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(Cristina Luis)

Member Since: Tuesday, February 15 2005 @ 05:20 PM CST
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Location: Albuquerque, NM
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I'm from Massachusetts, but I move around a lot. I think I'm likable. I like me.
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01.25.07 Seriously  (---) 1975 (3) Dance-Club 05.04.10 Active
01.24.07 Snowbank Blues  (---) 2576 (5) Blues (traditional) 01.31.07 Active
10.11.05 Hit Song (Acoustic)  (---) 1905 (5) Acoustic 01.11.06 Active
02.20.05 King of the Faeries  (---) 5826 (17) Celtic 10.10.10 Active
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Music Background I'm one of those "master of none" types. Trumpet, tin whistle, piano, accordion, guitar, harmonica, and even Galician bagpipes. I'm working a Master Certificate of Arranging from the Berklee School of Music Extension School (online), and I'm about halfway through. I have a mostly classical background, but I love contemporary orchestral work, symphonic rock, folk rock...okay, all kinds of rock... jazz, techno... You get the idea.
Music Skills
Music Hardware M-Audio Firewire Solo and an M-Audio Nova microphone for tin whistle, harmonica, guitar, vocals, etc. Kawaii digital piano for keyboard work.
Music Software I use GarageBand for music production - I just got GB2. For writing/arranging I use Finale2004.