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Member Since: Thursday, June 03 2010 @ 01:10 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.practicalmechanics.co.uk
Location: Greenock, Scotland United Kingdom
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I'm an old Fireman but have re-invented myself as a basement dwelling producer of gloomy, computerised music that no one listens to and would hate if they did.

I started my fixation with music production in the 80s when I independently discovered the art of bouncing with two cassette recorders. Dismayed by my creations disappearing under a sea of hiss I determined to have... wait for it... A FOUR TRACK. Well satisfaction with that was short lived and I concluded the answer to all my woes was an 8 track. I shan't persist with this logical progression which I'm sure many of you can figure for yourself but suffice it to say I now operate a basement like a small defence establishment and yet, to date, have never created a tune that actually sounds "finished."

Am I alone? I know that many artist have said that it is an art in itself to be able to draw a line under a creation but it just gets ridiculous for me. I would have several albums worth of work if it were not for the need to create files titled, in turn... "ruff-mix" "for re-mix" "for possible final-mix" and more.

I suppose years of isolation have just driven me bats. Troglodyte living too. You know I have really nice rooms upstairs which I rarely visit. I even bought a fridge and coffee machine for the basement to save me having to mess up the beautifully appointed upstairs kitchen. I sleep on something approaching hay-bales in the basement so that I don't have to make the super king-size bed.

Do I suffer for my art or what!
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06.17.10 How Deep Is your Love  (---) 2039 (13) Alternative Rock 10.24.13 Active
06.05.10 An Uncomfortable Silence  (---) 2382 (16) Electropop 10.24.13 Active
06.05.10 Sexy Four Eyes  (---) 1803 (14) Electropop 06.09.10 Active
06.05.10 You Are The One (Joni)  (---) 1901 (16) Alternative Rock 07.22.10 Active
06.03.10 Hurts Like An Ocean  (---) 1820 (9) Alternative Rock 06.09.10 Active
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Music Background I should get an agent instead of playing in the dark handling myself. I have almost always exclusively played on my own. I try to find collaborators but they all end up hating me. Don't know why I'm not a bad lad really. Oh, by the way... I'm three fictitious bands for three styles. The Practical Mechanics Jak The Sad MacKinroys Point (They're all just me really.) (I'm not mental or anything.)
Music Skills I think I play guitar quite well. I get by on bass, keyboards, mando, bodrhan, tablas, drum pads (I can play drums but ditched them years ago.) I have an electronic sax and I can play wicked tunes with a jews harp and shaker egg. I have some nice harmonicas but I only play them rhythmically. My vocals really really stink. If anyone is up for collaborating by the exchange of files I'm up for it.
Music Hardware Hardwear? do they mean instruments? Gibson Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic, Gibson Les Paul Custom Studio, Yamaha AX Electro-Ecoustic, (for a tinnier sound,) Aria Acoustic bass, Crafter mandolin with factory fitted pick-up, Two Bodhrans. (one tight one flaffy) Tablas, An old Yamaha Digital Drum Pad. (what a coup-de-grace that was for 50£.. not many folk knew they were great midi controllers.) Shakers, Jews Harps, Harmonicas, Yamaha midi Sax (never use it) I've got an old Yamaha DX7. (God! I was so proud of that at one time.) The live room doubles as my den or crash-pad. I didn't fully appreciate the power of Logic when I got my latest gear so I I bought a Yamaha 01V digital mixer. It could have been redundant but I use it to connect mics and sound modules to the Eclipse PA system there. There are mics, mic stands and music stands too. I still use the old Yamaha FX500 guitar processor, the old Axeman and Bassman but not so much as I mostly use the input of the Boss DR 880 rhythm processor. So if there is a jam on there are spare processors. There is a cable run to the control room but I almost always get folk in there to record. One thing I have found is that it's great to have lots of guitar stands to combat clutter but why oh why do people still insist on propping guitars against tables? Even if you place a stand under their nose. Also if you set out mics, why do people sit somewhere else and then try to drag the mic and stand (the cables of which you have carefully laid out of the way,) to their new location? Nowt queer as folk huh? I'm a bit of a hoarder so my cupboards are full of old studio gear that has not translated well to the digital era. There's even a working Studiomaster 16 4 8 mixer. I always thought i could use it for a live gig but I've never gotten one. I'm the sort of irritating p**** who always has a plectrum or tuner or capo and gig bags OR cases. I'm not rich or anything. The Fire Brigade gave me loads of money which, by other peoples standards, I spent on sweeties. I don't care about that though.
Music Software Logic Pro Final Cut Pro ( I want to make videos but haven't got round to it yet.) I compile and burn with i tunes. I double back up at google mail. (that's handy too for uploading to sites.) (My Mac is connected by airport card but it's dead slow from the basement so I use the upstairs PC for most of that business.) (That keeps the Mac nice n clean too.)
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