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Eine kleine Nachtmusik: a little night's music.

It is evening in the court of King "Mac" James. The guests have finished a sumptuous dinner and are sitting back, expecting some grand entertainment. What will it be? Song or dance? A lone troubadour or the court orchestra? A juggler or the royal ballet?

You are in charge of entertainment. Find some performers and put on a show that will make the king look good in the eyes of his guests.

the rules :

-please post a (new piece) no oldies will required
-please as the last manusicrpt of the dukes they do demand
no other gener
-please notice that this fest will start the second week next month
(date will be announce from the court maestro later )
this will sustain for the end of the coming month !!
-kids will be welcomed
-post your song link here at this thread !
special thanks to Maestro VicDiesel
for his kind help !

Court composer
feter !!!!
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