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(Glenn Kavanagh)

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I started playing guitar in the 9th grade thanks to Eddie VanHalen. I saw him play on MTV and had to learn how so I bought an old Strat knock off, painted it black with yellow stripes, stopped doing homework, and learned to play by ear and by watching videos of Eddie. I have been self taught ever since and really don't listen to Van Halen anymore. I played in a band breifly in college and also here in Asheville for a short period until the singer moved to Portland. I love to jam with friends and writing my own music at home. I play as often as I can. It's what keeps me sane.

Although I'm basically into anything with no singing, I've been into instrumental guitar since college and enjoy music by Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, etc... you know, all the rock guitar gods that most rock guitarists know about.

I look for something you can't find on the radio. I've always loved instrumentals because I feel it's a gift to be able to move someone emotionally without the use of words to get your point across. (I also struggle with writing lyrics so that may be another hidden reason). :)

Click these links to listen to songs where I've colaborated with another artist:

glennkav's Songs (15)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.07.13 The Beach 0.00 (0) 2474 (22) Rock 04.21.13 Active
03.18.11 Drop Dee Blues 10.00 (1) 2726 (10) Blues (contemporary) 04.07.13 Active
06.10.07 India Traveler 9.11 (7) 3737 (25) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
03.14.07 My Lola 9.10 (5) 3184 (10) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
02.03.07 Pimp Walk 7.88 (2) 2933 (7) Rock (instrumental) 03.14.07 Active
01.07.07 Stomp 8.00 (2) 2743 (6) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
01.07.07 Electric Groove 8.38 (2) 2807 (6) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
07.10.06 Touch of jazz 8.50 (6) 3629 (14) Jazz (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
03.31.06 Start Your Engines 8.43 (10) 4067 (14) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
03.09.06 Run to the Light 8.00 (4) 2903 (12) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
03.08.06 Red Rocket 7.88 (2) 5809 (5) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
02.08.06 March of the Samurai 7.75 (3) 2879 (6) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
02.08.06 Space Trippin' 8.33 (3) 2861 (9) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
02.08.06 Studio One 8.36 (7) 3224 (4) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
02.07.06 Devja Voo 8.35 (5) 3210 (10) Rock (instrumental) 04.07.13 Active
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Music Skills Self taught. Can't read music. Took 2 lessons once and the teacher told me I didn't need it and it would mess me up.
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