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I'm from Iowa and now I live here. Except I used to live here before I moved back to Iowa. It's very confusing and not at all interesting.
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11.03.05 Tony Robbins Say 0.00 (0) 2160 (4) Rock & Roll 12.01.05 Active
11.02.05 Little Kids in Japan Love Lots of Things 7.13 (2) 2399 (2) Rock & Roll 11.12.05 Active
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Music Background Music has always followed me around, kinda waiting for me to ask it to play. So one day I did. We've been dating ever since.
Music Skills I'd like to think I can play anything but really I just think I can play anything. But that kind of self-deception is really a skill in and of itself.
Music Hardware Old Peavey Falcon electric (but dude, it kinda rocks), cheap-o bass by Dean, sweet acoustic from 1982 passed down from my uncle with new tuners/nut/saddle installed that's been my baby since 1990, pod 2.0 effect, m-audio keyboard/midi interface, two condensor mics, one dynamic (all cheap), m-audio interface, old 12-string with action so high you can pitch a tent under it, lips for whistling.
Music Software Garageband, Reason (but I don't use it yet)
Keywords Iowa