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Ian Beardsley is a scientist and a musician. His work in the sciences has been in ETs and AI (Extraterrestrials and Artificial Intelligence). His work has lead to the discovery that the recipe for AI is written in Nature and that ETs have possibly provided us with messages encoded in our science and history. This has resulted in his books: "The AI Cookbooks" and "Utah and The Annunaki". His fandangos played on the guitar carry him through life in his pursuits.
eanbardsley's Songs (4)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.19.18 journey through styles  (---) 40 (0) Acoustic N/A Active
02.06.18 cantes de las cuerdas  (---) 83 (2) Acoustic 02.10.18 Active
02.04.18 la buleria flamenca  (---) 79 (0) Acoustic N/A Active
12.28.17 Clavado  (---) 176 (0) Acoustic N/A Active
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