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(Paul Fidalgo and the Conflict of Interest)

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A New Jersey native and current denizen of Washington, D.C., Paul Fidalgo hopes his sounds will reach beyond the walls of his Facebook page, as he releases his musical material out into the wild for ego validation on a wide scale.

Assembled from a wide range of influences from Ben Folds to the Postal Service, from They Might Be Giants to Toad the Wet Sprocket, the music of Paul Fidalgo and the Conflict of Interest is smart and irreverent, with a major emphasis on melody and hooks - in other words, pleasure for the temporal lobe.

Paul’s first album, “Paul is Making Me Nervous,” was released independently in 2004, and took the Shakespeare-watching college girl audience by storm. Since then, two EPs, “Evidence of Absence” and “Jut” have been released online, and a second full-length album project is in the works.

Paul is an unsigned artist, but he has a pen handy just in case.

Come and download lots of free tracks from Paul Fidalgo and the Conflict of Interest at http://music.paulfidalgo.com. You can do him a solid by recommending his music at Amie Street (http://amiestreet.com/paulfidalgo) and iTunes.

* * *

Paul is also a professional actor and political writer. His blog, Near Earth Object, lives at http://nearearth.wordpress.com.
merkutio's Songs (10)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
10.12.08 Jut 8.38 (2) 2914 (6) Folk (contemporary) 10.23.08 Active
08.07.08 Dying to Combine 8.00 (1) 2276 (5) Pop (Alternative) 10.13.08 Active
08.07.08 Ain't Tryin' 0.00 (0) 1732 (0) Pop (Alternative) N/A Active
03.05.08 Bussard Collector 8.25 (1) 4357 (2) Pop (Alternative) 03.06.08 Active
05.28.06 Information Desk Girl 8.38 (4) 2866 (5) Pop (mainstream) 06.02.06 Active
05.21.06 Selfless 8.38 (10) 2735 (5) Acoustic Rock 05.22.06 Active
05.18.06 The Immediacy of Now (Robot Curiosity Remix) 7.54 (6) 2512 (4) Pop (mainstream) 05.22.06 Active
08.11.05 Five Billion Years 8.46 (18) 5269 (9) Alternative Rock 06.05.07 Active
08.02.05 Running Gag 8.18 (17) 4714 (12) Pop (mainstream) 10.25.13 Active
07.26.05 Your Own Words 8.05 (11) 3872 (7) Pop (mainstream) 08.15.05 Active
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