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(Miles J Briand)

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I am just a college student with some synth/keyboard/piano skills that I try to use to make good music. I do not use premade loops, this is all stuff I recorded with midi/bitmapped. If you like my stuff, you can contact me, and I would be more than welcome to just send you some tunes for free. At some point I might make some money off my stuff, but I would just be dazzled that somebody wants to hear more. I currently have about 60 or so recorded tracks. Some of them are older, and I try not to associate with them. About 40 or so of these songs I have recorded in the last few months (as of the time I wrote this bio). BY THE WAY... Interestingly enough, after I wrote a forum about the rating system on this site, my ratings took a nosedive... I like a lot of the stuff I posted recently just as much as the stuff that got better ratings... My suggestion would be to not do what I do, and listen to the songs with the best ratings first... Choose the titles you like the best...
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04.16.06 Unpredictable Monkey Storm 0.00 (0) 2024 (2) Electropop 05.04.06 Active
04.14.06 Stank Chicken Symphony 6.38 (4) 2743 (10) Disco 04.16.06 Active
04.12.06 A Dream Come False 4.75 (1) 1525 (14) Experimental 05.04.06 Active
04.10.06 Vital False Idol 6.13 (2) 1570 (7) Electropop 04.12.06 Active
04.09.06 Drive By Evolution 5.75 (3) 1401 (3) Electropop 04.11.06 Active
04.06.06 Mr. Explodey Goes to the Cinema 8.00 (2) 1450 (1) Electropop 04.06.06 Active
04.05.06 Mite's Eye View 0.00 (0) 1559 (2) Techno 04.05.06 Active
04.05.06 If God Invented Tacos 8.00 (3) 1724 (4) Techno 04.08.06 Active
04.05.06 Unpimp the Auto 8.00 (3) 1369 (3) Techno 04.07.06 Active
04.05.06 Dreamed in Sequence (Slightly Different Mix) 7.50 (1) 1491 (7) Techno 07.20.06 Active
04.05.06 Subtle Suggestions 7.63 (2) 1526 (1) Techno 04.13.06 Active
04.05.06 Psion 7.50 (1) 1498 (0) Techno N/A Active
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Music Background I listen to all sorts of music. I'm not sure how much of it spills over into what I make, but I have a very special fondness for electronic music. I am a musician not a DJ. I think that sampling other peoples material can either be very original or completely uninspired. Negativland and Prefuse 73 are examples of music groups that, in my "humble" opinion, do a great job of turning sampled work into very original sounding work.
Music Skills Just self taught goodness.
Music Hardware CS6X. Used mostly as a midi controller, because the internal midi setup SUCKS ASS. I love yamaha and I have a lot of confidence in their products, however, my particular model has some serious flaws. However, for live playing/recording, and audio, its amazing.
Music Software Garageband!