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(Dominic G. Joutsen)

Member Since: Monday, February 23 2009 @ 11:01 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.musicmakers-online.com/M-00045
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
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My name is Dominic G. Joutsen and I’m a composer for concert hall, film, TV and media. Primarily a symphonist, I work in a multitude of genres and styles, trying to break down the boundaries between classical, ethnic, pop and electronic music. Yet the one thing I always strive to preserve is emotional resonance, richness and beauty, which I believe are the corner stones of any work of art.

I was born Cyril Ioutsen (that remains my legal name) in Moscow, Russia, to Russian-Scandinavian parents and I had had neither much interest, nor formal training in music until my late teens, when finally I managed to find the former, although not the latter. I taught myself the basics of theory and orchestration and afterwards have learned by experience, listening and writing (which is pretty much the essence of training in music composition). Apart from classical music my sympathy lies with early, traditional (including non-European), avant-garde and film music (all of which might be evident in my own work).

Composing non-stop since the early 2000-s, I also managed to graduate from the State University for Humanities (then functioning within the Russian Academy of Sciences) with an M.A. in American History (a proper education for a musician, no?) and even pursued Ph.D. in the subject, although not for very long. My professional musical career began with a position of an assistant to a videogame composer and producer, and later as an executive producer and staff composer at music production house.

My scoring assignments range rather widely (not to say wildly): from a handful of videogames to TV shows, from indie movies to music libraries, from pop songs to opera (there is only one yet, still in progress). Apart from contributing original music, I also work as an arranger, having provided creative orchestrations for artists like AnarchyX, Another Perfect Day, Bruno Marshall, Heavenwood, and Powerwolf.

The list of my concert hall compositions is extensive (considering I’m still not too old), counting well over a hundred opus numbers, which include symphonies, quartets, concertos, suites, overtures, sonatas, choral pieces, piano etudes, classical and chamber songs. The world premiere performance of my music was given by the East-Flanders Chamber Orchestra (Belgium) under the baton of Bruno de Schaepdrijver in November of 2007.

In my spare time I read, watch movies, listen to music, paint, write poetry and short stories, lie in the sun, kill time, fool around, and study rare documents at the seminar on Medieval Latin. I also enjoy making annoying noises with bansuri, clarinet, dan moi, duduk, dvoianka, gemshorn, kena, khomus, mandolin, piano, pifano, pimak, recorder, shakuhachi, tin whistle, Tibetan singing bowl, and viola.
joutsen's Songs (15)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.26.09 Analog Rhapsody 8.25 (1) 2117 (2) Easy Listening 03.22.09 Active
02.26.09 Flute Concerto 8.50 (1) 1899 (3) Classical 03.23.09 Active
02.26.09 Viking Funeral 8.50 (1) 1476 (2) Cinematic Soundtrack 10.15.09 Active
02.26.09 Alegretto 8.25 (1) 1412 (0) Classical N/A Active
02.26.09 To the South Pole 9.50 (2) 2196 (1) Cinematic Soundtrack 01.27.10 Active
02.26.09 Love Theme 8.50 (1) 1323 (0) Cinematic Soundtrack N/A Active
02.26.09 Bridge of Morning Light 9.00 (2) 1804 (1) Cinematic Soundtrack 03.22.09 Active
02.26.09 City of the Clouds 8.50 (1) 1411 (0) Cinematic Soundtrack N/A Active
02.25.09 Caligo 8.50 (1) 1495 (0) Cinematic Soundtrack N/A Active
02.25.09 Epilogue 8.00 (1) 1471 (0) Cinematic Soundtrack N/A Active
02.24.09 Ora Vltima 9.75 (2) 2424 (4) Cinematic Soundtrack 02.25.09 Active
02.24.09 Jerusalem Falls 7.50 (1) 3080 (0) Cinematic Soundtrack N/A Active
02.24.09 Corona Mundi 9.50 (3) 4997 (2) Cinematic Soundtrack 02.25.09 Active
02.24.09 Bedtime Story 9.13 (2) 1949 (5) Cinematic Soundtrack 02.25.09 Active
02.24.09 In Quest for the Grail 9.38 (2) 2681 (3) Cinematic Soundtrack 02.25.09 Active
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Music Background No formal musical training whatsoever - entirely self-taught (and proud of it))). Currently working professionally as a composer and arranger. See my bio.
Music Skills Well, composing, I guess, is my main skill. I always arrange, orchestrate, record and mix my music myself as well. I don't play any instrument well enough, although I'm quite capable of making annoying noises with duduk, bansuri, clarinet, dan moi, gemshorn, kena, komus, mandolin, piano, pifano, pimak, recorder, saxophone, shakuhachi, tinwhistle and Tibetan singing bowl.
Music Hardware Simple. A laptop, a mouse and a pair of headphones. Composer's strength lies in his mind, not in his studio :))).
Music Software Various samplers from East West, Spectrasonics, Zero-G, and others. Can't remember them all. My principal symphonic means are Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra and Choirs. I also use a lot live recordings.
Keywords Dominic, Joutsen, Cyril, Ioutsen