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MacJams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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About MacJams.com About MacJams.com
Number of Topics: 5
Questions about the site itself.
Collaboration Collaboration
Number of Topics: 3
Questions about the many musical collaboration opportunities at MacJams.
Forums Forums
Number of Topics: 3
Question about using and participating in our highly active discussion forums.
Listening Listening
Number of Topics: 2
Questions about listening to and downloading songs at MacJams.
Membership Membership
Number of Topics: 7
Questions about becoming a member and managing your password and other account settings.
Playlists Playlists
Number of Topics: 1
Questions about custom-created song playslists at MacJams.
Sharing Songs Sharing Songs
Number of Topics: 5
Questions about submitting your original songs to MacJams.
Top pick lists Top pick lists
Number of Topics: 1
Questions about our many lists of top songs and how these lists are composed.
Voting and song rating Voting and song rating
Number of Topics: 4
Questions about our song voting procedures and the song rating system we employ at MacJams.
What does _________ mean? What does _________ mean?
Number of Topics: 2
Some explanations of what various things on the site mean or refer to.