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Screen name says it: I am a professional parent. I also love the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Time and care go toward family, friends and community. I have been reading and listening on Macjams since December, 2005. I think I will just listen and say an appreciative or encouraging word now and then. Now that I've listened, read, and tried to get the spirit of this site for a while, I'll try to comment everything I listen to. Haven't wanted to be hasty. Teen aged son plays keyboards and bass guitar. This site is a great resource to help him see what Real People are doing with music. I want him to have the enjoyment of music in his life as I have had it in mine. I love Seattle's public radio, KUOW, also NPR and CBC radio show "The Vinyl Cafe." Any other Vinyl Cafe fans?
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Music Background I come from a musical family: my mother was a music teacher; her mother played the cello in a symphony orchestra.
Music Skills I played piano and organ growing up; I play some keyboards today for fun.
Music Hardware Family just upgraded to a Roland G-70 keyboard/synthesizer after 20 happy and trouble-free years with a Roland 5500 digital piano. We also have a Harabe classical guitar, an Ibanex bass guitar and Roland modeling amp. Nearby brother has an electric guitar and amp. We all have fun playing with these toys.
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