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Favorite Songs (75)
Title Artist Date Genre
midlife revolution smokey bacon jnr 10.11.06 Alternative Rock
sherms song musichead 10.04.06 Country-Western
She Comes In Black - w/Moorlandt borisluxx 09.03.06 Gothic Rock
You CR 06.25.06 Soul
New Evil falo 05.30.06 Heavy Metal
Stain on the Flag (w/ The Composer) Tiny_Man_Inside 05.23.06 Rock
Pure Delight finermusic 05.11.06 Pop (mainstream)
blues for danny teletwango 04.07.06 Blues (contemporary)
Fireflies MissChaos 03.16.06 Other
buried alive(updated) stick 03.15.06 Heavy Metal
tumor stick 03.14.06 Heavy Metal
buried alive stick 03.14.06 Heavy Metal
The Viewfinder Theme guitarplayer 03.12.06 Jazz (instrumental)
The House Always Wins BobRoberts 03.08.06 Hip Hop-Rap
You and Me. ifmusiconline 03.01.06 Alternative Rock
Lower Wacker Drive stratcat 02.22.06 Blues (contemporary)
Odd Acid Tea outlier 02.14.06 Hard Rock
Studio One glennkav 02.08.06 Rock (instrumental)
I Wanna Hurt You (a love song) stacey 02.08.06 Acoustic
Metal Bound grid stalker 02.08.06 Heavy Metal
Wacky Cactus Aweful Noise 02.01.06 Dance-Club
Carry trilevel graphix 01.24.06 Alternative Rock
Puppy Dog Eyes paddler 01.04.06 Folk (traditional)
uRBAN jUNGLE tHEME jmt 12.28.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Synthetic Christmas oceanplexian 12.17.05 Dance-Club
Inertia grid stalker 12.13.05 Drum n Bass
Nocturne thetiler 12.05.05 Classical
Metallic landscape Grell 12.04.05 Industrial
Ocean Of Sadness Z293 12.04.05 Rock (instrumental)
Unbalanced(W I. Spike) Sil-VER 12.01.05 Rock
Sweet Hypocrisy Joshosh 12.01.05 Acoustic Rock
Say My Name BobRoberts 11.30.05 Pop (mainstream)
Pillowphobic grid stalker 11.28.05 Hard Rock
Up in the Air thethirdperson 11.25.05 Alternative Rock
Just One Drop underdog. 11.17.05 Dance-Club
7Pillars (Dream Mix)-Collab with Pie SlimGirlFat 11.13.05 Rock (instrumental)
krackle amandamason@mac. 11.05.05 Rock & Roll
When I got back DOS 10.22.05 Acoustic
outro country john 10.11.05 Downtempo
Nothing But Love bjack 09.25.05 Rhythm and Blues
born free country john 08.25.05 Folk (contemporary)
Just in Time philonnie 07.20.05 Funk
baggin' frml 03.05.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Exxxstasy fosod 03.02.05 Hip Hop-Rap
The Dreaming axxe 02.27.05 Progressive Rock
Racing Against Time axxe 02.25.05 Hard Rock
let's have a revolution ! country john 02.24.05 Open Collaborations
Orange [Tense] packosmokes 02.21.05 Industrial
Alien Baptism grid stalker 02.19.05 Progressive Rock
Virtual Love MiMi 02.17.05 Experimental
MY RELIGION eleveneyes 02.10.05 Pop (mainstream)
My Wish MiMi 02.07.05 Ambient
Land Sharks Z293 02.06.05 Hard Rock
autumn morning:chapter two (what shall i do today ?) country john 01.30.05 Showtunes
never ever the dennex donor 01.20.05 Open Collaborations
FZ Z293 01.18.05 Blues (traditional)
Deja Vibe Z293 01.17.05 Hard Rock
My Guitar thetiler 01.13.05 Classical
Domestic Features moorlandt 01.02.05 Alternative Rock
God version 2.005 grid stalker 01.01.05 Progressive Rock
New Directions Z293 12.30.04 Jazz (instrumental)
Irene Peter Greenstone 12.29.04 Rock & Roll
Burn It Down Z293 12.27.04 Hard Rock
Ain't No Way Stun Nutz 12.21.04 Other
The Haunted House of Barron Who fosod 12.19.04 Alternative Rock
Giggle Snot Symphony bjorkforker 12.14.04 Progressive Rock
Screaming mbplanb 12.12.04 Industrial
Hero's Dust thetiler 12.10.04 Classical
AXE EGO BLUES noraAB 12.10.04 Rock & Roll
I Smoke a Pipe eleveneyes 12.05.04 Alternative Rock
autumn morning:chapter one (waking from slumber) country john 10.25.04 Showtunes
All you left behind (New version) Mr Winther 09.17.04 Progressive Rock
Shifting moods Mr Winther 08.29.04 Progressive Rock
i know i got religion (deep down in my heart) country john 08.22.04 Jazz (instrumental)
A Slow Grind DeputyDoofy 07.02.04 Industrial
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