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Member Since: Thursday, June 19 2008 @ 09:29 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/somebuddyrock
Location: Glendale, AZ United States
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Through music, Somebuddy will reach out to positively impact the lives of those around us and work to inspire the same spirit of community involvement wherever possible. Regardless of race, age, religion, social standing or any other dividing factor, we will work together to spread positive energy and impact the lives of those around us for the better. Anybuddy can be a Somebuddy.

somebuddy's Songs (6)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.22.09 Peter Pan 9.13 (2) 5738 (18) Children's Music 01.07.12 Active
05.22.09 Part 2 9.75 (3) 3730 (25) Alternative Rock 04.12.11 Active
04.12.09 BE 10.00 (2) 2802 (18) Alternative Rock 07.22.09 Active
04.07.09 BE (in progress) 0.00 (0) 2445 (4) Alternative Rock 04.08.09 Active
06.25.08 Be 8.75 (2) 3125 (22) Pop (Alternative) 09.18.08 Active
06.23.08 Robot 9.67 (3) 3018 (26) Alternative Rock 08.25.08 Active
Favorite Songs (51)
Title Artist Date Genre
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Lennon714 12.25.10 Holiday
Wanted Me To Lennon714 05.09.10 Indie Rock
Song For the Liar Joseph Strauss Lennon714 04.24.10 Pop (Alternative)
Anarchy, Inc. Lennon714 10.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Paperclip (Space Race Challenge) Lennon714 10.04.09 Rock & Roll
Shriner Parade His_Boy_Sherman 08.24.09 Alternative Rock
Hammers and Heads kepps2113 08.27.09 Acoustic Rock
Tokyo Rose (LIOLI 9) Lennon714 08.21.09 Alternative Rock
Crush His_Boy_Sherman 08.17.09 Indie Rock
You're Driving Me Mad (But I'm Not Crazy) Heroin_Marys 08.06.09 Indie Rock
Saint Savior (you could have been a star) Vic Holman 07.07.09 Alternative Rock
I Can't Imagine michael2 07.03.09 Indie Rock
Windchime Witnessed five_extra_arms 07.02.09 Experimental
Metal & Math tempie 06.30.09 Pop (Alternative)
present wishing egobandit 06.29.09 Alternative Rock
Blue Lennon714 06.27.09 Ballad
The World Will Call It a Twin (Feter Cover) Lennon714 06.20.09 Alternative Rock
Possibly Maybe thekurtisproject 06.15.09 Electropop
Caravaggio Lennon714 05.24.09 Indie Rock
Ravaged Heart (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 03.20.09 Acoustic
Falling Away _Rex_ 03.14.09 Alternative Rock
The Song That Never Was (Imogen Heap Remix) 12parsecs 02.20.09 Pop (Alternative)
Walk Left/Stand Right rsorensen 02.04.09 Alternative Rock
Okee Dokee Smokey 12parsecs 01.07.09 Alternative Rock
I need my %20 12parsecs 11.18.08 Indie Rock
I'm Comin' Home rsorensen 09.21.08 Indie Rock
Half a Million Miles (Dolby Cover) Lennon714 09.01.08 Indie Rock
Mookie Wilson Lennon714 08.24.08 Acoustic Rock
Take Me Out to the Ballgame Lennon714 08.04.08 Children's Music
Twist My Bionic Arm TheMeaningOfLife 08.01.08 Indie Rock
Nobody Knows (w/michael2) rsorensen 07.25.08 Indie Rock
Only Make Believe Lennon714 07.20.08 Indie Rock
I'm a Superfriend (She's the One) rsorensen 07.17.08 Indie Rock
Tambourine Orchestra (feat: rsorensen!) 12parsecs 07.11.08 Indie Rock
So Stupid (remix) rsorensen 07.06.08 Indie Rock
Leave 12parsecs 07.04.08 Alternative Rock
Girl, Be Nice! thekurtisproject 06.30.08 Acoustic Rock
Wasted on You Lennon714 06.25.08 Indie Rock
Summer Stream peacepiano 06.23.08 Piano
My Time Machine 12parsecs 06.23.08 Indie Rock
Peter Pan (with Somebuddy) Lennon714 06.17.08 Children's Music
Song for the Liar Joseph Strauss Lennon714 05.25.08 Alternative Rock
Driving (with my girlfriend) michael2 05.15.08 Indie Rock
some words that start with the letter x floppysurprise 04.23.08 Alternative Rock
emma [revised] davisamerica 04.06.08 Art Rock
Sweet Disaster Lennon714 03.20.08 Indie Rock
Change 8piscean8 03.06.08 Indie Rock
In My Head Again rsorensen 02.26.08 Alternative Rock
Waiting on American Girls Lennon714 02.21.08 Indie Rock
Square Pegs Lennon714 01.13.08 Alternative Rock
Half A Million Miles dolby 08.21.07 Alternative Rock
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Music Background The band is made up of: Russell Lowry: guitar - vocals, Eric VanAusdal: guitar - vocals, Rex Jensen: bass - vocals, Kyle Epps: drums
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