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(Samuel Flowers)

Member Since: Thursday, February 22 2007 @ 06:06 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/snazzyechoman
Location: London, United Kingdom
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I am a composer who loves nothing more than making music. I play the Piano very well and it is my ambition to make music for T.V, Film, Games and Advertising.

Currently I am at university studying for a BA in Music Technology with Radio Broadcasting and I am in a band 'Geddo Soul'jas'. I compose our music as well as songwriting and rapping on the tracks.
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Music Background Classical, Hip Hop, Film, RnB, Pop, Rock, Jazz, all sorts really
Music Skills Piano, Logic Pro 7, Cubase SX, Pro Tools. I can also mix and master tracks. I am a sound engineer for my team. I have a radio show called 'Geddo Talks' www.tuberadio.co.uk
Music Hardware Yamaha Stage Piano, Midi Controller
Music Software Logic Pro 7
Keywords Young, black, male, producer, production, produce, master, mixer, mixing, desk, mastering, mix, dj, piano, forte, midi, audio, control, controller, yamaha, arrange, arranger, arrangement, composer, compose, composition, work, technology, tech, music, style, genre, musical, television, tv, classical, rap, rnb, r&b, gangster, thug, rap, lyric, gangsta, gun, against, mother, mothers, myspace, blog, you, tube, youtube, fame, famous, ambition, ambitious, student, university, film, samuel, olufemi, flowers, flower, echoman, echo, snazzy, snazz, snazzyechoman, fingers, hands, touch, sound, quality, ear, grade, lesson, tutor, fun, happy, sweet, nice, dark, bright, mood, atmosphere, muzak, atmospheric, video, play, mp3, wav, acoustic, humor, depression, depressed, sad, funny, lol, humour, grime, garage, grunge, techno, electric, trance, house, roll, jungle, and, or, the, yes, no, not, how, why, because, when, so, do, if, please, stop, maybe, thanks, thank, thankyou, you, me, do, should, could, would, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, cool, buzz, net, web, network, ghetto, hood, run, down, estate, aylesbury, london, uk, united, kingdom, soldier, war, soul, soulja, soul'jas, soljas, solja, final, fantasy, dragon, quest, nobuo, uematsu, square, enix, disney, character, characters, games, game, develop, developers, director, directors, directed, direction, assistant, food, sainsburys, tesco, every, little, help, easy, listening, listen, old, new, future, simpsons, broadcast, radio, broadcasting, broadcaster, show, razzle, dazzle, hope, faith, christian, religion, xmas, christmas, jesus, trinity, love, hate, death, die, peace, fight, battle, undead, dead, zombie, deceased, decapitated, big, strong, sexy, pretty, beautiful, kingdom, heart, hearts, heartless, doctor, lady, girl, woman, man, handsome, ugly, prison, break, america, us, states, mind, brain, american, teaser, tazer, tiny, man, shy, shyllon, nigeria, jamaica, nigerian, jamaican, kingston, montego, bay, lagos, village, samuri, ninja, apado, elephant, castle, south, easet, west, north, central, centre, middle, town, motor, car, way, high, low, up, down, around, between, inside, outside, hot, cold, suicide, suicidal, health, bad, good, easter, halloween, sparkle, gleam, shine, star, start, glow, interest, knowledge, bus, train, fly, flight, airplane, air, plain, plane,