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My name is Morgan and I have to admit,I was never into recording studios,I prefer live stage performance's.I was in Los Angeles,Ca. to the most di.They both loved all kinds of music,from Mario Lanza to the The Temptations.You could always hear,Sam Cooke,Nat Cole,Jesse Belvin,The Beatles(they're later music not that ugh,early stuff)Eric Burton and The Animals,The Stones,Miles Davis,Thelonius Monk,Trane(John Coltrane ),Byrd,Max Roach,Horace Silvers,Leatene Price,The Temptations,Buddy Rich,Dave Brubeck,Janice Joplin,Jimi Hendrix,Sly and The Family Stone,Doobies Brothers,Steely Dan,Journey,Little River Band,Bobby Blue Bland,Bobby Womack,B.B.King,Muddywaters,Betsy Smith,Ledbelly,Robert Smth,Earth,Wind and Fire,David Gates and Bread,America,Issac Hayes,Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions w/Jerry Butler,Little Antnony and The Imperials,Frankie Lyman and The Teenagers....well you get where Im coming from folks.My mom told me I was always shaking my head and trying to dance to all the different types music she and my pops played on the stereo.
I had my own group called "Debonair",Five man singing group,seven piece band(lead guitar,guitar,bass guitar,drums,tenor sax/percussionist,trumpet/keyboardist), we played in the late eighties and mid ninties on The Lake Tahoe,Reno,Sparks,Nevada circuit.We also did numerous shows in San Francisco,Stockton,Sacramento,College concerts on the Campuses of Merced,Modesto jr.College,Fresno State,UOP(University of The Pacific) etc.Now that I have settle down some and very satisfied in what Im doing now.Im into music sites,writing,singing,recording and having fun.Hey folks the road aint easy,even when you have a crew to put up and take down your equipment,it was WORK!!We would go to,let's say Lake Tahoe,we'd stay at the hotel,do our shows there and cool.Then we would do one niters in different little towns in the area for four days.

Thursday,Friday,Saturday at Harrah's..... and then the one niters.... at Skull and Cross Bones for one night,another nite at Come in Here At Your Own Risk....you get my drift.Yes its nice to just come to the computer and sing for fun.I hope to enjoy my stay,to listen to and play the international language.....MUSIC!!
morgan102's Songs (14)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.05.18 This Songs For You  (---) 81 (3) Rhythm and Blues 04.11.18 Active
12.19.16 2017  (---) 702 (4) Pop (mainstream) 03.02.18 Active
12.18.16 The Christmas Song  (---) 726 (4) Holiday 12.22.16 Active
09.23.16 Hold On  (---) 682 (4) Pop (mainstream) 09.27.16 Active
09.11.16 Guess Who 0.00 (0) 486 (0) Romantic N/A Active
05.28.16 Just As Long As We Have Love(W/RAVENS)  (---) 1065 (4) Ballad 06.04.16 Active
01.27.16 Dont Be Surprise  (---) 919 (2) Blues (contemporary) 02.06.16 Active
01.22.16 SINCE  (---) 1041 (6) Rhythm and Blues 02.06.16 Active
01.21.16 BERNIE  (---) 1183 (8) Inspirational (contemporary) 02.27.18 Active
12.17.12 All I Want original Holiday song 0.00 (0) 1126 (3) Holiday 10.26.13 Active
12.17.12 All I Want original Holiday song 0.00 (0) 705 (0) Holiday N/A Active
02.16.12 Check It Out 0.00 (0) 1488 (7) Pop (mainstream) 02.06.16 Active
11.28.11 Evil Woman (Gonna Take Your Love)  (---) 1475 (6) Soul 02.06.12 Active
07.25.11 Since I Been Gone  (---) 1590 (9) Rhythm and Blues 02.06.12 Active
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Tattooed Scars (w/ Sigmund, Scofugate, Rok41) RAVENS 05.13.11 Alternative Rock
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Did Ya Know? RAVENS 09.29.10 Ballad
Whisper to the Wind scaustrita 04.04.09 Pop (mainstream)
We Love Being Together ramonaji 12.18.08 Pop (mainstream)
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