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(David McNair)

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Hi, I'm David and and in my spare time I'm a drummer with a growing interest in musical production. I'm in the Army and I move around a lot so I enjoy chances to collaborate with people in geographically uneffected ways. I'm married and have two children, and my hobbies outside of music include reading, movies, and dirt bike trail riding.
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Music Background I grew up listening to a ton of classic rock thanks to my parents. The band I remember hearing the most when I was helping my dad fix things around the house was the Beatles. My older cousin introduced me to Metallica and to this day I'd say they are one of my favorite bands. I've also always enjoyed listening to classical music, especially classical guitar. In the last few years I've been listening to more Spanish guitar as well.
Music Skills I'm primarily a drummer, but I'm steadily gaining interest in the music production process. I've been putting a lot of time into stretching GarageBand X to it's limits lately and I'll probably step up to Logic before too long so I can play with the big toys.
Music Hardware I've got a Yamaha DTXtreme IIIs with 3 added cymbals. It is mounted on a modified RS130 rack (two of the RS130s put together actually). I have a pearl eliminator Hi-Hat Stand and Pearl Powershifter Eliminator double bass pedals. I sit on a DW5000 throne and my primary drumsticks are Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Sticks. I also have a Scarlett 18i20 audio interface that goes mostly unused at the moment.
Music Software My primary DAW right now is GarageBand 10, but I have all the other versions for compatibility and collaboration with anyone that wants to work on a legacy GarageBand file. For my drumming, I use Addictive Drums by XLN. I have Anytune for Mac as well, which can be handy if I'm having a bad day ripping off licks at 190 BPM for someone but I have a deadline to meet because it lets me "cheat", slow down the song some, and get a cut that is really good without having to play a gazillion miles an hour...tricks of the trade after leg day I suppose.