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(Petter Öhnell)

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10.18.06 Vem har torskat/Leo 0.00 (0) 2741 (1) Jazz (vocal) 12.05.06 Active
10.17.06 En regnig morgon i gethagen 8.83 (6) 3741 (8) Jazz (vocal) 06.27.14 Active
10.11.06 Reso 7.88 (2) 2693 (0) Jazz (instrumental) N/A Active
10.11.06 hyss 8.44 (4) 2821 (2) Jazz (instrumental) 10.18.06 Active
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Music Background I have almost always had a big interest in making music, remember how it started when i was four and my dad bougth a small toy-synth with the muppets on. Since then i was hooked. I never was interested in lessions to improve my playing skills, so when i started music college and had my first teacher, it took some time before it all worked out. But then i had a different teacher, a jazzpianist from gothenburg named Tommy Kotter with a incredible sense for improvisation. By many concidered as a poor teacher because hes loose teaching style, but for me it was like to finally be able to stick the hand in the gloove. I realised the importance of not feeling pushed to do anything you dont really want to, it kills the inspiration rigth away for me. Im not searching for the perfect skills of the instrument or any perfection in that way, i just want to explore and have a fun time while playing. Dont we all? Well, today im back in gothenburg after spending two years in the dark forests ov värmland at Ingesunds university of music. Two years mostly spent in a practice room. I guess somehow i got better skills on the piano, but at the same time i felt that the hard exercise life was not really what i thougt it would be, it was mostly not fun at all, just sitting alone in a empty room with the feeling that you are not good enough. So this year im working as a bus driver, and have no further ambitions but to find someone to play with and finally be able to afford all funny but expensive music programs i´ve always wanted. Most of the recordings i have uploaded now is about two-three years old demo recordings with my tunes performed by my band, the Hybris Jazz Orchestra. A bunch of equal thinking souls that i find really classic to work and play with. Nowdays the band is resting, but the intention is that we will start play together again as soon as we all are in the same geographical place again. If and when. I hope you enyoy, i thing it is great that at last some of the tunes are public and i hope i get some response from you who listens! /Petter
Music Skills piano. try to play a old balalaika i have sometimes. I want to buy a russian bajan-accordeon.
Music Hardware
Music Software Garageband. :) Coming up next: Finale, and in time, logic.