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In the mid 80's I used to play guitar with my band on all kinds of Moscow dance floors until I was 19 or so, dreaming to become the next Ritchie Blackmore or David Gilmour (of course). But life turned out to be quite different. Now, a few decades later, I finally bought a guitar, found out how to record simple music without cashing out thousands of bucks and recorded a couple of things. I'm not a professional by any means (can't even read notes) and I'm not on Feter's list of his favorite MacJammers but my friends like to listen to my stuff and I enjoy playing it :)
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04.13.09 70's 10.00 (1) 2753 (9) Easy Listening 04.22.09 Active
04.13.09 Blue 10.00 (1) 2235 (12) Easy Listening 04.22.09 Active
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