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Hey, no big artist here! Just trying to have fun with my Clavinova.
Although I am really dissatisfied with what I write, sometimes I succeed in listening back to my improvisations.
Will I be able to improve my music by practicing improvisation and working on the elaboration of improvised material?
Boh :D

I also have a project with a friend of mine, he plays piano, I improvise recited or melodic vocals on poetic texts. Here you can listen to some of our tracks..
And, yes, we have BIG fun in this way...
rik's Songs (6)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.24.05 Kind of Electric 7.85 (5) 3482 (12) Jazz (instrumental) 12.05.06 Active
12.18.05 Little Iceland in the Refrigerator - DRAFT 7.88 (4) 3105 (12) Ambient 01.25.06 Active
10.11.05 Small Piano Pieces on Two Themes and a Lyric 8.46 (29) 9887 (30) Classical 02.27.09 Active
09.25.05 Sopra un raggio d'Inverno 8.05 (15) 4796 (20) Classical 01.17.06 Active
09.11.05 Prayer without Words 7.83 (16) 4794 (15) Classical 10.08.05 Active
08.18.05 The Eye of the Rakshasa 7.89 (14) 4535 (20) Jazz (instrumental) 10.08.05 Active
Favorite Songs (22)
Title Artist Date Genre
La Muerte Me Está Mirando composerclark 01.04.06 Classical
Tadpoles--Tom Atwood (unauthorized) Mystified 12.30.05 Folk (traditional)
walk of the fungus springclock 12.30.05 Alternative Rock
snow 1956 Tom Atwood 12.20.05 New Age
Galaxy Band Episode 4 perceptualvortex 12.14.05 Experimental
Holy Child, Blessed One Noel Project 12.07.05 Holiday
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus (Curry/Mystified) Noel Project 12.03.05 Holiday
Gorglepoof Einarus 12.01.05 Progressive Rock
A Bird Flies By The Window dane 11.16.05 Acoustic
Upon Reflection #1 Mystified 11.11.05 New Age
Brudmarsch efter Larshöga Jonke Cori Ander 10.15.05 Folk (traditional)
No15 (The Indian Rape in Stereo) The Composer 10.06.05 Progressive Rock
In Haste I Must Depart(new) thetiler 10.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Nothing But Love bjack 09.25.05 Rhythm and Blues
Coalesce MissChaos 09.23.05 Ambient
BDTS Relay Mix w/Ledebutant illuminati 09.11.05 Ambient
Ember-Rekindled drakonis 09.05.05 Open Collaborations
Again I.G.M. 08.26.05 Acoustic
Kaleidoscope Pie 08.14.05 Rock
I Cannot Feel The Vibe BoiAfrica 07.21.05 Folk-Rock
Shenandoah Mystified 05.15.05 New Age
On and On (3) Mystified 02.13.05 Folk (contemporary)
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Music Background Tried to play piano for years, studied harmony and composition, mainly tonal but also modal contrapunct (renaissance style). I practice baroque choir singing, recently trying to find a vocal timbre in an interface between classical and pop music, with uncertain results.
Music Skills Piano (?), voice (???)
Music Hardware Yamaha CLP-230, UA-25, Shure SM58
Music Software Logic Express, Jam Packs 1&4