 Acoustic
Rekindled Love claypotts 04.22.10 Rhythm and Blues
MS-13 michaelkoppenheffer 04.21.10 Ballad
Escape From Radiation (featuring Spiderland) fasteddie 04.17.10 Hard Rock
I Fell Behind michael2 04.17.10 Indie Rock
Shiru mono wa iwazu, iu mono wa shirazu dantimmermans 04.15.10 Indie Rock
Boon Tune kassia 04.13.10 Classical
Conversations tonestones 04.13.10 Progressive Rock
Funkin' That New Stuff scaustrita 04.11.10 Funk
Heroes (2010) apb 04.09.10 Pop (Alternative)
Alman/Ballad/Jig (Ibstrat cover) BirdmanWayne94 04.08.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Melancholy Baby michaeljayklein 04.08.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Rink Rats tempie 04.07.10 Pop (Alternative)
keep your head up egobandit 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
$12 Hooker (non-explicit version) fasteddie 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
Eye of the Storm Einarus 04.05.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
You And You Alone Moviz 04.04.10 Romantic
The Devil Plays in all the Best Bands (Revised) fasteddie 04.03.10 Hard Rock
Conflagration w/magnatone bud 03.27.10 Open Collaborations
March Jam dave_b 03.24.10 Rock (instrumental)
Fingers scofugate 03.20.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Wade In The Water Variations thetiler 03.15.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Call to Prayer rsorensen 03.10.10 Heavy Metal
The Moss Cori Ander 03.10.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Vita Per Diem SmokeyVW 03.09.10 Film Scoring
Night Fell sister_savage 03.06.10 Folk (contemporary)
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
Big Fonk Nasty (the edhara version w/Hectorious, Karmatoburn) Hectorious 03.03.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Sure Enough w/Awigze bud 03.02.10 Jazz Fusion
Uma no hone dantimmermans 03.02.10 Indie Rock
Your Minutes Up rustymunch 03.01.10 Acoustic Rock
TELL ME HONEY PBGB 03.01.10 Rock & Roll
Hard to Be Alone rustymunch 03.01.10 Acoustic Rock
Hung Up smokey bacon jnr 03.01.10 Alternative Rock
I Believe in the Sunshine michael2 02.28.10 Indie Rock
Seafood Gumbo w/ AngelaHope TobinMueller 02.25.10 Jazz (vocal)
Soundcheck michael2 02.25.10 Indie Rock
Last Words Boogie (Featuring scofugate) Relic67 02.22.10 Rock
A Little Crazy with cchaplin lengold 02.22.10 Other
forgot about love egobandit 02.21.10 Psychedelic
Baboons and Loons Alannah 02.21.10 Alternative Rock
The Beat DarkPlanet 02.21.10 Alternative Rock
Lunar Eclipse (w/ awigze, tonestones) SmokeyVW 02.20.10 Jazz (vocal)
nothing but pies ste 02.20.10 Pop (Alternative)
JIGUMA Tribute - ReMx rtcooper 02.19.10 Folk-Rock
Porsche thetiler 02.19.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Anything You Want michael2 02.19.10 Pop (Alternative)
Whispers in the Sand Einarus 02.18.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Some Stunk Funk Ibstrat 02.18.10 Funk
She Don't (remix) rsorensen 02.16.10 Alternative Rock
Adopted thetiler 02.16.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Valentine (Remix) StrainsOfCaine 02.16.10 Electropop
IggyJiggyWiggy w/ jiguma , awigze I.G.M. 02.15.10 Acoustic Rock
Jennifer A. Vic Holman 02.15.10 Indie Rock
Everything About You michael2 02.15.10 Indie Rock
Loss For Words Lennon714 02.14.10 Rock & Roll
This is a little song (MJRF2010) mikkinylund 02.14.10 Indie Rock
Permanent light (feat. Echoroom) with Guygrooves craft 02.14.10 Other
What About Me? by Sisters, sax added awigze 02.14.10 Funk
bass vs. sitar round 1 bageltogo 02.14.10 Experimental
SOME GO • SOME STAY w/Tobin Mueller (MJRF2010) thoddi 02.14.10 Soul
l'antidote (MJRF2010) blaky smith 02.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
Concrete Tango (FSC) bud 02.12.10 Tango
Breathe chinaman2 02.12.10 Downtempo
The Lonely Puppy SickPuppy 02.12.10 Piano
Laura (MJRF2010) Cameron 02.11.10 New Age
Ooh L'amour st_victor 02.11.10 Rock
Lazy dabaxter 02.11.10 Blues (contemporary)
FISHIN' richardhowardjones 02.11.10 Ambient
Two Scoops of Sugar In michael2 02.11.10 Acoustic
The Death of Gaia fasteddie 02.10.10 Hard Rock
Life Is a Terminal Disease michaelkoppenheffer 02.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Nonesuch too (w/ awigze) VicDiesel 02.10.10 Downtempo
She Don't rsorensen 02.09.10 Indie Rock
Confusion Gaylen75 02.09.10 Electropop
Clarion's Bell (FSC) awigze 02.09.10 Experimental
From Up Hi teptep 02.08.10 A Cappella
Songone Bensonofone 02.10.10 Ambient
Procession of the Saints MidiOrleans 02.08.10 Jazz (instrumental)
is she fell Sea Monk Seven 02.08.10 Lo-fi
like a leaf egobandit 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
labores solis (Behind the Scenes) ic42 02.07.10 Informational
Can circles get more vicious? Komrade K 02.07.10 Art Rock
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
Tradin' New Blues for Old MJRF 2010 sloparts 02.06.10 Blues (contemporary)
Dark Highway Bowman 02.06.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Give in to Love (w/t Birdman Wayne: MJRF 2010) echoroom 02.06.10 Alternative Rock
Live With Me Plumefall 02.10.10 Alternative Rock
Traveling Blind MJRF2010 eleveneyes 02.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Go (live your life) (with Nick Flash) craft 02.06.10 Other
Merton's Prayer (work-in-progress with Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 02.05.10 Folk-Rock
soon (MJRF2010) Cori Ander 02.05.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Forever fasteddie 02.04.10 Psychedelic
Notes 'n Thoughts (MJRF2010) BirdmanWayne94 02.04.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
i'm a reunion maid MJRF 2010 caroline 02.04.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Blue Sunshine(MJRF2010) Skean 02.04.10 Rock
Wouldn't Change a Thing (MJRF2010) michaelkoppenheffer 02.04.10 Folk (contemporary)
when you smile buckhorn 02.03.10 Lo-fi
bobbabledee(MJRF2010) egobandit 02.03.10 Psychedelic
Hurt Me (MJRF2010) Gaylen75 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
I'm a Dreamer( MJRF2010) Moviz 02.02.10 Rock & Roll
Falling MJRF 2010 BeccaJohnson 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
Goodbye, Full Moon Wolf (Hello Depressing Sun) Paulie 02.02.10 Acoustic
Memory ( MJRF2010) Feat Alimar+Peter Greenstone SlimGirlFat 02.02.10 Ambient
Funky Man (Doh!) johnwhitehead 02.02.10 Funk
Once Again Bethan_Mathis 02.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
Sailortown w/echoroom (MJRF 2010) bud 02.01.10 Alternative Rock
Desert Dance II (MJRF2010) Doug Somers 02.01.10 Middle Eastern
San Carlo Bay (MJRF2010) scaustrita 02.01.10 Latin
Chocolate Rabbits 3 (MJRF 2010) mr_mordenus 01.31.10 Electropop
Turbo Boost (MJRF10) DeputyDoofy 01.31.10 Electropop
Away In Black (MJRF2010) Vic Holman 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
Glacially Inevitable Music Video (MJRF2010) ic42 01.31.10 Ambient
Scarborough Faire: Ren Faire on the Beach (MJRF 2010) Ren-Tin-10 01.31.10 Renaissance
Grave Robbing v2 (MJRF2010) w/ tonestone TobinMueller 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
All before family musichead 01.31.10 Pop (mainstream)
The Thin Man Dreams (MJRF2010) jiguma 01.31.10 Acoustic Rock
Harlequins Outtaorbit 01.30.10 Electropop
Awkward Questions Honkrite 01.30.10 Experimental
you knew it egobandit 01.30.10 Psychedelic
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Breathe sister_savage 02.01.10 Folk-Rock
Confusion bronco 01.30.10 Rock
Flying FrankAxtell 01.29.10 Rock
Stupid CrazeeFlootGrrl 01.29.10 Pop (mainstream)
Aftermath airportseven 01.29.10 Art Rock
Love Devotion Surrender Norman Goodman 01.25.10 NUjazz
Dont wanna be alone jibes 01.25.10 Folk-Rock
The One with BirdmanWayne94 guygrooves 01.25.10 Acoustic
A cycle revealed egobandit 01.24.10 Alternative Rock
A sense of summer thoddi 01.24.10 Latin Jazz
When I Say Y'All michaelkoppenheffer 01.23.10 Acoustic
That Sexy Smile Gaylen75 01.23.10 Alternative Rock
Echolalia (w/ sonnyjim) racerat 01.23.10 Downtempo
Feels Like A Good Time (w/scaustrita) abfkingsport 01.23.10 Ballad
Meltdown FrankAxtell 01.22.10 Blues (traditional)
Life Goes On Cameron 01.22.10 Ambient
Grand Theft Auto Thrill ride fasteddie 01.22.10 Hard Rock
not something you say egobandit 01.18.10 Psychedelic
Carbis Bay ThroughRivers 01.18.10 Acoustic
Blow Yer Blues Away michael2 01.15.10 Rock
Silly Lad st_victor 01.14.10 Ballad
Don't Want To Talk About It jiguma 01.08.10 Acoustic Rock
Prowlers Creed scofugate 01.03.10 Swing
Masochistic Love (Lennon 714) racerat 12.31.09 Alternative Rock
Free Range Chicken eleveneyes 12.30.09 Blues (contemporary)
Everything Now (w/t Tokai) echoroom 12.27.09 Alternative Rock
Free moorlandt 12.27.09 Pop (Alternative)
Kaos mindscaper 12.17.09 Emo
Let Your Blues Come Down ziti 12.17.09 Rock
Guillô, Pran ton Tamborin Doug Somers 12.17.09 Ethnic-International
Circle michael2 12.17.09 Shoegazer
Shine (MJ Collab) davisamerica 12.17.09 Ambient
tikipod w/awigze and APOD bud 12.15.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Intangible Bud mix Char 12.13.09 Blues (contemporary)
Heart on the Road (w/ feter, johnwhitehead, roxylee, crissew, tonestones, daugrin, komrad k, brian) tonestones 12.13.09 Bluegrass
un attimo di... Parichayaka 12.13.09 Piano
If There Are Angels Moviz 12.11.09 Holiday
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
White Light jibes 12.11.09 Rock & Roll
Resonate rsolorio 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
12 after scofugate 12.07.09 Jazz (instrumental)
eiche/Gaylen75 tokai 12.07.09 Alternative Rock
It is what it is. Live with it. mikkinylund 12.01.09 Pop (Alternative)
We walk mikkinylund 11.29.09 Pop (Alternative)
Signs of Life jiguma 11.27.09 Alternative Rock
Someone Has To Pay Tonight musichead 11.27.09 Hard Rock
Organic blue tadashi 11.25.09 Blues (contemporary)
Sunset Pier scaustrita 11.22.09 Latin Jazz
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Trains and Plains scofugate 11.15.09 Jazz Fusion
Miranda's Rights (My Nose is Bleeding for You Baby) claypotts 11.14.09 Rhythm and Blues
Break Away (Mark Holbrook & Awigze) Char 11.14.09 Ballad
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
Pipe Spring at Dusk VicDiesel 11.07.09 Native American
farriage/Gaylen75 tokai 10.29.09 Heavy Metal
You Are My Whole Life rsorensen 10.27.09 Indie Rock
Last Day Here guygrooves 10.25.09 Hard Rock
tired apod 10.21.09 Easy Listening
Roll Your Bones DarkPlanet 10.19.09 Alternative Rock
Personal Space 09 w/ Daugrin tonestones 10.18.09 Progressive Rock
Oh, see. mikkinylund 10.17.09 Pop (Alternative)
No Son(egobandit band) davisamerica 10.16.09 Art Rock
Retarded Monkey Finds God, Eats Hands and Sublimates shavingronaldscar 10.14.09 Experimental
Temporal Tantrum (Sister Savage Mix) drakonis 10.11.09 Gothic Rock
Clumsy Kisses (Alt) dantimmermans 10.10.09 Indie Rock
Overbite scofugate 10.09.09 Rock (instrumental)
We got to Jive in Blues by (Feter) awigze 09.24.09 Blues (traditional)
Captains of Industry tonestones 09.23.09 Progressive Rock
Fire anomalous 09.22.09 Shoegazer
Stepping Down ziti 09.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
Sorry (Bracelet of Hope Version) blindsidedpoets 09.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
alphaman tokai 09.10.09 Art Rock
I Settled for a Monster claypotts 09.03.09 Blues (contemporary)
Elec-tecnic xavrockbeats1334 08.12.09 Hard Rock
Foolsaint kassia 08.09.09 New Age
Frank's Song racerat 08.08.09 Alternative Rock
lanarama/Ktb/Thoddi/Ramona tokai 08.02.09 Art Rock
chi/Ktb tokai 07.27.09 Art Rock
Peter Pan somebuddy 07.22.09 Children's Music
Life Without You - A Rock Ballad scaustrita 07.12.09 Alternative Rock
The Alligator Freedom Song mikkinylund 07.06.09 Indie Rock
Deeper (w/t Racerat) echoroom 07.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
Voiceless chikoppi 07.04.09 Metal
Carriage Girl Mckenzie 07.03.09 Acoustic
Zeppy collab bud 07.02.09 Open Collaborations
Didn't See It Coming claypotts 06.15.09 Rock
Tea and Scones damiengh 06.12.09 Art Rock
Valentine claypotts 06.01.09 Blues (contemporary)
Double-Crossed claypotts 05.28.09 Rhythm and Blues
Part 2 somebuddy 05.22.09 Alternative Rock
I`m Gone I.G.M. 05.19.09 Jazz (vocal)
Ectoplasmic Spasms Diviner 05.17.09 Downtempo
sheep2/Reggie Pole tokai 05.13.09 Art Rock
One Bright Day Vic Holman 05.04.09 Alternative Rock
My Rose fambroski 04.23.09 Other
Negative Space (First Verse) ElPeruano 04.12.09 Hip Hop-Rap
I Wish It Was You racerat 04.12.09 Downtempo
Love's Out of Hand w musichead Char 04.10.09 Rock
Through 12parsecs 04.08.09 Indie Rock
Unwanted racerat 04.05.09 Art Rock
The Night I.G.M. 04.05.09 Acoustic
Chase The Sun anomalous 03.29.09 Alternative Rock
tHe sOng thAt neVer waS Macaudion 03.28.09 Jazz (vocal)
The Song That Never Was (Imogen Heap Remix) 12parsecs 02.20.09 Pop (Alternative)
the shamen/Ramona/Lunatrick tokai 01.17.09 Heavy Metal
Resistance is Futile AllenDean 01.06.09 Rock (instrumental)
The important thing BenedictJames 12.07.08 Downtempo
So Much Time michael2 11.21.08 Psychedelic
Track4 What Jessie Heard BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track4 What Jessie Heard BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Letter of a Heart (by Feter) michael2 09.01.08 Indie Rock
Carry Me Home (New Edition) Mckenzie 08.31.08 Acoustic Rock
Upside Down quarkhead 08.27.08 Other
Tambourine Orchestra (feat: rsorensen!) 12parsecs 07.11.08 Indie Rock
I Need Gasoline (folk-psych) michael2 07.08.08 Psychedelic
My Time Machine (Coffee House version) 12parsecs 07.01.08 Acoustic Rock
Stay (w/rsorensen) Nick_Flash 05.28.08 Alternative Rock
Sunfist egobandit 03.23.08 Alternative Rock
Darkness Till Dawn bud 02.01.08 Alternative Rock
I See Myself w/michael2 bud 12.10.07 Psychedelic
Oh Argentina Sea Monk Seven 11.02.07 Art Rock
Letter Of A Heart(w/Dadai) Feter 10.26.07 Folk (contemporary)
wandering Mystified 10.21.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Level of Actual (w/Bud) michael2 09.05.07 Experimental
Be My Love TobinMueller 09.01.07 Acoustic Rock
Post Black grid stalker 07.18.07 Alternative Rock
Flames Grow Tall michael2 05.01.07 Folk (contemporary)
Stayed At Home michael2 04.28.07 Pop (Alternative)
Fake Bass michael2 04.27.07 Art Rock
Everyone Relies on Time michael2 04.23.07 Psychedelic
Caroline Knows michael2 04.22.07 Emo
California #1 michael2 04.22.07 Psychedelic
California #2 michael2 04.19.07 Acoustic
Even If It's Lies michael2 04.18.07 Pop (Alternative)
Sea-foam Green michael2 04.14.07 Indie Rock
Right As Rain michael2 04.11.07 Pop (Alternative)
Dust michael2 04.11.07 Pop (Alternative)
Is This Love? michael2 04.10.07 Pop (Alternative)
Pet michael2 04.09.07 Pop (Alternative)
Trust Knot michael2 04.08.07 Lo-fi
Mendocino michael2 04.01.07 Ambient
Eve michael2 03.20.07 Psychedelic
Driftin CD version ziti 02.18.07 Blues (traditional)
McBoy's ktb 12.07.06 Jazz Fusion
Run Aground heatherbrooks 08.27.06 Pop (mainstream)
Saturnine (electro estate mix) The Orbiting 08.25.06 Alternative Rock
ZigZag(collab: Z293/mcboy) Mcboy 05.28.06 Hard Rock
I Have Dreamed In Another TobinMueller 03.18.06 Art Rock
Tricky I.G.M. 02.26.06 Blues (contemporary)
A Lot To Believe I.G.M. 10.31.05 Funk
Again I.G.M. 08.26.05 Acoustic
Avec Vous jiguma 05.09.05 Dance-Club
Feeling Moody Joanna 10.10.04 Jazz (vocal)
Tango (The Dance) TobinMueller 03.08.04 Tango
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Music Background Too many influences to name. Better with places and years (not that I was there): Chicago 1950's, NYC 1962-66, London 1967-72, Buenos Aires 1972-75, Seattle 1991-1995
Music Skills guitar, bass, singing, programming
Music Hardware M-Audio FastTrack audio interface

M-Audio SoundCheck microphone

M-Audio Keystation 61es USB keyboard

Akay MPD18

DigiTech PR250

Jackson PS-4

Hand made Spanish guitar

Presonus USB audio interface

AT-2035 microphone

Rokit 5

Music Software Reaper



Garage Band

Keywords Alternative, Rock, Spanish, Guitar