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rover101's Songs (0)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
Favorite Songs (65)
Title Artist Date Genre
Stack O' Dollars. Dennis James 03.03.11 Blues (contemporary)
go ahead and keep her ziti 02.19.11 Blues (contemporary)
The Devil Plays in all the Best Bands (Revised) fasteddie 04.03.10 Hard Rock
Inner Blues FrankAxtell 04.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
So What's 96 in Rio? Sigmund 03.01.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Farewell Fair Weather Friend w/Alannah and Awigze scofugate 01.23.10 Smooth Jazz
Good Time Girl sloparts 05.15.09 Rock
It's no use w/kontrabeat thoddi 05.01.09 Blues (contemporary)
For My Little Somebody (MJRF) scaustrita 01.22.09 Latin Pop
BLOW OUT THE MOON by rtcooper jiguma 11.08.08 Folk-Rock
They Live by Night Vic Holman 11.02.08 Blues (contemporary)
The Feast That Never Ends Rainguitar 10.31.08 Rock
Closed Sunday Blues (Fist Full of Blues Open Collab) psexnyc 10.27.08 Blues (contemporary)
Beautiful Angel Sweet79 09.07.08 Pop (Alternative)
Not Like Me davisamerica 08.25.08 Other
Call Her Chicago rtcooper 08.24.08 Blues (contemporary)
Lucky Lady JadeLennings 08.15.08 Pop (mainstream)
Canyon Rise magnatone 08.08.08 Pop Orchestral
Corporate America #4 Mack_Danger 07.31.08 Heavy Metal
BE ALRIGHT rtcooper 07.02.08 Blues (contemporary)
When The Sun Goes Down(GOOC) Feter 06.30.08 Country-Western
I Have Wandered (MJ GOOC) jiguma 06.30.08 Bluegrass
It's All The Same BewareTheFish 06.21.08 Pop (Alternative)
Paid to Sing the Blues pooey 05.27.08 Blues (contemporary)
Unconditional Love guygrooves 05.02.08 Other
Return Of King Bee paddler 03.22.08 Rock
The New Birthday Song stacey 03.02.08 Acoustic Rock
Last Call tsand19151 03.02.08 Blues (contemporary)
Old News Soundhound 03.01.08 Blues (contemporary)
unlucky me Livingstone 02.28.08 Folk-Rock
Remembering Louis Ibstrat 02.07.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
rollin' the stone woofer3 02.04.08 Blues (traditional)
It Can Bite Moviz 01.12.08 Country-Western
Tailor Made (remix) guitapick 01.03.08 Acoustic
Waller Rag Ibstrat 11.28.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
I Wanna Fly (v2) TobinMueller 11.20.07 Jazz (instrumental)
American Patrol Cori Ander 11.13.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Happy Pappy guitapick 10.30.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
cocaine blues wagglesworth 09.21.07 Country-Western
Myron's rag Ibstrat 09.11.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Why We Travel Tiny_Man_Inside 08.22.07 Rock
Delhi intro quarkhead 07.27.07 Rock
Lamentations composerclark 07.19.07 Classical
Something Beautiful Foxymany 07.18.07 Dance-Club
P.R. Blues Ibstrat 07.10.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sweet Jesus Make me beautiful (collab with Willywagga) echoroom 05.28.07 Pop (Alternative)
Falling Down Three Cat Clem 05.26.07 Blues (contemporary)
Texas Blues-Youra-w/ElevenEyes eleveneyes 05.08.07 Blues (contemporary)
the message ziti 05.05.07 Blues (traditional)
Chickenhead Three Cat Clem 04.20.07 Blues (contemporary)
z slides in ziti 04.13.07 Blues (contemporary)
Thunder & Desire bronco 04.01.07 Acoustic Rock
Mercy Scott Carmichael 08.01.06 Rock
The Lost Highway stratcat51 02.14.06 Folk-Rock
The First stacey 02.08.06 Acoustic
FINAL BATTLE AEROjet 02.03.06 Techno
Tern (2006) Pie 01.29.06 Rock
Lucky Ride Philos60 01.17.06 Country-Western
Lazy J spanglish 01.17.06 Folk-Rock
Keep On Truckin Mama bronco 01.01.06 Blues (traditional)
Minimum Wage NailInTheEye 01.01.06 Techno
Texas Two-Step stratcat 12.13.05 Blues (contemporary)
Am I Being Unfair daphna 09.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
I Won't Go...(collab w/ JimBouchard) Emily Rohm 05.16.05 Alternative Rock
Mr. Simpson's Bomb-Ditty daphna 04.05.05 Jazz (instrumental)
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