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(Geren Mortensen)

Member Since: Friday, March 20 2009 @ 05:57 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://web.me.com/gerenm/
Location: COLUMBIA, MD United States
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Music Background Playing piano/keyboards off-and-on for most of my life. Mixing live sound and both location and studio for a long, long, long time, too. I also play at the guitar on occasion (carpal tunnel syndrome limits that activity) and am learning to play djembe (properly -- almost anyone can whack on one of those things).
Music Skills Mediocre keyboardist. Lousy guitarist. Fair vocalist. Fantastic live and recording engineer (last CD recorded and mastered has been called "Grammy quality" by several folks who know more about such things than I).
Music Hardware At Home: M-Audio Keystudio 49, Casio Privia 310, Cambridge Soundworks speaker system. Also M-Audio Firewire 1814, an assortment of microphones, a nice Yamaha guitar, a nice Djembe, my wife's viola. At Work: More mics, Digidesign C|24 and I/O96, Digidesign CORE and ACCELII cards, various other digital recording gizmos
Music Software At Home: On the MacBook, there's Garageband along with quite a few AudioUnits plugins; Audacity; ProToolsLE M-Powered On the Dell, there's Adobe Audition, Reaper, ProToolsLE M-Powered, SonarXL Home Studio, a zillion plugins. At Work: Apple Soundtrack Pro, ProToolsHD, Audacity, GarageBand. There's also on screaming Dell with Adobe Audition.
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