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(Brendan Wright)

Member Since: Tuesday, August 12 2008 @ 02:14 AM CDT
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria Australia
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Been playing for quite a while now. Where does the time go. I've got a minimal amount of music theory under my belt which helps with the midi instrument sections i just have to have in my tunes.
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08.26.08 Stars Apart 8.19 (4) 2470 (4) Art Rock 08.26.08 Active
08.24.08 Abba Jays 8.75 (5) 1959 (2) Art Rock 08.27.08 Active
08.12.08 Same Differences 9.30 (5) 1855 (2) Acoustic 08.20.08 Active
08.12.08 Sunday Sunshine 9.60 (5) 2120 (4) Acoustic 08.28.08 Active
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Music Background I had a year of theory and a year from a guitar teacher/dickhead. But I've mainly learned through reading TABs. I owe a lot of thanks to the now defunct OLGA. RIP.
Music Skills Playing the guitar.
Music Hardware In chronological order: Valencia nylon, Samick electric, Samick acoustic, ?????? electric (2nd hand shop), Ibanez acoustic, Leolani Ukelele.
Music Software A midi and audio setup with bucketload of plugins
Keywords Acoustic