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(Hal Suzuki)

Member Since: Thursday, January 24 2008 @ 04:07 AM CST
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Homepage: http://homepage.mac.com/halhead/SuzukiBand/
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Japanese Creative Director living in Singapore. Have a beautiful Australian wife and a beautiful daughter. I am not really worthy for those two beautiful girls.
I graduated the Art Uni in Tokyo. Worked as an editor in local magazine. Then moved to Sydney where I worked as an art director at RAM (Rock Australia Magazine) where I was lucky enough to meet some good musicians. I spend a week with INXS in Osaka when they went to Japan. After coming back to Japan, I worked as a freelance radio producer and a DJ. That was a reason why I have met many big names like Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Patty Smyth, Jeff Beck and even Leif Garrett!
I have started the design studio in Singapore 14 years ago. Now it turned to be an Advertising agency. My wife is a telented copy writer and a good account service as well as a wonderful human being. The growth of my agency was only because of her. Without her, I most likely in the gutter somewhere in Tokyo downtown by now.
Because of GarageBand, I have started to getting into music again and this time more into it. Start writing and gather the band together. The Suzuki Band.
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03.28.14 One day one night 0.00 (0) 1161 (1) Pop (mainstream) 03.30.14 Active
01.29.08 Long Road 9.33 (3) 2468 (12) Folk-Rock 02.09.08 Active
01.25.08 Drive Me Crazy 9.00 (2) 2772 (10) Rock 01.28.08 Active
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Music Background Used to play in university (That was late 70's to early 80's). Haven't even touched my bass till 3 years ago!
Music Skills Unbelievably low!
Music Hardware Fender American jazz Bass, Fender American Precision Bass, Fender Japan Telecaster Bass, Fender Japan Aerodyne Jazz Bass, Fender Japan Telecaster, Gibson Flying V... As you can see I am a collector not a player much.
Music Software GarageBand!