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I've always had a appreciation for music - I grew up in Harlem New York in the sixties. We didn't have much when I was growing up, but I did have my facination with pipe organs. I can remember as a little boy, how I woudl sit there in church and wonder how the pipe organ could produce these wonderful sounds. I would steal away into a classroom during the church hour and sit at the piano. I didn't have a clue of what I was playing but I was extremely moved by the sounds that it could produce also. My Parents sent me to music school for a short period, but the training period was short lived due to a lack of funds. I had always yearned for a piano but wasn't able to acquire one until my later adult years. Eventually, I somehow taught myself how to play the organ better than the piano and it became my instrument of choice. I can remember when I used to sit on the organ bench and I had to turn the pages for the church organist. She would show me stop combinations and I was fasinated at how she could play the pedals without looking at her feet. The rest is history and music became a passion as I would spend hours on a chord organ that my aunt brought me one year for christmas. Using the number system and chords, I learned how to play by numbers and I am now able to read notes but still today, I feel more confident with using the numbers. As a teenager, while my siblings were out playing ball, I can remember how I would hang out in the church playing the organ. For a long time, I was very shy and would not play in public, but through the years I have become more confident in my playing by being inspired by other musician. I play music from my heart and it has become a way to share my life's experience. I have been playing for awhile now and I've just recently arrived to the point in my life where I feel confident and desirous enough to share my music with others. Thanks to my friend, Cydniko for introducing me to MacJams. I look forward to meeting and hearing the music and people that he raves on about. Lawrence
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