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2.1.2014*Hello* Will Update * > Bio-Gear etc + Self-Taught, Play mostly guitar and a M-Audio Radium 49 Midi Keyboard with
Software Instruments. Sometimes record direct through modeling devices
Also use a Atomic Reactor Amplifier 18 watt Tube slave amp.Use a PODXT and Vox
Tonelab with it mostly but the other modeling devices can be used through its
effects loop. By far the best amp I have ever had. Also have a Vox 15 watt
Pathfinder (solid state)

Have Collaborated at times with Epileptic Gibbon
dwwave's Songs (27)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
06.10.08 One Half Person  (---) 2900 (2) Experimental 06.10.08 Active
03.19.07 "Durge To Surge" 8.25 (3) 3232 (12) Experimental 07.16.07 Active
12.30.06 Through One I 7.00 (1) 3036 (8) Solo Instrument 01.07.07 Active
07.30.06 Spin 20 7.06 (4) 2193 (11) Psychedelic 01.07.07 Active
07.28.06 Before The Call 7.42 (3) 1785 (8) Ambient 07.30.06 Active
01.16.06 'Questions(w/Epileptic Gibbon)' 7.92 (9) 3636 (36) Experimental 07.30.06 Active
09.05.05 Where is My President? 7.58 (3) 2905 (9) Experimental 12.26.06 Active
07.17.05 Catastrophic City 6.86 (9) 4949 (23) Alternative Rock 03.28.07 Active
06.29.05 Re-Entry Squad 6.50 (3) 2430 (5) Experimental 07.01.05 Active
06.29.05 Re-Entry Squad (sound only 6.00 (2) 2309 (3) Experimental 09.05.05 Active
06.27.05 I Thought iT Was Day 6.75 (2) 1937 (6) Experimental 06.29.05 Active
06.15.05 Barren Dust 6.75 (5) 3241 (9) Experimental 07.18.05 Active
05.30.05 Its Only a Problem if U Let It 4.00 (1) 2300 (2) Alternative Rock 05.31.05 Active
05.30.05 Washing Machine 6.75 (2) 2558 (2) Alternative Rock 09.17.05 Active
04.30.05 Tape Reel 4.88 (2) 2199 (3) Dance-Club 05.16.05 Active
02.14.05 Electric Horse Ride 4.67 (3) 2406 (2) Rock & Roll 02.16.05 Active
02.14.05 Floating By 4.50 (1) 2293 (0) Ambient N/A Active
02.13.05 Running From The Wind 4.67 (3) 2305 (2) Ambient 02.16.05 Active
02.13.05 To Be Needed is All I Ask 5.50 (1) 2274 (3) Other 02.16.05 Active
02.13.05 One Shoe or 2 (#2) 5.25 (1) 2139 (0) Other N/A Active
02.06.05 Breathin To Live 5.13 (2) 2234 (2) Rock & Roll 02.08.05 Active
02.06.05 Superbowl Longing 3.88 (2) 2267 (3) Blues (traditional) 02.16.05 Active
02.05.05 Looking for Room 4.83 (3) 2420 (2) Jazz (instrumental) 02.07.05 Active
02.05.05 4 Teeth 5.75 (3) 2388 (4) Pop (mainstream) 07.16.05 Active
01.19.05 Ice On The Window 5.25 (1) 2446 (3) Ambient 02.03.05 Active
01.19.05 Snow Slidin 5.50 (1) 2535 (4) Alternative Rock 02.03.05 Active
01.17.05 Sanitize my Eyes 4.58 (3) 2606 (3) Alternative Rock 02.03.05 Active
Favorite Songs (51)
Title Artist Date Genre
The Scene bronco 08.18.08 Folk-Rock
Blues Stay Away From Me bronco 02.22.08 Country-Western
Had We But World Enough mandolinquent 11.21.07 Folk-Rock
Why Aren't You Mine? bronco 10.12.07 Jazz (vocal)
Run On (New Recording) dreadmon 07.22.07 Acoustic Rock
Knock Them Down bronco 07.07.07 Blues (traditional)
I Ride An Old Paint bronco 06.16.07 Folk (traditional)
She Used To Be bronco 05.28.07 Acoustic Rock
Wellyn (remix) dreadmon 04.27.07 Acoustic Rock
Neon Tiki (Remix) dreadmon 04.11.07 Pop (Alternative)
Follow You Down bronco 04.04.07 Blues (traditional)
Seminole Solstice dreadmon 04.03.07 Native American
Thunder & Desire bronco 04.01.07 Acoustic Rock
Steamroller john 03.23.07 Rock
Rosin The Beau dreadmon 03.17.07 Celtic
Cheney's Got A Gun bronco 03.15.07 Political
Junior Stop Playing With That Thing bronco 03.10.07 Blues (contemporary)
I Know You Rider bronco 03.06.07 Folk (traditional)
I Like It In Duluth bronco 03.05.07 Folk (contemporary)
Baby What You Want Me To Do bronco 03.04.07 Blues (traditional)
Uncle Tom Blues bronco 03.02.07 Blues (traditional)
Every Friday Night bronco 03.02.07 Country-Western
The Atchafalaya Stomp bronco 02.25.07 Folk (contemporary)
900 Miles bronco 02.16.07 Folk (traditional)
Cloud Over The Sunbelt bronco 01.30.07 Folk (contemporary)
Casualties of Faith (Remix) dreadmon 01.18.07 Rock
Evangeline bronco 01.08.07 Folk (contemporary)
Did They Dream Us bronco 01.07.07 Ballad
Rock The Halls john 12.17.06 Holiday
Crazy Feels Like dreadmon 12.07.06 Alternative Rock
Waiting... Emre 11.26.06 Alternative Rock
How Have Your Hard Times Been? bronco 11.02.06 Folk (traditional)
Fallen Angels bronco 10.27.06 Folk (contemporary)
My Home Town bronco 10.20.06 Acoustic Rock
Falling Apart w Selters bronco 05.26.06 Folk-Rock
El Día mandolinquent 05.24.06 Latin
Fiddler Off the Roof w/Komrade K & Caroline Epileptic Gibbon 05.23.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
War Party john 05.14.06 Rock (instrumental)
Then I Saw It w Katchoolik bronco 04.30.06 Rock
Feet of Clay w/Selters bronco 02.27.06 Folk (contemporary)
Soon Together Cori Ander 01.23.06 Acoustic
The Great Geronimo john 01.22.06 Folk-Rock
Jhonny Silva mandolinquent 12.21.05 Ambient
Pentatonic Adventure john 12.18.05 Rock (instrumental)
There's 2000 Gone Now bronco 11.16.05 Political
Wild About My Loving bronco 11.14.05 Folk-Rock
Loose Anna By You II (w/ Epileptic Gibbon) nisper 08.07.05 Funk
Judgement Day (a week next Thursday) [with dwwave] Epileptic Gibbon 08.04.05 Experimental
Let It Rain-2nd version bronco 05.23.05 Blues (traditional)
Too Old To Rock bronco 04.07.05 Blues (traditional)
Thanks For The Mammary Epileptic Gibbon 11.30.04 Progressive Rock
Favorite MacJammers (7)
Fans (5)
Music Background Self Taugh


Music Skills Basically Wing It, Self taught, Started with a Casio keyboard when I was about 20 (other then about 5 acoustic guitar lessons when I was about ten, took them at Church with my Sister. I then picked up a very old (1920's) upright Piano and I lived alone( except a cat named Rain) in a Victorian House converted into apartments. I went to the library and picked up some books on basic piano and then went to a store and bought some acrylic paint and painted the keys in the manner they were laid out (instead of using one of those cardboard sheets you put in front of the keys, it worked pretty well and I have some cassettes somewhere of stuff I recorded. I also played (sometimes) just the sharp keys and that brought out some interesting sounds. Got married and moved to Virginia and the piano was not worth taking and the house had changed owners (who had redone the steps (I lived upstairs)and not wanting to damage the newly sanded and varnished steps, my wife, her sister and myself spent quite awhile dismantling the piano, cutting wood by handsaw and even cutting the brass harp? to make it moveable. Quite a job but it was actually a bit of fun and certainly something I/We had never done before!
Music Hardware Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 M-Ausio Keystation 86es M-Audio Radium 49 midi controller, Tascam US-122 USB Interface, M-Audio DX4 Studiophile Monitors/Speakers. AKG K-220M Stereo Headphones Various Guitars: Gibson Blueshawk,Epiphone Elitist Series '57 Goldtop, Schecter Tempest Limited Edition, Line 6 Variax 500,Line 6 Workbench (for Variax ) PRS Tremonti SE. Takamine EG530 A/E, No Name Classical Acoustic. Line 6 PodXt, Vox Tonelab, Roger Linn Adrennalin II, Korg Ampworks, Korg PadKontrol , M-Audio Black Box (reloaded) with footpedal, Korg PadKontrol Midi& Drum Controller(learning this one) and a Korg Pandora PX3(my first modeling processor, pretty cool) Atomic Reactor Guitar Amp(18 watt tube slave amp with one speaker, I alternate using the Line Podxt and Vox Tonelab in it(Just a Awesome Sound and Concept!) Vox Pathfinder Guitar Amp 15 watt (non reverb model) has external speaker connection and will (per Harmony Central drive a 4x12 Speaker Cabinet(never tried) its pretty darn loud though if desired, (has gain adjustment) Shure SM57 & 58 and a Sennheiser e815s Microphones, Use Whirlwind and Planet Waves XLR Cables, Planet Waves (for Line 6 Variax 500 Guitar as requires a TRS cable , Rest of cables use Monster Cables(The Monster Cables really improve sound quality and are worth the investment (IMO) Peace and Stop the War!
Music Software Have GB1 and GB2 as well as Apple Jam Pack 1, SonicBoomBox(loops and software instruments) and various (royalty free) loops and some AU plug ins, and Idrum (not so good) Tracktion 1 (licensed, mackie gave away version I when they came out with Version 2 for a short time) Reason Adapted (for Korg) Abelton Live Lite(now Version 6) Sample Tank 2 Korg Edition, UVI Korg Edition, MDE-X effects from Korg legacy Edition) (The Korg PadKontrol came with a large bundle of software ("lite" versions but upgradable (to a point)and have serial numbers. Pro Sessions Drum Loops for Black Box (but can be added to Garageband as well)
Keywords dwwave is david wilson radio waves sonic sounds wave forms short wave radio