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Radio Rebelde is basically just me. I record and perform under the name Long Way Down. I'm pretty much a well intentioned guy who just wants to make noise that either makes you happy to hear it or writes tunes for people to be like all right, it's not just me that feels like this.

The setup at the moment is one guy with an acoustic guitar who knows a couple of chords and is desperately trying to say something worth hearing.
radiorebelde's Songs (14)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.22.08 Outlaw Junkie Loner Blues 8.75 (2) 2862 (5) Rockabilly 09.02.09 Active
10.16.08 The Dream Ends  (---) 2526 (10) Acoustic 10.25.08 Active
10.01.08 You Already Understand  (---) 2566 (4) Acoustic 04.25.09 Active
09.24.08 Lost and Found (Now I know)  (---) 2012 (3) Acoustic 09.24.08 Active
09.21.08 Tangerine Daydream  (---) 2301 (4) Ballad 09.22.08 Active
09.10.08 (Until the End of the World) Writing Love Songs In invisible ink in the dark)  (---) 2641 (3) Acoustic 09.15.08 Active
09.06.08 Gamma Ray Burst  (---) 2342 (4) Acoustic 09.15.08 Active
09.02.08 Wandering  (---) 2657 (7) Acoustic 09.08.08 Active
08.30.08 The Game  (---) 2000 (3) Alternative Rock 01.14.09 Active
08.26.08 Writing Love Letters (in invisible ink in the dark)  (---) 2504 (2) Acoustic 09.08.08 Active
08.24.08 After The Storm  (---) 1973 (3) Other 08.25.08 Active
08.21.08 Anesthesia  (---) 2290 (5) Alternative Rock 01.14.09 Active
08.18.08 Unanswered Letters  (---) 2406 (12) Acoustic 11.20.10 Active
08.18.08 Sad Songs Have no Chorus  (---) 2804 (4) Emo 09.15.08 Active
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Music Background Started playing the guitar half my life ago when I learned a Zeppelin song to impress a girl. Never got to play it for her, but playing the guitar stuck around and I kept at it. No formal training of any kind and can't really read music well at all. But it's all in good fun.
Music Skills Mainly the guitar. I get a bit ADD on what to play. I've played in punk rock bands, Oi! bands, played acoustic music, garage rock, alternative, etc... I also play bass and sometimes try to sing. Working on getting better with a piano and a harmonica. More to come.
Music Hardware Ovation Celebrity Acoustic-Electric Rogue 12 string Acoustic Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Fender Stratocaster Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II Vox Valvetronix amp mAudio midi keyboard mAudio Trigger Finger drum synth Line 6 Gearbox preamp miscellaneous other crap
Music Software GarageBand 08, Logic express 8, Audacity
Keywords acoustic,indie,alternative