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Member Since: Monday, July 27 2009 @ 07:52 AM CDT
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I enjoy playing music and learning different instruments. I'm quite a beginner so don't be too hard on me:)
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Music Background Basically nothing, my grandpa was a superb fiddler but we were never encouraged to play anything. I played the recorder as a child but quit when I was 11. Then in my late teens I fell in love with country music and some year later "discovered" bluegrass music, which resulted in me getting a mandolin and starting to play. I also fiddle around with some other instruments.
Music Skills Some mandolin. Simple rhythm playing on guitar and bouzouki. Learning the fiddle Learning the G/C accordion and the organetto. I do some singing.
Music Hardware Zoom H4
Music Software Audacity iMovie 09 Cubase LE (came with the Zoom, haven't used it yet)
Keywords susi, mandolin