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Born and raised in the 'steeltown' of Pittsburgh, PA. I'm new to the MAC world but I dig the iLife applications and stumbled across Garageband and was so impressed. Impressed enough to purchase a M-Audio 49e Keyboard to go along with my new PowerMac Dual 2.7Ghz scream machine and I'm ready to begin my future hobby of song making, learning, composing, learning, creating, learning, dubbing, learning, and finally producing my very own CD (haha). I can't even see the beginning of the tunnel, let alone the light at the end of it, but I am looking forward to the 'train ride' nonetheless.
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08.29.06 Welcome to the ATL 7.00 (2) 1515 (3) Techno 08.18.07 Active
08.17.05 Metronics 7.06 (4) 1779 (7) Techno 01.29.13 Active
08.16.05 Rippin' It 7.75 (2) 1823 (2) Funk 09.14.05 Active
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Music Background Played the trumpet in the 4th Grade! Seriously... haha ;-) I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano and even purchased a Yamaha Keyboard about 15 years ago while I was in the Coast Guard. Never did learn to play during that time either. So here I am again with a Midi Keyboard and trying once more.
Music Skills Really none to speak of. I admit I have a decent ear, but I'm embarking on a whole new adventure here!
Music Hardware M-Audio 49e Keyboard/Controller M-Audio Fast Track Pre AMP and Microphone
Music Software GarageBand