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I like all music except the vast majority of new (c)rap, and main stream country. When I was in Nicaragua I was really exposed to the reggeaton scene that overwhelms the radio and the clubs, thus I like that as well. Reggeaton is not the same as techno. but my true loves are classic rock, aka, zeppeilin, beatles, maiden(big difference i know), satriani, vai, sabbath, CCR, AC/DC, dio, The doors, hendrix, clapton, FNM, zappa, manowar. Almost anything that is older, new mainstream stuff sucks, aka, My Chemical Romance. music soley for profit sucks.
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Music Background 2 years guitar lessons, a little of piano and drums, guitar is all that i take semi seriously though.
Music Skills jajaja...not really
Music Hardware iMic, cheap Dean Evo
Music Software GB2, yeaah!
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