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(Tom Chianti)

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I am a second generation musician and industry person and have been involved in almost every part of the music industry. After serious health problems I was forced to retire, well almost, i have been very fortunate in my career. I look forward, always.
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Music Background professional audio engineer since 1982. Semi-retired since 2003. Musician since I can remember. I have been doing everything that I can to be involved in all parts of creativity in both music and video. Worked with or for many major and indie labels and both major and indie artists. A lot of creative famous/infamous people including Rockwilder,EPMD, Jon Secada, Tony Moran, Moss Def, Janet Jackson, Lisa "Lefteye" Lopez, Stutterin John, Ru Paul........
Music Skills Guitar, keyboards, analog/digital recording, sound design, computer and analog production, music for video, analog/digital editing, .......
Music Hardware Apogee, Universal Audio, t.c. electronic, focusrite, Lexicon, BBE, 3 MOTU 2408 mk3, Midas Venicef 32x32 analog/digital hybrid mixer. Speakers: NS10M, Event, Mackie, Cerwin Vega. Keyboards/modules: Roland, Korg, Yahmaha, Emu.
Music Software MOTU Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Garage Band.