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loyd vader
(loyd vader)

Member Since: Sunday, January 01 2006 @ 03:12 AM CST
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Location: brisvegas, queensland australia
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loyd vaders earliest musical memory was at six a.m this morning when his clock radio woke him up to the sound of banal poppy shit
since then he has had a lot more musical memories but like most of the other memories he has had, he's forgotten them.
when asked about the diferent instruments he plays he will usually chortle " the fool and the idiot as they have the same fingering".
he vaguely remembers playing the saxophone at school but that could of been a very cool bong. he knows he has certificates in things other than microwave cookery and bungee jumping but once handed them in at coles thinking they were food stamps.
he sang in a very high and irratating voice in a band through most of highschool which filled his fellow band member with disdain as they were looking for a more barry white-esqe vocal.
after school loyd worked out that the only easier thing than singing badly was playing bass half heartedly. he honed his high pitched squallings into a high-harmony voice and hit the cairns (small fuckass town in far north queensland austrlia, the setting for our early adventures with loyd) cover scene with militant furvor. 'i just needed the cash and couldnt be fucked doing a normal job' farted loyd when asked why he chose the cover circuit as his learning ground rather than the original one.
allthough he was known as a cover artist he had also written quite a few original works and had even performed them at the local arts centre with bands such as nefaria, aniseed and a very early version of on tick til friday featuring stance venckmann on bass (singer of 'creeping jesus' with whom vader played bass and solo tantrum thrower), who now colloborates regulary with loyd.
he also played in 'crazy mary' with his long term partner in crime jah-vis. this was a band with a vision and the vision was...................................thwart by light and seizure.
but his main songwriting skills were fine tuned in the power pop onslaught that was ' sideways in a bottle'.
2 girls, 2 guys and enough lame teenage sexual tension to farm clones.
when vader finally managed to build up the self respect and ignorance to work out why this cathartic series of events led him to find his self respect on the back of a corn flakes box along with his drivers licence, he left the small town that had become so small in his little tissue protected head that it didnt exist no more.

so when loyd finally left blairns he took with him a history that he would rather and slowly is forgetting.
the bright lights of brisvegas were overwhelming for vader andhis patient girlfriend when they first hit the big country town in 2000.
since hes been in brissy loyd has pplaed in one cover band, one vegas show type band and a stripper due to a 'wrong door' incident when he had a gig with a cor anglais trio at a stags night at a strip club.
sore, confused, dazed and disoriantated loyd began to record his music all by his lonesome little self.
'when i write i usually use a pen in my right hand and a piece of paper' he argued in a rather viscious series of questions designed by top dogs everywhere.
it is thought amongst insane circles that this confused little man couldnt of done it without the time tested patience of his partner b.j. he also loves his cats but gets over claw marks on his balls and furr balls up his bum.
for a more indepth explanation of loyd vaders life, offer the man a few cones and go from there.................
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04.17.09 im not lazy, im just tired 10.00 (1) 3134 (8) Pop Orchestral 09.18.15 Active
05.18.06 trendsetter (suave uber chic 'THE COMPOSER' remix) 8.61 (24) 6663 (20) Punk-Grunge 01.05.07 Active
01.22.06 we suck 7.75 (3) 3445 (19) Punk-Grunge 08.30.07 Active
01.14.06 externally yours 8.54 (13) 4761 (17) Punk-Grunge 06.02.06 Active
01.08.06 matt verse 5 (demo) 5.58 (3) 3863 (16) Punk-Grunge 11.06.06 Active
01.01.06 im a player 6.75 (6) 6049 (8) Punk-Grunge 02.01.06 Active
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Music Skills e to a with b every 12......able to hit an out of tune singer with a schooner from 30 metres.............pressed this raised button on a mates computer one day and this tray slid out. i put in an audio cd and the music started to play................have noticed that when i press the buttons on my mobile phone, diferent buttons play diferent notes.................................can clear an entire room full of emo's with one slit of the wrist...................is this like rock'n'roll ten pin bowling?????...oh sorry i thought it said musical skittles, not music skills........................the ability to realise that most techno is souless tech drivel destined to forever stain the 4/4 crotchet beat kick drum with a stigma once reserved for milli vanilli or bros.................
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