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Ed Hannifin
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Re:The White Album
Monday, November 26 2018 @ 03:51 PM CST

Quote by: J.A.Stewart

Donovan's impact on The White Album...

That was a nice summary, Jay....Thanks for sharing it...

"We have to remember...when it's surrender that's called for, it's not surrender of your brains. It's surrender of your ego. It's a different thing." --Bruce Cockburn
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Re:The White Album
Wednesday, November 28 2018 @ 02:16 PM CST

Certainly, the Beatles (and many other bands of those days) were connoisseurs of folk music and other musical ideas and traditions, and they were skilled enough to incorporate those ideas into their work.   They are how many members of the public were first introduced to those “new, old” sounds.

Even their “guru days” brought musically-interesting results – they were exposed not only to eastern ideas and philosophies but also to its music, which does not use the 12-step Western scale with its equal-temperament tonalities.   You can hear those influences in their later music.   And they were free to do it, merely because they wanted to do it and because record companies had given them a blank check.   (Which was the best investment that those companies ever made ...)