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Style Check & Tonality Challenge
Monday, March 05 2018 @ 04:36 PM CST

All these great takes but yet none screams NOW. Obviously it takes a great deal of practice to perform in one of the grande styles illustrated in the vid. Diminished and modal harmony might be too much technique for most players, but modern sounds can be easy...

Try this challenge. Perhaps the new sounds will please the ear.
(The following requires knowledge of: tonal centers, major and minor thirds and upper tensions. Intermediate keyboard skill is necessary.)

Start in the key of G. Use block chords and the melody only. Fake yer way through the source material. "When The Saints Come Marching In" is easy to play in this style! It's called basic comping.
Next, work up the same melodic material in the minor tonality. (Hint start on an E minor chord. The chords in the minor color would be E minor, Bmaj/min and A. The four chord will be the problem area for your ear, don't give up until your comp is smooth in both tonalities!)

The same melodic material in a major and minor setting? Ear candy!

Imagine then that thirds are rarely hip, tired, or at worst just evil. Hipsters play seconds, fifths or upper tensions, not thirds so much. As always play what sounds best to yer ears but avoid the thirds whenever possible in your comp. No longer major or minor?

Arrange the block chords with an effort to keep those upper tensions in close form. At the end of lines or at the points of repose, most of us play a cliche hook when faking our way through a tune. This suggestion will put fresh hooks under yer fingers.

If you can play the Chopin or Liste stuff above already... take a bow. Ya got too much time on yer hands...