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(Warren Muzak)

Member Since: Wednesday, January 18 2006 @ 09:57 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.warrenmuzak.com
Location: Waterloo, Ontario Canada
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Singer/songwriter. All kinds of styles, and feels. See the website for more details pics and music, all free.
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02.19.06 Not Asking for Your Heart 8.06 (4) 1888 (4) Blues (traditional) 07.13.07 Active
02.12.06 Snow Queen 7.75 (1) 1725 (5) Folk-Rock 04.06.06 Active
02.12.06 Whats Going on 7.75 (2) 1483 (2) Folk-Rock 02.19.06 Active
02.12.06 Yesterday 7.75 (3) 1507 (1) Folk-Rock 02.13.06 Active
02.12.06 Bedroom 7.38 (2) 2663 (6) Acoustic Rock 02.10.07 Active
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Music Background I've been playing since I was 15. I have stayed pretty local. Hamilton, Oakville, London, Kitchener, Guelph Onntario. Mostly open stage stuff. I liked the atmosphere they created. I sold some CDs from those stages, put on a few shows. But I have no intention of making a career from this. I started my distribution through chatrooms, WinMX, AudioGalaxy, and MSN. They were great, I sent a lot of Cds to many different countries, just to get them out. It worked, I got a lot of music back from others, and realized how many undiscovered "gems" exist, and unfortunately will never be heard, by the majority.
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