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I have been playing since I was ten years old (28 now) but I am new to recording music. The song I posted "Different Girl" is one of my favorites and I wanted to use GarageBand to flesh it out with some loops for Bass and Drums but I couldn't even find a beat that matched. Maybe I a missing something, any assistance would be appreciated. I am working on creating a better mix of Different Girl (with a guitar actually tuned to standard LOL). Until then any suggestions on how I could improve my recordings would be greatly appreciated.
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09.10.06 Mama Choo Choo (fixed) 8.17 (3) 2343 (2) Folk (contemporary) 09.13.06 Active
04.13.05 Mama Choo Choo 7.77 (13) 5324 (15) Folk (contemporary) 04.29.05 Active
02.23.05 Different Girl (band edition) 7.33 (9) 3243 (6) Rock & Roll 01.08.07 Active
12.13.04 Different Girl (old version) 7.63 (6) 2040 (9) Rock & Roll 02.23.05 Active
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