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(francesco liscio)

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hey my name is frank. I like to eat ice cream and enjoy a nice pair of slacks. and music is my game ,baby. that's right. music. i play the guitar and am a new member to the mac club. do you have the club smoking jacket? yeah, that's right, smoking jacket. i like to wear it around the house, it makes me feel important. sorry, i can't be serious. ok, i was born in the little hamlet of doughville saskatchewan. my father was a burly logger who worked hard his whole life. i'm serious about that. as soon as he was born my grandma used him as a paper weight in the textile factory she worked. you know, child labor back in those days was pretty common. they paid him a liveable wage , which at the time, was peanuts. literally. they gave him peanuts. my mother was an Estonian circus performer who travelled the world since she was 10. she was known for her special talent of holding 65 oranges in her mouth simultaneously. when the circus came to doughville....... ok that's enough.
frml's Songs (5)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
03.21.05 in the shack out back 7.69 (9) 4511 (11) Jazz (instrumental) 04.06.05 Active
03.09.05 Natalina 7.79 (12) 3848 (17) Jazz (instrumental) 11.16.10 Active
03.05.05 baggin' 8.21 (19) 5163 (16) Jazz (instrumental) 08.11.07 Active
02.23.05 part1:WeaponsofMassProduction part2:smoked out 7.88 (19) 4050 (23) Jazz (instrumental) 05.22.05 Active
02.04.05 wmp(weapons of mass production) 7.83 (12) 3369 (15) Jazz (instrumental) 02.28.05 Active
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