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Chikoppi here. I've created this alternate profile for a "song journal" project begun in the forums (see: "Song Journal?").

I thought it would be interesting to publicly document the process of creating a song, beginning to end, complete with audio examples at various stages. My hope is that others will comment and compare notes about their own processes and experiences at each stage. Hopefully, the exchange of ideas that results will lead to insights about how different musicians approach the creative process.

I've begun work on a new song for TENSE, a virtual band shared by MacJams member "Packosmokes" and myself. You can find examples of our music on either of our member pages ( packosmokes / chikoppi ). I'll be uploading stages of the song as it progresses and documenting my (our) thoughts and processes on each song page (see below). At each stage I invite you to chime-in with any thoughts you may have that relate to your own creative process.

The idea here is to discuss the creative process, not to evaluate the song (at least not until the final draft!). Voting really isn't applicable in this regard.

I should add a note about my experience. I'm a guitar player, not a trained musician. I don't know a heck of a lot about music theory. This isn't a "how-to" exercise but rather a vehicle to get us all talking and thinking about how we approach music.

I hope you find this useful or at least entertaining!

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