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(Dom Gittins)

Member Since: Friday, August 12 2005 @ 02:56 AM CDT
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Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire United Kingdom
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Less 'musician' - more 'performer', less 'recording artiste' - more 'bloke with a microphone and a few musical instruments'.

(Decreasingly) recently had the great pleasure of participating at the jammers'
talktwaddle-athon at Caroline's House of Shiny Lights.
Much amusement was had by all (not to mention sundry.)

My first individual posts on Macjams were all posted under other people's IDs and they were all very silly indeed.

Der Grupen Namen Instituten suggested a name for a new Macjams band.

The Royal Institute for the Nomenclature of Popular Beat Combos explained how
a popular Macjammer got her screen name

Australian Bandstanders provide a name for  Bare Koala

The spooftastic artiste Skinny Sheila Lard-Arse narrates her own audio profile

Meanwhile at the dotdomicile, our historical department researched and produced
The Legend of Drakonis - based on Drakonis' own Ember-Rekindled : Surely the most widely collaborated on piece of all time !

In a mildly different direction and with a slightly different voice this telephone call might amuse.

Invisible Member explains the phenomenon of lurking with insight out of sight.

More recently I was at MJ UK 2006 where I was heard to LMAO. Some of the ramblings in the kitchen interviews may well be mine.
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Music Background I definitely prefer it in the foreground, I mean either play some music I can listen to or don't bother. If I want a conversation I'll go somewhere quiet. And ambient ? Isn't that a temperature ?
If I'm going to play music that's a temperature I would rather play 'hot' or 'cool' - not 'room'.
I took up the trumpet at 12 because I thought it only had three valves - how hard can it be ? I don't play the trumpet any more.
I disapprove of black dots and squiggles as a means of playing music.
I prefer the use of earholes and soul.
Music Skills The ability to write silly lyrics on the fly - as long as it sits still long enough.
I can hum.
I can do a passable impersonation of a pianist or guitarist as long as :-
a) It's a live performance
b) I am sober
c) The audience isn't
On any recording my part should be played by someone else.
Except the voice. That's all mine.
Music Hardware A Yamaha Clavinova, Takamine guitar, a nuther guitar shaped like an oil can, a bass, a voice (deep)
Music Software Logic Express & Garageband and considering Ableton Live
Keywords Yale, Chubb, Smith, Pick, Quay, Dom, Australian Bandstanders, Grupen Namen Instituten, Royal Institute for the Nomenclature of Popular Beat Combos, Colonel Sir Gerald Foxslaughterer (Retd)